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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- Fusion Dance Week

Updated on November 5, 2012

Week #7

It’s another non-elimination week, this week; this time because of the election. I guess the interesting thing is that no contestant is the perfect contestant. I still think this could be Shawn’s contest to lose, despite Len’s low-balling her week after week. The question is how she’ll fair paired with Mark. I thought Derek was able to draw things out of Shawn that Mark just wasn’t able to when they danced together, previously. I think this season has proven the right partner can make you sink or swim.

This week it’s the Mix-Up Dance and a grueling dance marathon.

Apolo and Karina do a Paso Doble and Cha Cha. Apolo having a hard time learning the dance steps. I thought they were good.

Len – Nothing safe about routine. Attacked the routine.

Bruno – Apolo should be in Twilight. New leader of the pack.

CA – It’s amazing to see him still pushing it. Started off strong; ended strong.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 27

But Brooke said it was 30. Unless the judges held up the wrong signs or I thought 10s were 9s, the score should be 27. I thought Apolo deserved 10s so maybe I’m wrong about the judges giving him straight 9s.

Regarding the commercials: I’m so sick of all these political ads. What makes me sicker is knowing how much money they wasted to put them on TV.

Regarding the dance recaps, I’m sick of hearing the judges cheering or making negative comments to the dancers.

Cheryl and Emmitt do a Rumba and Samba mix. The package features Emmitt back with his family. He just doesn’t seem that into the dancing. Still think he’s the one who should have gone home, last week. A few times it seemed like he was just standing there not doing much.

Bruno – Ever ready and always on it. Smooth blend.

CA – his upper body was lacking.

Len – couldn’t done it as a good. Well, yeah, aren’t you like twice his age, Len?

CA: 8.5

Len: 9.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 27.5

You’re kidding? Talk about over-scoring.

Kirstie and Maks do the Quick Step and Samba. Nice Maks and Kirstie video package. She said Sabrina shouldn’t go home, but there’s a history on the show of the winner not being the best dancer. Kirstie also being shown getting together supplies to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims. Not a good dance.

CA: criticizes Kirstie’s samba.

Len: Nice mix.

Bruno: she turned Cinderella into a stripper.

CA: 8

Len: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 24

Kirstie says the judges were generous for her dance.

Val and Kelly do Fox Trot and Cha-Cha. Video package with them sitting in front of a fire place. Has a romantic feel. Val seemed to be suggesting they do something after the competition. Cynical me thinks they’re playing up a faux romantic angle to play to the fans shipping them in a romance.

Len – captures smoothness of Fox Trot with the crispness of Cha-Cha.

Bruno – that was a flashy Cha Cha.

CA – loved the way she balanced elegance.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 27

ABC has a Day Of Giving and urge you to text $10 to Hurricane Sandy victims. That’s nice, but why didn’t ABC televise the telethon NBC had for Hurricane Sandy victims, last Friday? I was surprised, at least that I saw, that only NBC was televising it. I’ve seen other cases when all three networks banded together and aired the same show to raise money.

Melissa and Tony do a Tango and Cha Cha. Melissa says it was heartbreaking seeing Sabrina go. Tony skyping with his wife asking how she is after the hurricane. So, you’re telling me that Tony didn’t fly home or try to get home after the Tuesday live show to stay in LA to dance with Melissa? When Hurricane Irene hit my town, last year, they allowed you back in the flood zone IF you lived there. So I can’t think of any reason Tony couldn’t take a quick flight home to check things out, even if that meant a day less of dance practice.

Bruno – dark mistress of tango. Compares her to Beyonce.

CA – you’re a star.

Len – both dances beautifully defined.

CA: 10

Len: 9.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 29

Shawn and Derek and Mark. Some question who she’ll be dancing with. Doing a Tango and Paso fusion. Not sure which of the pros are choreographing the routine. Derek not well enough to dance, so she’s dancing with Mark. It’ll be interesting if Len low scores her dancing with Mark.

CA – they’re the definition of what dance fusion is.

Len – that was a firecracker. Len actually liked it.

Bruno – the Queen of the Night. Flawless.

CA: 10

Len: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 30

Be interesting when Derek is back next week if Len will be so generous with his scoring.

Gilles and Peta do an Argentine Tango and Samba. Gilles and Peta going all potty mouth in rehearsal. Gilles at photo shoot. He’s shirtless. Gilles whines about trying everything he can but always ending in the bottom, but he’s not in the bottom, he’s in the middle.

Len – fabulous Tango and Samba.

Bruno – that’s how you do it the South American way.

CA – complains about his arms and knees.

CA: 9.5

Len: 9.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 28.5

Next up, the Swing Dance Marathon. Extra points will be awarded again. Don’t think Kirstie will be getting them, this time.

A T & T Spotlight Dance featuring Mark and Chelsea. Several pros said Utah is the place to teach. Doing an All-style Fusion.

Judges will eliminate couples one at a time. First couple out gets 4 pts added to their score. Last couple standing gets 10 pts. Maks doesn’t think Kirstie will have the stamina to make it all 4 minutes.

Judges give Kirstie and Maks the boot first. 4 pts

Gilles and Peta get 5 pts.

Apolo and Karina 6 pts.

Emmitt and Cheryl 7 pts

Shawn and Mark 8 pts.

Kelly and Val 9 pts.

Melissa and Tony 10 pts.

I really think the judges want Kirstie gone because their beloved Sabrina got the boot. But the thing is when she was there they kept criticizing her. Talking about her being too aggressive and not showing enough vulnerability and those criticisms might have stuck with viewers and they might have started seeing Sabrina’s dancing through the judges eyes.

In regards to video packages, Kirstie probably had the best, being shown trying to help the people on the East Coast. And Emmitt could get sentimental votes for being shown with his family. The right video package can make or break you.

Next week is a double elimination. By dancing, Kirstie and Maks and Cheryl and Emmitt should be leaving, but we’ll see what the viewers at home decide.


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