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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- Who Will Make It Into The Finals?

Updated on November 20, 2012

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Who will be in the finals? But first be prepared to endure some mind-numbing filler.

The encore dance the judges request is Apolo and Karina doing the Rumba.

Shawn and Derek’s dances are shown and told they’re in the finals. Big shocker! That was a no-brainer.

Brooke is with Melissa and Apolo, which means they’ll be the next to find out if they made it or they’re going home. But not yet. Time for some dance performances to kill time.

A T and T spotlight performance is a girl from New Zealand named Paris. She trained herself in Hip Hop. She opened her own school. Paris dances live to This Girl Is On Fire.

Now it’s time for a musical performance. The Wanted sing I’ve Found You and Glad You Came.

Finally, it’s time for Melissa and Tony and Apolo and Karina to find out if they made it or if it’s the end of the road for them.

Melissa and Tony – make the finals

Apolo and Karina – are eliminated

Least there’s still a shot at someone who didn’t previously win to win it all

It really bothers me the way the judges yell at certain couples as they dance. It shows how totally biased they are. Professional judges keep their mouths shut while the dancers are performing. You have to wonder if that doesn’t help to jar the contestants and perhaps negatively affects their dance performances.

Brooke interviews Melissa and Shawn. Next week they have to do a super-sized freestyle and an insta-dance.

Paula Abdul is going to perform a medley of four of her songs. In short we get a mish-mash of a song and dance performance. She calls it Paula’s Dream Medley. It’s the final Macy’s Stars Of Dance of the season.

Now Derek is going to do a dance. This show really needs to be cut down to thirty minutes. All these dance performances are getting boring. I like watching dancing, but dance after dance after dance is becoming mind-numbing. What happened to filler pieces like Dance Center?

Now it’s time to see if Kelly or Emmitt is going home.

Kelly and Val are – in the finals

Emmitt and Cheryl – have been eliminated.

The viewers got it right. The finals should be interesting, this season. You have two pros who have never made the finals. You have a celebrity contestant who never wins. And you have the old pros Shawn and Derek. Sounds like a real horse race for a change.


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