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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Performance and Results -- Country Night

Updated on October 30, 2012

Week #6

Performance Night –

This week is Country Night. There’s also a group dance, tonight. It’s probably in honor of the Country Music Awards on ABC Thursday night. ABC loves to cross-promote.

Brooke Burke is again wearing a dress with a tasteful neckline. Yeah, I think someone talked to wardrobe about the boob-baring dresses they put her in.

Each dance will be done to a country song and each celeb has to do a solo in the dance.

Gilles and Peta are dancing to I Feel Like A Woman. They’re doing a Cha-Cha. He says he doesn’t want to waste much time practicing country moves to work on all the technical moves of the Cha-Cha. He claims it’s going to be the hardest Cha-Cha that’s ever been seen on the show and feels he’ll get top scores and be at the top of the leader board.

So shiny pants and a see-through shirt and a corset is considered country wear? What country? Peta looks like someone performing in the chorus line of Chicago. I’m starting to see what some fans are complaining about them using too much sex to sell their dances. They had a move where he was fondling Peta’s butt that just seemed raunchy.

Len – he comes out and gives it 100%.

Bruno – would like to pay a visit to whatever country that dance comes from.

CA – she straps herself in her chair. So creative.

CA – 9

Len – 9

Bruno – 9.5

Total: 27.5

Sabrina and Louis will be doing the Rumba. They’re not dressed very country, either. I guess the plaid shirt is supposed to be country. Sabrina tells Louis about a relationship she went through where her boyfriend was addicted to drugs. Louis says that’s the story they’re going to tell. Louis trying to get Sabrina to show vulnerability. To be raw and real.

Bruno – emotional thread running through it.

CA – hugs Sabrina. Bruno hugs Len. Says she finally showed vulnerability.

Len – lovely balance, wonderful choreography.

I think Louis may be a better match-up than Mark Ballas was.

CA – 10

Len – 10

Bruno – 10

Total: 30

Kelly and Val are doing a tango to a Carrie Underwood hit. Val says Kelly having problems with the steps, again. They had a horse carriage, but otherwise neither is dressed very country. Some of the shoulder moves seemed a bit odd. They end dance with a kiss.

CA – nice comeback.

Len – a little bit hectic on occasion.

Bruno – gone with the wind. [Hate to tell you, dude, but that’s not country. That’s old south.]

Val carried her up the stairs again. When she had a broken toe it was cute. Now it’s getting a little lame. I feel like they’re trying to play to shippers watching the show who are shipping them in a romance. Anything to get votes, right?

CA – 9

Len – 9

Bruno – 9

Total: 27

Tony and Melissa do a Viennese Waltz. She’s complaining about neck problems, again. Says she doesn’t want to drop out and she’s scared. Tony thinks Melissa’s solo will garner them a 10. I guess in some circles what Melissa is wearing might be considered country and Tony’s got a country-style big belt buckle. They’re the most country we’ve seen of all the ones who have danced up til now.

Len – he gives her a standing O.

Bruno – solo was exquisite.

CA – she has beautiful lines. Bruno and CA get in a fight when she says she’s not dancing out enough.

CA – 9.5

Len – 10

Bruno – 10

Total: 29.5

Tom announces next week is going to be a fusion dance, where they have to mix two different dances together. They’ll be given the dances by other dancers.

Shawn and Derek are dancing to She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy. They’re doing a Cha-Cha. Shawn has injured her knee. She was messing around with Sabrina doing the group dance rehearsal. She’s worried she won’t be able to finish the competition. She wanted this to be her replacement Olympics. They’re actually dressed country.

Bruno – she’s the sexy one.

CA – they fused country and Cha-Cha together. Solo a bit stiff.

Len – choreography was fantastic. Too much flippery, too many gimmicks.

Wonder if Len’s been accused of being out to get Shawn, since he paraphrased what he said is he doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

CA – 9.5

Len – 8.5

Bruno – 10

Total: 28

Len really does low score her.

Kirstie and Maks Rumba. Maks dressed country; Kirstie dressed for Vegas. Kirstie says she thinks she can do it. Maks and Kirstie arguing during practice. The dance seemed pretty good to me.

CA – she’s the Queen of Sexy.

Len – expressive arms. Needs more hip action. Liked it, but not that much.

Bruno – gorgeousness of a real woman. Classy and eloquent.

CA – 9.5

Len – 8.5

Bruno – 9.5

Total: 27.5

So Len scored Shawn and Kirstie the same.

Tom points out Tim Allen in the audience and that Last Man Standing premieres on Friday.

Karina and Apolo are doing the Viennese Waltz. Apolo says last week before they danced they had a fight. She said she wanted to feel more from Apolo. She tells him he needs to open up and create an emotional connection in the dance. She says the song is about a woman that is battling cancer. Apolo says he’s going to have to go to a place he’s never been before. Neither is dressed very country. I have to say you can’t force chemistry. It’s either there or it isn’t.

