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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Performance and Results Recap -- Iconic Dance Week

Updated on October 9, 2012

Week #3

Well, we should have known it couldn’t last. Brooke’s puppies were straining at her low-cut neckline just straining to be set free. It was actually nice the last two weeks her keeping them covered. It gave her an air of class. I actually thought wardrobe was going to stop putting her assets on display to distract from her less than stellar interviewing skills.

This week was called Iconic Dance Week. When Len said last week the celebs would be choreographing the dance, I thought they’d be doing a dance from scratch. I didn’t think they’d be doing a dance that had previously been danced and adding their own choreography touches. Wonder if they’ll kill an hour before the results show showing the original dances the celebrities chose to redo with a few of their own touches?

Drew and Anna dance first, redoing the first dance ever done on Dancing With The Stars. A Cha Cha done by Joey McIntrye and Ashley D.

Len – They got the balance for a perfect Cha Cha

Bruno – It worked for Channing Tatum

CA – Creative direction great.

CA: 8

Len: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 24

Gilles doesn’t like the whole concept of the Iconic Dance and he doesn’t like picking the dance of someone that’s on this season and basically saying, “I’m going to do it better than you.” Kelly actually said those words about a dance Maks did. Apollo was redoing Gilles Fox Trot. I do kind of agree with him. In one way it could be flattering saying you did that dance I still remember it and want to do it, but the other way is I bet I can do that dance better than you did. Gilles eventually decides to do a tango that Maks did with Erin Andrews.

Bruno – Erotic and powerful. The 50 Shades of Gilles. [Editorial comment: I wish people who stop it with the 50 Shades Of Whatever. It’s really starting to get old.]

CA – He’s so good at the dramatic, but he and Peta were energetically out of sync.

Len – Hold could have been tighter.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25.5

Tony and Melissa are redoing a JR and Karina Samba.

CA – Fantastic

Len – Busy and refreshing

Bruno – Samba sensation

CA: 9

Len: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 27

Apollo and Karina doing Cheryl and Gilles’ Fox Trot.

Len – Great musicality

Bruno – The muse of dance brought back to life

CA – Memorable dance they’ll never forget.

CA: 9

Len: 8

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25.5

Kelly and Val are redoing one of Maks most memorable dances that Maks and Layla did. Kelly thinks Val can do it better than Maks.

Bruno – Saw the dancer and actress

CA – Couple to watch

Len – Focused. Great musicality.

CA: 9

Len: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 27

Kirstie dancing with Maks to the Cha Cha that Carson Kressley did.

CA – Most fun she’s had.

Len – Wants celebs in charge of choreography every week.

Bruno – Fully loaded w/charm and fun.

CA: 8

Len: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 24

Sabrina and Louis doing Pasa Doble. Sabrina wants to do Maks and Mel B’s Pasa Doble. Sabrina doesn’t want to do break the rules for fear of getting eliminated.

Len – Full of risks and great techniques.

Bruno – Maximum fire power w/a touch of Scary Spice.

CA – Doesn’t feel she brought anything new.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25.5

Emmett and Cheryl are dancing with a donkey as their mascot to a past routine by Mario Lopez and Karina. A pasa doble.

Bruno – The raging bull is back.

CA – Emmett is back in the house.

Len – He’s got presence. Comes out and dominates the floor.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8

Bruno; 8.5

Total: 25

Helio and Chelsie doing a Quickstep that Apollo and Julianne did.

CA – It was so good. Quickstep King.

Len – This dance deserves to be back next week.

Bruno – Started with a blast, but the dance collapsed when he got caught up in Chelsie’s dress.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25.5

Bristol and Mark dance the pasa doble. Bristol feels Mark is bummed that he didn’t get Shawn or Sabrina and feels he’s projecting that attitude. She says he’s not there and he wants to go home. Bristol storms out. Guess what, Bristol? Mark didn’t project your negative attitude about how you can’t wait for the dance to be over like you did last week. God, I’m actually in a position where I’m defending Mark Ballas when his ego is usually a total turn off.

Len – Plenty of attack and aggression.

Bruno – The Ice Queen with the killer streak.

CA – She’s proving herself is a worthy competitor.

CA: 7.5

Len: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 22.5

Derek and Shawn doing Helio’s Quickstep. Breaking a lot of rules.

Bruno – The Incredibles. Spectacular. Incredible. Best dance he’s seen.

CA – Gave her happy feet.

Len – Ability to interpret music into movement.

CA: 9

Len: 8

Bruno: 9.5

Total: 26.5

Maks may never have won the mirrorball trophy but it seemed his dances got redone the most. Mentioning Mel B and Layla makes me wish one of them could have been brought back instead of Bristol Palin. If Palin isn’t one of the two that leaves in the Double Eviction it’s going to be a horrible injustice. I really think it’s time they stopped this 11 votes per person nonsense. In the general election you don’t get to vote as many times as there are candidates and the same should be for Dancing With The Stars. In short, one vote per customer.

