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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Finale -- Night 1

Updated on November 26, 2012

Repeat Dance And Super-Sized Freestyle

It’s finally time for the Dancing With The All-Stars Finale. I don’t think I would have guessed the three that made it would have made it to the finale when this season started. For one thing, I thought Gilles would be in the finale, and he should have been if he hadn’t taken the contest so seriously. Saw he tweeted a nice good luck message to Kelly Monaco.

No clue whose going to win, although going in, Derek and Shawn seem to have an edge. Melissa has never done a freestyle and the finale is a far different animal from the first season where Kelly competed. Have to admit I’m rooting for the underdogs. Be nice if a male dance aside from Derek or Marky-Mark won the competition.

Kelly and Val start night 1 off. They’re doing a Pasa Doble as their repeat dance.

Len – her best dance to date.

Bruno – she burned the floor like a fire angel.

CA – she’s so proud of her.

CA: 9.5

Len: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 29.5

Melissa and Tony are up next. Their repeat dance is the Samba.

Bruno – deliciously irresistible Brazillian bombshell.

CA – fabulous.

Len – carnival queen.

CA: 10

Len: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 30

The final couple dancing in the Repeat Dance is Shawn and Derek doing their Iconic Quick Step.

CA – sad they didn’t follow the rules. Disappointed.

Len – fantastic routine, but they broke the rules.

Bruno – what they achieved was sensational, but their scores will be bound by the rules.

CA: 9

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 27

What bothers me about these two is they think they don’t have to follow the rules that other couples do. They couldn’t even follow the rules in the finale.

Now it’s time for the Super-Sized Freestyles.

Kelly and Val are up, first. Val wants to do some aerial stunts. I’m sorry, but what does aerial stunts have to do with dancing? Dancing to I Had The Time Of My Life.

Len – opening spectacular. Lacked originality. Dance was spell-binding.

Bruno – cirque soliel with Dirty Dancing.

CA – sets the perfect dance to the showmance.

I personally didn’t care for it. Too much toots and whistles.

CA: 10

Len: 9.5

Bruno: 10

Total: 29.5

Next up is Tony and Melissa’s super-sized freestyle. Tony wants to do contemporary and takes risk. He says he’s been waiting 14 years to be in the finals and he’s not blowing it.

I thought it was visually beautiful and the dance troupe didn’t interfere with the dance. Sometimes simple is better. Pure dancing no aerial stunts.

Bruno – perfect setting for all her qualities.

CA – took a huge risk. Freestyle jackpot.

Len – that had passion. Wonderful

CA: 10

Len: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 30

Shawn and Derek do their freestyle. A lot of gymnastics in it. Brought her gymnastics team in it.

CA – sensational.

Len – a medley of Derek and Shawn’s greatest hits

Bruno – fierce and flawless.

CA: 10

Len: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 30

I personally didn’t care for it. Still like Melissa and Tony’s the best. That’s who I’m rooting to win. They didn’t have a showmance to play up to win scores.

Tomorrow night will be an insta-dance in night 2 of the finales. The judges haven’t told them what it is. Just that it’ll be one of three dances they have to practice.


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