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Dancing With The Stars -- Broadway Week Results Show

Updated on October 29, 2011

For God's Sake, LET IT GO!

I'm sitting here trying to catch up on my blogging, and the judges are on the entertainment shows justifying and defending themselves against what Maks said about them. You know, when you have to defend yourself that much or claim how upset you would be if you thought you had hurt someone with your mean criticisms [paraphrasing Len] it just shows that Maks was telling the truth. You don't go on the defensive like that if the truth hasn't been spoken.

I think ABC should have taken the high road and just moved on the next night, but they dug up some footage to show Carrie Ann saying how she won't let Maks talk to Len like that and making a big thing out of Maks saying it was his show and Carrie Ann, once again, reacting to make Maks look bad. Yes, that was an incredibly arrogant thing to say, and by saying it Maks gave them grounds to try invalidate what he said. But Maks did apologize for that, but loved that he wouldn't apologize for what he said about the judges. And the way their bending over backwards to justify themselves, it kind of shows what Maks said was spot on.

It also probably didn't help the judges try to spin a positive image for themselves when Chaz Bono attacked Bruno for the derogatory remarks he was constantly making about him. At the same time, the show showed positive clips of Lacey and Chaz, making what I suggested out of line, about her not being able to stand him. But like Maks, I don't take back what I said about the way she treated him in rehearsal. She didn't even try to bring anyone in to help Chaz with the dancing if she thought he was having a hard time learning the steps which she refused to show him anymore.

The hilarious thing was even Derek Hough got dragged into this, by Tony Dovolani [I'm sure I misspelled that] when someone pointed out how pro-judges Hough is. It was pointed out he always ends up getting the best dance partners, which has allowed him to win the contest multiple times. And judge Len, in particular, kissing Derek's butt in a revolting manner. Len attacks Maks for showing his chest, but says nothing when Derek does the same and genuflects to Derek on how wonderful his choreography is.

JR and Karina got the encore dance and well they deserved it. Their dance was the best dance of the night. As I said before, if viewers don't let their dislike for Karina get in their way, JR should win this. Unfortunately, many times viewers let their own personal biases get in the way when it comes to voting. Take who the bottom two were: Hope and Maks and Chaz and Lacey. Both couples had disharmonious moments during the rehearsal. So instead of solely judging on performance, they tend to also judge on behavior. If you aren't little Mr. or Mrs. Nice, you get voted into the bottom two.

It's no surprise that Chaz gets the boot. I didn't think his tango was that bad. There were other dances I didn't care for, at all. Like David Arquettes, for instance. Anyway, it is what it is.

Considering Maks started this fire storm that's put an unflattering light on the show, I doubt if Maks will be asked back next season. One of the things I like about Maks, aside from him being hot, is he says what he feels and he's not afraid to say it. As witnessed what he said on the Tuesday performance show.


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