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Dancer Haspop America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 31, 2010

Can a Dancer Finally Win AGT?

Haspop, a street dancer from France currently living in Los Angeles, has emerged as the most popular dancing act on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Dancers have not fared very well in the four-year history of AGT. However, a solo dancing act (Hairo Torres) achieved some success during the fourth season, making the finals. Considering this history, Haspop clearly has an uphill battle to capture the AGT championship.

Can Haspop continue the trend that Hairo Torres started and make the finals as a solo dancing act for the second year in a row? Haspop definitely appears to be a better dancer than Hairo Torres, but Torres had great choreography and uniqueness compared to Haspop. Ultimately, whether Haspop makes the finals or wins AGT will likely depend on the choreography employed during his performances.

The problem with poppers, breakers and hip hop dancers is that these dancers often suffer from a lack of quality choreography. When it comes to dancing acts, it seems that groups with large numbers of dancers suffer from a lack of cohesiveness. Smaller groups and, with the emergence of Hairo Torres, solo dancing acts have fared better so far on AGT. Just look at last year and this year. Fab Five, a five-sister clogging group, made the finals (along with Torres). This year, Anna and Patryk have made the finals.

As a group gets larger, it would seem that voters get more and more detached emotionally from the performances. Large dancing acts just don't have that feel of cohesiveness and intimacy that a smaller act can develop. Even going back to Season 1, it was All That, a small group of tap dancers, that made it to the finals. Large groups simply don't do well. Thus, Haspop has this going in his favor as compared to many other dancing acts. In this case, look for Haspop to remain as the favored dancing act over Studio One Young Beast Society, a larger group that generally has to rely on standard large-group choreography (a curse on AGT as explained above).

I believe Haspop will make the finals on sheer talent. He is possibly the best dancer to ever be on America's Got Talent strictly from a raw-talent perspective. Where Haspop will find it difficult is in having the choreography to actually win. The talent is there, but the entertainment value is missing that "show" quality. So far, Haspop does not tell much of a story with his choreography, at least not to the extent to break away from the "exhibition" label that hampers many dancing acts. So, while he has the advantage from an "intimacy" standpoint of being a solo act, Hairo Torres' performances were more entertaining from a choreography and "stage show" perspective. Putting on a show is imperative to win AGT.

Unfortunately, only dance acts like Anna and Patryk's ballroom dancing are naturally suited to tell a story through choreography. How is a popper going to put on a show instead of just pop? Popping, while fantastic as a spectacle, does not easily lend itself to show-like choreography. This is the main hurdle for Haspop to overcome. In the end, I believe this fantastic dancer will make the finals of America's Got Talent but then fall short of the championship in the finals. It is just too hard to create a show-like atmosphere from even an obviously highly talented popping act.


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