Live Results Show –

They’re apparently going to reshow the dances from last night. I really don’t need to see Bristol Palin dancing again. Once was more than enough for me. I’d rather see the dances they new dances were based on.

I think the voting could go several ways. One by who actually did the best or the other by who turned them off the most.

The encore dance is Shawn and Derek’s Quickstep.

First results of the night: Melissa and Tony, Gilles and Peta, Maks and Kirstie and Cheryl and Emmett. My prediction is Kirstie and Maks will be in the bottom. Kirstie is entertaining, but her dancing isn’t up to the same standard as the other dancers in this group.

Tony and Melissa are safe

Gilles and Peta are safe

Emmett and Cheryl are safe

Maks and Kirstie are in jeopardy

Maks really screws with Brooke at this point. While she’s saying what’s up next, he’s mouthing it too, proving she’s reading it off the teleprompter. Bad, Maks! Meanwhile Brooke’s puppies are tucked away warm and safe tonight behind a modest neckline.

Frankie Moreno performs. Never heard of him, but he’s cute. The female dancer is a bit distracting as she rubs herself all over the piano top. Then Kyle joins her to dance. That’s nice since he lost the vote to come back to Sabrina. Oh, that was Lacey rubbing herself all over the piano.

Shawn and Derek, Apollo and Karina, Drew and Anna and Kelly and Val. They could all be safe, but if one of them is in jeopardy it could be Drew and Anna. Drew doesn’t seem to be striking fire with Anna, although I like them. They had the low judge scores.

Shawn and Derek are safe

Apolla and Karina are safe

Drew and Anna are in jeopardy

Kelly and Val are safe

If they’re going to build any suspense for the two couples being eliminated, at least two of the remaining three couples will also be in jeopardy. Bristol and Mark should be one of them, but she was safe last week when she should have been in jeopardy, so it could go either way. I also think Helio and Chelsie will be in jeopardy because the dance fell apart after Helio got caught in Chelsie’s dress. The two that should go home are Bristol and Mark and Maks and Kirstie, but with the mass-voting system in place it could go completely different.

Maks and Kirstie and Drew and Anna are about to find out who is getting eliminated.

Drew and Anna just got eliminated. I’m shocked, but in a way I’m not. Lightning wasn’t striking twice for Drew his second-time around.

Does the mean Maks and Kirstie are safe? I think so. They’re handling the eliminations separately. So the other person being eliminated will be the one of the remaining three couples: Louis and Sabrina, Bristol and Mark and Helio and Chelsie. Of the three, Bristol and Mark are the ones who should go, but she should have gone last week, too. I really hope Louis and Sabrina don’t get eliminated. I’m enjoying what they’re bringing to the table.

The dance styles for next week are some dances that have never been performed before. Like contemporary and Hip-Hop. Lowest scoring couple picks for highest scoring one and visa versa.

Bristol and Mark give Gilles and Peta Bollywood.

Kirstie and Maks give Sabrina and Louis Disco

Helio and Chelsie give Shawn and Derek Mambo

Kelly and Val give Emmett and Cheryl Bolero

Melissa and Tony give Apollo and Karina Hip Hop

Apollo and Karina give Melissa and Tony Jitterbug

Emmett and Cheryl give Kelly and Val Contemporary

Shawn and Derek give Helio and Chelsie Broadway

Sabrina and Louis give Kirstie and Makes Charleston

Bristol and Mark get Rock And Roll

Maks looks like he wants to pass out about being giving The Charleston, while Karina is thrilled she gets Hip Hop.

A T and T Spotlight Dance. Josh Johnson. Couldn’t pay for school. He raised money tap dancing in the subway. He tap dances for the audience.

Another performer or duo [in this case] that I’ve never heard of before, Carmen, performs. They’re supposed to be a viral sensation. I remember the days when viral wasn’t a good thing. Like a viral infection.

Time to find out who the second elimination will be. It’s either: Sabrina and Louis, Bristol and Mark and Helio and Chelsie. I won’t be surprised if they say Bristol is safe and the bottom two are Sabrina and Louis and Helio and Chelsie, who can both dance circles around Bristol. If she doesn’t go I’m not going to get upset about it. I did all my ranting, last week. If the show didn’t give every voter 11 votes; stuff like this might not happen.

Bristol and Mark are safe. I called it.

The bottom two are: Sabrina and Louis and Helio and Chelsie.

Helio and Chelsie are eliminated

Sabrina and Louis are safe

Let the fur fly!

Wonder if Bristol will summon up the class to say goodbye to Helio, since she didn’t for Joey, last week.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      Great review/recap. I love this show. I too think Bristol should not have been invited back. Any other dancer from any other season would have brought something wonderful and fun to the competition. Bristol doesn't have the best attitude or energy and spark. She is a fan favorite....who are these fans?

      As much as I enjoyed everyone dance...I really enjoyed Derek and Shawn this week. It will be interesting to see who will be the winner of the ball.


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