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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- The Jive Or The Quick Step

Updated on October 2, 2012

Week 2 Live Performance And Results Show

It’s the second week of the All-Stars and this week the dances are either The Quick Step or The Jive. To a dancing novice both dances seem a lot a like. Although The Quick Step seems to be the tougher dance with having to keep the hold and having to dance relatively fast, hence the name, The Quick Step.

Brooke was wearing a very tasteful dress that didn’t put her puppies on display for a second week in a row. And Bruno seemed to be channeling Len as he was actually critiquing the dances on form and style instead making his usual inappropriate comments. In short, it was a strange night. And it got a little strange when Kelly strapped two water balloons on Val’s chest and told him to try not to jiggle.

Melissa and Tony do The Jive. She recalls the last time she tried to do The Jive and injuring her ribs. Because of that, she had to be judged on her rehearsal tape instead of doing the actual dance live.

Len – she’s set the bar high for the rest of the dancers.

Bruno – she put her foot slightly wrong.

CA – happy they could finally see her Jive.

CA: 8

Len: 8

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 23.5

Bristol and Mark do The Quick Step, only the way they do it they could call it The Slow Step. Bristol says she wanted to dance to Redneck Woman, because that’s what she is. Unless things have changed, I thought it was the show that chose the music they dance to, not the celebrity. Bristol also takes Mark to the shooting gallery to shoot a gun. What’s next? Shooting deer from a helicopter just like her Mama does?

Bruno – Different. That’s kind of like what you say when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. It was different.

CA – She’s come so far from when she first started on the show.

Len – Technique a bit on the low down.

CA: 6

Len: 6

Bruno: 6

Total: 18

Helio and Chelsie do The Jive. He takes her to the race track to drive a race car around the track.

CA – Right on it.

Len – style with a smile

Bruno – Landed on wrong foot.

CA: 8

Len: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 23

Apollo and Karina do The Quick Step. Apollo says as an Olympic athlete his scores the previous week wouldn’t have won him a bronze medal.

Len – Gold medal.

Bruno – Determination and hard work pay off.

CA – In it to win it.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 24.5

Sabrina and Louis do The Quick Step. Louis is putting a lot of tricks into his choreography and one move is to dance up the stairs. Unfortunately, he drops Sabrina will practicing the move and offers to take it out. But Sabrina opts to keep it in and they pull it off just fine.

Bruno – Praise for quick steps and lines

CA – Praises lines

Len – Kept upper body strong and in control

CA: 9

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 26

Kirstie and Maks do The Jive. He wants to teach her how to move her knees, so he ties some blue latex gloves together and ties them around her knees. She dubs it The 50 Shades of Maks and doesn’t want to think about him carrying latex gloves around in his car. Maks says he won’t train Kirstie like she’s 61 and training her like he’d train anyone else. For a second I was wondering what Maks was talking about, then I remembered how old she is. She only seems in her 40’s.

CA – she’s working it

Len – neat and precise

Bruno – played it beautifully

CA: 7

Len: 7

Bruno: 7

Total: 21

Cheryl and Emmett do The Quick Step.

Len – cool and smooth.

Bruno – Red-hot chemistry

CA – Stayed where he was last week.

CA: 7.5

Len: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 22.5

Drew and Anna do The Jive.

Bruno – be careful not to go flat-footed

CA – Welcome home, Drew.

Len – You have to get on the balls of your feet.

CA: 7.5

Len: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 22.5

Joey and Kym do The Quick Step.

CA – nailed performance.

Len – really enjoyed it.

Bruno – technique could have been better.

CA: 7.5

Len: 7.5

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 22.5

Shawn and Derek do The Jive. Shawn wants to do cartwheel down the stairs. Brooke says Derek has a back injury.

Len – Just enough Jive. Don’t think he’s a fan of Shawn.

Bruno – gets into it with Len for his comments.

CA – Agrees with Bruno.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25

Kelly and Val do the Quick Step. During rehearsal Kelly has enough of Val telling her not to jiggle her boobs as she dances. So she gets one of her bras, straps it on him and fills the bra with water balloons, to see how well he can stop himself from jiggling. He finally gets the point and shuts up about that.

Bruno – Elegant. Watch out not to lose frame.

