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Dancing With The Stars -- Halloween Special

Updated on October 31, 2011

Is the dancing subpar this season?

Watched again, since all my ABC Family shows are currently on hiatus. Tonight's special guests were Shrek, Donkey and Puss N Boots. Tom Bergeron kept talking during the Shrek special so it seemed like the really cute Shrek Halloween Special was part of the show. If so, it was the best part.

I've only watched for two weeks, but none of the dances have seemed that great to me. I'd say the top two dances were: Ricki and Derek and Cheryl and Rob; and that's not saying much. Otherwise the dances were pretty meh!

The medical injuries of the week were Maks and Ricki. Maks has something wrong with his toe, only he wasn't shown at the doctors being advised not to dance the same way Ricki was. The doctor visit was her video package for the week.

Karina was the pro behaving badly, as she went all potty mouth because she wants to teach JR a good foundation to build on, while he just wants to learn the steps. Hope was all relaxed because Maks brought in another dancer to work with her because of his toe injury. I really don't think Hope and Maks gel well together. Maks was shown trying to teach her a step for the group dance and everyone looked at him like he was a monster and being too rough with her, and he got so frustrated with her he walked out, and everyone gathered round her to support her.

It may be time for Maks to leave the show. He's reminding me of me right before I quit my job in a huff. I just couldn't take working for my boss, any longer. I wasn't one of her favorites, and I have a big problem when someone isn't treating everyone the same. I can't stand when someone treats a few select few better than they treat everyone else. Definite parallels with Maks and his charges against the judges, last week.

Maks doesn't seem very happy at the show. That may be part of why he had his outburst, last week. The judges and their unfair and uneven judging is just getting to him. Maks may need to walk away so he can be happier elsewhere. Even though I haven't been able to find another job, I don't regret quitting and feel nothing but relief that I never have to deal with my ex-boss, again. I think when even though things aren't good for you, that you still have no regrets about doing something, you've done the right thing for yourself and you own personal happiness.

You know, it's an interesting thing about athletes on this show. The male athletes seem to excel on this show because of their athletic training, while many of the female athletes don't. The exception to the rule seems to be the female ice skaters. Otherwise, it seems like a lot of the female athletes have a hard time embracing their femininity and sexuality in the dances.

The judges seems to be on their best behavior this week praising everyone and even criticizing the celebs in a nicer manner. They said how much better Hope was, but I really didn't think she danced very well. I thought Kym did most of the dancing in her and David's routine. JR and Karina's dance was just off, not helped by having to do a tango to The Ghostbusters theme and lets just say the guy singing it was no Ray Parker Jr. Rob and Cheryl's tango was helped a lot due to the fact they were dancing to the Addams Family Theme, but it wasn't all that great, either.

I think one of the big problems, this season, is none of the couples seems to have any chemistry together. Chemistry can make a mediocre dance better than it is if you connect with your partner and none of the celebs and pros seem to connect with their partners. That coupled with the generally bad and inappropriate songs the couples get to dance to, is a large part why most of the dances seem so blah.

I don't have the statistics on how many times the team dancing the pasa doble beats the team dancing the tango, but it seems like if my memory serves, that's generally what happens. Team Pasa Doble always ends up beating Team Tango. It just seems like the pasa doble works better as a team dance than the tango does. If the show really wanted to be fair they'd have both teams dancing the same dance, then they could decide who danced it better.

The sad thing is Team Tango should have had an edge, because I think 2/3 of the couples on Team Tango had danced the tango for their individual performance, this week. I think David and Kym did the tango. Their dance was so forgettable I can't even recall what they danced. And I know JR and Karina did the tango, but it wasn't good.

Derek and Ricki danced the pasa doble for their individual dance and were on Team Pasa Doble. Hope did well in the pasa doble, although it's not surprising because it's a very aggressive dance and doesn't require you to be feminine and sexual. I think this is the first season I've seen where so many doing the team dance were just redoing the same dance style they'd done for their individual dance.

Brooke's costume was a big thumbs down. Instead of putting her in a Uma Thurman wig from Pulp Fiction, it's a shame they couldn't do something fun with her. I'm guessing her costume was supposed to be a spider woman. Her interviews weren't anymore fun than her costume. She tried to get Maks to say something, but he kept his lips buttoned after last week's fiasco. Speaking of which, I prayed they wouldn't replay footage from that, but they did. Hopefully, this is the end of it. Talk about beating a dead horse.

You know, I miss this show when it used to be Dancing With The Stars instead of trying to be So You Think You Can Dance or a variety show. It used to be a fun dance show, now it's trying to take itself too seriously, and be a serious dance competition. Back then I don't recall any celebs getting injured the way one or more do every season now.


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