Len – light and great musicality.

Bruno – he’s a leading man.

CA – it was poetry in motion.

CA – 10

Len – 10

Bruno – 10

Total: 30

Cheryl and Emmitt doing a Fox Trot to Islands In The Stream. Emmitt never had a solo by himself and he’s a bit thrown off. They’re dressed country, thank goodness. If it’s Country Night all the dancers should dress country; so should the judges and the hosts.

Bruno – loves him.

CA – off-timing and out of sync. Redeemed himself on solo.

Len – lacked a bit of finesse.

CA – 8.5

Len – 8.5

Bruno – 9.5

Total: 26.5

The Group Dance is up next. The performers who weren’t dressed country for their dances and now wearing country-style clothes. They’ll be dancing a freestyle side-by-side. This could change their scores, radically. They could be scored two extra points by the judges. A lot of the celebs seem to be having problem learning the steps.

Big And Rich sing Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy. Too bad Drew isn’t there. That’s the song he danced his winning freestyle with Cheryl to. Personally, it looks kind of a mess. Of the couples’ freestyles, Emmitt and Cheryl’s seems the worse. Wouldn’t want to decide who was the best freestyle.

Len – that was fun. Liked when Kirstie was smacking Maks’ bottom.

Bruno – fully-loaded. Kirstie rides again. Loved Apolo’s lift. Melissa’s lasso.

CA – favorite number since Cheryl did it with Drew. Like Kelly and Val and Sabrina and Louis’ solo.

The couple who was the most entertaining gets 2 extra points.

They gave the points to Kirstie and Maks because they found Kirstie the most entertaining.

Results Night –

The elimination this week is going to be a toss-up with two weeks worth of scores and a lot of people who might be voting on the east coast are being hit by Hurricane Sandy. So anyone could be leaving. For some reason I think Emmitt and Cheryl could be leaving. He really seems to have already left the building, so we may as well make it official. I have to admit I wouldn’t be upset if Gilles was leaving; he’s beginning to grate on me a bit.

The encore dance is Apolo and Karina’s Viennese Waltz. I liked it better the second time around.

Tom announces next week will be another non-elimination.

Val and Kelly and Emmitt and Cheryl are the first to learn if they’re safe or in jeopardy.

Val and Kelly – they’re safe

Emmitt and Cheryl – they’re safe

Apparently, the results are going to go from the lowest scored couples to the highest. I wasn’t aware that in a normal week they went from highest scored to lowest scored. I thought they went in random order. You learn something new every day.

Jason Mraz sings, “I Won’t Give Up.” Mark and Chelsie dance to the song.

Brooke reminds Sabrina this was the week she got eliminated before and mentions Derek also has a neck injury. Derek says he’s stepping out next week and Marky-Mark will be dancing with Shawn, instead.

Next results are for Shawn and Derek and Gilles and Peta and Maks and Kirstie.

Shawn and Derek – are safe.

Gilles and Peta – are safe.

Maks and Kirstie – are safe.

Tom says one of the judges favorite couples will be going home tonight.

Celebs talking about the stress they’re in doing the contest filler piece.

Macy’s Stars of Dance performance. It’s a period piece. I think it’s the French Revolution. It kind of reminds me of an old Adam Ant music video, Room At The Top.

Fusion Dance – one piece of music and have to do two different dances to it.

Kirstie and Maks are picking for Melissa and Tony and give them Tango/Cha-Cha

Kelly and Val are picking for Gilles and Peta and give them Argentine Tango/Samba

Emmitt and Cheryl are picking for Sabrina and Louis and give them Tango/Fox Trot

Apolo and Karina are picking for Kirstie and Maks and give them Quick Step/Samba

Melissa and Tony are picking for Shawn and Derek/Mark and give them Tango/Pasa Doble

Shawn and Derek are picking for Emmitt and Cheryl and give them Rumba/Samba

Sabrina and Louis are picking for Kelly and Val and give them Cha Cha/Fox Trot

Gilles and Peta are picking for Apolo and Karina and give them Cha Cha/Pasa Doble

For giving Kirstie the Quick Step, I hope it’s Karina that gets the boot. Sorry, Apolo, but I don’t think paired with Karina you’ll be making it to the end, anyway.

Tom points out Kristen Ritter of Don’t Tell The B… is in the audience and reminds everyone her show is on, tonight.

Taylor Swift performs. The Dance Troupe dances as she sings. I think they must have the troupe on part-time status since they don’t appear all the time. Tom banters with Taylor explaining why she reminds him of Sean Connery. Connery said never to playing James Bone until he came back for Never Say Never Again and she sang the song, “Never Ever.”

Karina and Apolo, Melissa and Tony and Sabrina and Louis get their results next. Will history be repeating itself for Sabrina in the very same week, again? I hope not. I like Sabrina and Louis.

Karina and Apolo – are safe.

Melissa and Tony – are safe.

Sabrina and Louis – are going home.

History does repeat itself.


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