CA – extend her lines

Len – Better out of hold.

CA: 7.5

Len: 7

Bruno: 7.5

Total: 22

Gilles and Peta do The Jive. Gilles pulled his hamstring muscle and it’s making it hard to kick. Doctor warns if he dances it could make it worse.

CA – kicks and quick steps best of the night.

Len – Fabulous

Bruno – Let the good times roll.

CA: 8.5

Len: 8.5

Bruno: 8.5

Total: 25.5

After all the dances the bottom three should be: Mark and Bristol, Kirstie and Maks and Joey and Kym. But will the voting bear that out?

Okay, I’m not recapping the first hour of the Live Results Show. It’s just old clips of old dances to fill up an hour until the actual results show begins. Come on, ABC. Plan some programming for the 8-9 timeslot. Take a page from FOX and get rid of the results show all together. You love copying stuff from So You Think You Can Dance. How about copying having the results and performances in one show? SYTYCD was greatly improved because of it.

For the results show Brooke is again wearing a dress that’s keeping her puppies covered up.

The encore dance is Sabrina and Louis.

They showed clips of last night’s dances for Joey and Kym, Anna and Drew, Emmett and Cheryl and Sabrina and Louis. Must be time for some results to be revealed.

Sabrina and Louis are safe

Emmett and Cheryl are safe

Drew and Anna are safe

Joey and Kym are in jeopardy. [Called it. One of the three I predicted would be in the bottom three.]

Tom reveals next week will feature a double elimination.

Brooke chatting with Shawn and Derek, Bristol and Mark, Kelly and Val and Kirstie and Maks. If these are the next four who will find out results for, only one of my two picks for the bottom three will happen. If Bristol isn’t in the bottom three, it’ll be a crime because hers was the worst dance of the night by far. However, being a lousy dancer didn’t stop her from making the finals because her mother’s supporters voted to keep her in when she should have been long gone. It’s no coincidence every time Bristol dances Mama Palin is shown in the crowd.

Filler piece of pros saying how they must push their celebrity partners.

Macy Stars Of Dance doing a futuristic dance.

Now the dance troupe is dancing.

Shawn and Derek, Bristol and Mark, Kirstie and Maks and Kelly and Val are up next to hear the results if they’re safe and in jeopardy.

Shawn and Derek are safe.

Kirstie and Maks are safe. Thank God!

Kelly and Val are in jeopardy. WHAT!!

Bristol and Mark are safe. Disgusting! She was horrible. This is why the poster girl for the Republican Party shouldn’t have been included in this show.

Catherine Jenkins and Placido Domingo sing.

Clips of final four couples: Chelsie and Helio, Apollo and Karina, Gilles and Peta and Tony and Melissa.

Gilles and Peta are safe

Melissa and Tony are safe

Apollo and Karina are safe

Helio and Chelsie are in jeopardy. This is ridiculous. Good dancers are in jeopardy, while the worst one is safe.

Elimination time:

Kelly and Val are safe

The bottom two are Helio and Chelsie and Joey and Kym.

Joey and Kym are eliminated.

Okay, one question. If Kelly and Val aren’t in the bottom two why were they told they were in jeopardy? Just how do they pick the one that’s safe to be in the bottom three with the bottom two?

I also wonder if the other dancers resent someone like Bristol staying when a better dancer is sent home. Maks seemed to be deriving a bit of enjoyment out of Carrie Ann calling Mark and Bristol to task. Also noticed Bristol appeared to be the only one not saying goodbye to Joey when he got eliminated.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I have been a fan of DWTS since the very first season....first show.... I have found the judges being very unfair in their assessment of contestants and of course, the audience votes can trump that at any tiem. I have found myself pulling for someone with a little less talent just because they had a good attitude and their professional partner seemed to be in it for all the right reasons. Now that said, Bristol Palin is not one of those contestants for me. Yes, she is dancing better than the last time, however, if you really listen to her and watch her expressions, she is clueless about so many things and she does not have the greatest attitude. When all the stakes are much higher with a contestant cast of really good dancers she should have been the first to be voted off.

      This was a great review and recap of DWTS. Enjoyed it very much. Voted up.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for the case we missed the scores. Great editorial on this. Thanks for sharing.