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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Performance and Results -- Dancer's Pick Week

Updated on October 16, 2012

Week #4

Let’s start with the Brooke Burke Cleavage Report. She had a Grecian-style dress that kept her puppies covered. I want to clarify. I have no problem showing some cleavage, but when your puppies look like they’re about to fall out of your neckline, that’s too much cleavage. I always felt like they were baring her boobs to distract from her bad interviewing skills.

This week Paula Abdul was guest starring as one of the judges. Bruno actually seemed to find his soul mate in Paula. And Len was extremely happy not to be sitting next to Bruno and seemed to be over-scoring several dancers. Maybe having to sit next to Bruno is the reason Len is always so grumpy.

The first to dance was Kirstie and Maks. I actually thought she did a great job. She and Maks danced to The Charleston.

Len – turns Monday into funday.

Paula – takes on the role of the dance.

Bruno – she’s a mad woman.

CA – she looks stunning.

CA: 7.5

Len; 7.5

Paula: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 30.

I thought Kirstie and Maks deserved at least an 8 and they were underscored. Especially with the scores the next dancer got.

Bristol and Mark did Rock and Roll. Bristol just couldn’t learn the steps for the dance so the routine had to be dumbed down for her. She wouldn’t do a cartwheel, while Kirstie did. The only thing I agree with her was nixing Mark’s idea that they dress up as bunnies. Yeah, the dressing up as gorillas worked so well, let’s dress as bunnies.

I noticed some of the dancers watching from the Sky Box didn’t even clap for her. And the ones that did didn’t seem to be doing it overly enthusiastically.

Paula – looks like she’s starting to have fun.

Bruno – hitting all the steps.

CA – coming out of her shell.

Len – she came out and gave it her all.

CA: 8

Len: 8

Paula: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 32

It’s ridiculous she got higher scores than Kirstie. Kirstie actually learned the steps to the dance. She didn’t ask Maks to dumb down the routine for her and she’s a lot older than Palin. Yeah, she managed to do the dance smoother than Kirstie did hers, but because she had it dumbed down for her. I don’t know how to dance and I could have done that simplistic routine just as well as she did. She was over-scored. She should be judged on the difficulty of the routine, like the way CA got on Sabrina’s back for not doing a difficult enough dance. The score she got was ridiculous.

Sabrina and Louis do Disco.

Bruno – Sabrina’s a Disco Diva

CA – disagrees with Bruno saying she was off-beat.

Len – said it gave him a flashback to 1978.

Paula – Studio 54 was right on.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Paula: 8.5

Bruno: 9

Total: 35.5

Emmitt and Cheryl do the Bolero.

CA – nothing better watching a burly man get sexy.

Len – Lovely fluidity.

Paula – Exquisite

Bruno – created steamy mood.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Paula: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 36

Gilles and Peta dancing Bollywood.

Len – liked it.

Paula – mocks Bruno’s inappropriately sexual comments to tell Gilles he was smoldering.

Bruno – Bollywood superstar is born.

CA – Beyond believable.

Gilles’ remark that he has to work harder than everyone else, may not sit well with fans. Some fans already are finding his attitude unappealing because he didn’t like the Iconic Dance. Although maybe he was talking about the fact he had possibly the most difficult dance to learn. With Bollywood it isn’t just the dance steps, but the hand movements. Although that’s not really how it came off sounding. It came off sounding like he thinks he’s working harder than everyone else. Not cool, dude, even though I’m rooting for you.

CA: 10

Len: 9.5

Paula: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 39.5

Melissa and Tony doing the Jitterbug. Melissa doesn’t want to be compared to Shawn and to prove she’s her own person.

Paula – Fit together like hand to glove.

Bruno – What a swinger. Fearless and fierce.

CA – Amazing way to make everything look effortless

Len – She’s a class dancer.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Paula: 9.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 37

Shawn and Derek do the mambo.

Judges minus Len give them standing O

Bruno – Mesmerizing. Keeps getting better

CA – Other contestants should be scared of her

Len – He liked it. He really liked it.

Paula – She’s turned into a sexy young lady.

CA: 10

Len: 9.5

Paula: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 39.5

Apollo and Karina do Hip-Hop. Karina having problems choreographing the Hip-Hop routine. There’s a mishap with the mike, Karina falls and completely falls apart. Could make them land in the bottom two.

CA – Loved the way Apollo put a modern edge to it.

Len – Apollo came out and was fantastic

Paula – Kudos to him.

Bruno – He rocked it.

CA: 8.5

Len: 9

Paula: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 34.5

Kelly and Val do a contemporary. She’s got a broken toe. Val says Cheryl’s a beyotch and knows he knows nothing about Contemporary; that’s why she picked it for him. Not nice. Sorry dude, but you’re not the only dancer to get a dance you know nothing about, and no one else called the dancer that picked it from that a beyotch.

Len – Biggest revelation

Paula – Such a beautiful routine

Bruno – Did it beautifully

CA – She laid her heart out.

CA: 9

Len: 95

Paula: 9.5

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 37.5

The Results Show is back to an hour, thank God. Brooke is wearing a purple dress that shows off a tasteful amount of cleavage. They get right down to business with the first four couples finding out if they’re safe or not:

Bristol and Mark – she’s in jeopardy.

Kelly and Val – are safe.

Sabrina and Louis – are safe.

Shawn and Derek – are safe.

Don’t tease me, Tom, saying this may be Bristol’s last night to dance. I’m not even going there or hoping that her number is finally up.

Carson does a behind-the-scenes piece to kill some time.

Macy’s Stars Of Dance choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Three more couples will learn if they’re safe or in jeopardy, I’m guessing, since Brooke is interviewing them. It’s Cheryl and Emmitt, Karina and Apollo and Gilles and Peta.

Gilles and Peta – are safe,

Emmitt and Cheryl – are safe.

Apollo and Karina – are in jeopardy.

I kind of thought Apollo and Karina would be in jeopardy because of the mic mishap.

So that just leaves Maks and Kirstie and Melissa and Tony. One of them could be in jeopardy, both could be in jeopardy or both could be safe. Or they may just do a four-way final elimination of the person going home.

Cheryl doing a dance project dancing to Tito Fuentes Jr.

Now it’s time to learn the fate of Melissa and Tony and Maks and Kirstie.

Melissa and Tony – are safe.

Kirstie and Maks – are in jeopardy.

Maks and Kirstie will probably be the ones going home, while she who can’t learn the dance steps will survive yet another week.

Donny Osmund and Susan Boyle sing together. I thought Donny’s voice sounded better than Susan’s, while Susan’s seemed a bit out of tune.

Gilles and Peta and Shawn and Derek get to pick members for their team dance, next week. The dance is going to be a free style.

Gilles and Peta – Gangham Style

Kelly and Val

Kirstie and Maks

Emmitt and Cheryl

Shawn and Derek – Call Me Maybe

Sabrina and Louis

Melissa and Tony

Apollo and Karina

Bristol and Mark didn’t get picked, if either Apollo and Kirstie are eliminated, they’ll be replacing them on the team they were on. I love it. Nobody picked Bristol. Bet she’ll be whining about that one, next week.

Odds are it’ll be Kirstie and Maks who go home, so Gilles will get stuck with Bristol, unfortunately.

Bristol and Mark – are eliminated. THANK YOU, GOD!

Apollo and Karina – are safe.

Kirstie and Maks – are safe.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      Yes...I totally agree...."Thank You God!. Was a very happy night for me. I also agree that Kristie and Max should have received higher scores. I watch the show every week, but I do enjoy your recap.