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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- Guilty Pleasure Week -- Performance Night 2

Updated on October 23, 2012

Tonight, will Team Geta and their Gangnam Style dance outshine Team Shrek’s Call Me Maybe? Highly unlikely, as the team Derek on is usually the team that wins and gets the highest scores. Personally, I think Call Me, Maybe is the better song.

Melissa and Tony are doing a tango to Toxic. She’s never done tango before. I don’t think I cared for it and I usually love tangos. Thought it lacked passion.

Len – performed it excellently.

Bruno – intoxicating.

CA – agrees with both of them.

CA – 9

Len – 9

Bruno – 9

Total: 27

Shawn and Derek doing a rhumba to My Heart Will Go On. Derek wants to do a romantic rhumba to compete with Gilles sexy one.

Bruno – that was awesome.

CA – she has grown so much, but yaps about them doing a lift.

Len – had Great Expectations and got Bleak House.

I don’t think Len likes Shawn. He seems to always find something to complain about her dances.

CA – 9

Len – 8

Bruno – 10

Total: 27

Apollo and Karina samba. Karina wants to do a samba roll section.

CA – leg work fantastic, but something is not quite right. Hasn’t had his breakthrough dance. Need to work on chemistry.

Len – thought it was terrific.

Bruno – they’ve got the fire going.

CA – 8.5

Len – 9.5

Bruno – 9

Total: 27

Louis and Sabrina dance a waltz to So This Is Love from Cinderella. Louis says she has to bring out the vulnerability and softness in her. Not to be cynical, but wasn’t Disney promoting some new release of Cinderella awhile back?

Len – Loved the story. Loved the flow of it. A charming number.

Bruno – a magic ride to an enchanted kingdom.

CA – didn’t quite get to vulnerability. Eloquence personified.

CA – 10

Len – 9.5

Bruno – 9.5

Total: 29

Team Geta dances to Gangnam Style. Gilles complains because Maks won’t take direction. Gilles attitude is beginning to irritate me a bit. He really seems to be getting a very big ego. The dance was more comedy than anything. It was fun to watch. Technically, it’s not as good as Team Shrek’s.

Len – craziest number he’s ever seen.

Bruno – hilarious.

CA – a hot mess.

CA – 9

Len – 9

Bruno – 9

Total: 27

Team Shrek won.

Shockingly, it’s Kelly and Val that are at the bottom of the leader board instead of Maks and Kirstie.

Of the remaining dancers, I think Gilles’ ego could lose him the contest, if he doesn’t get a hold over it. I also don’t think Apollo is going to make it to the final stretch. I don’t think Karina is able to bring out in him what Julianne was able to. As for the rest, it may all come down to who is the most popular with the audience.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      So, it is not just me thinking Gilles ego is getting very big and out of hand. Enjoyed your recap/review.