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Dancing With The Stars -- Instant Dance Week Elimination Night

Updated on November 9, 2011

I fell asleep during the show!

I managed to wake-up in time to see who got the boot. Something tells me I didn't miss much.

The biggest problem with the results show is it does not need to an hour long. The problem is they try to make the results show some razzle-dazzle variety show. Tom Bergeron may be a good host but by no means is he a Dean Martin or Flip Wilson. And in no way shape or form is Brooke Burke Carol Burnett. She isn't even Marie Osmond. The woman is just plain irritating.

From what I saw they didn't do an encore dance, last night. They had that rather dull and boring dance performance called, "I'm A Woman," I think. I would have rather have seen the encore dance.

I saw the first segment of Dance Center, which was probably the highlight of the results show that I didn't manage to sleep through. Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice are a laugh riot, but Judge Len really doesn't add much to it and you wouldn't really miss him if he wasn't a part of it. I also saw Jerry and Kenny on the motorized stair cases, which was a hoot, too.

I started thinking of when Jimmy Kimmel did the filler spot and they were funny and entertaining. Can all the dance numbers and whatnot and just insert some comedy in this show. God knows it could use it.

I also noticed they didn't make the hoopla over what Len said to Nancy Grace that they did over what Maks said to Len. I mean, was Len's nasty comment to Nancy any different than what Maks said to Len. Maks said maybe it was time for Len to retire and Len told Nancy she had her fun at the ball but it was way past time she left. There's not really any difference in the comments Maks and Len made. The real difference is in who said them. So basically a judge can say whatever nasty thing he wants to a dancer, but a dancer can't say whatever nasty thing they want to the judge, because if they do they'll be raked over the coals by the show and the media for a whole week after said comments were made.

When Sleeping Beauty woke-up I saw that Nancy had joined Cheryl and Rob in the Deathly Hallows. I was surprised Rob and Cheryl ended up in the bottom two. I guess the puff piece on Maks showing he has a family and some evil being that emerge from the slime and ooze worked to calm the ruffled feathers of viewers. It's terrible, but a lot of times it the weekly rehearsal package that determines who gets voted for and who gets the boot, opposed to the actually quality of the dancing done.

Which may be a good reason that those segments should be dropped and they should cut the Monday night show down to one hour. When they cut all the malarkey out of the Monday night show they can replay it in one hour. We've seen them do it before when they ran a repeat of it right before the results show and it only took an hour. Cut out the filler and just present the dances and the scores and it can all be taken care of in an hour of airtime.

Ditto for the results show. Do an encore dance, a comedy skit and the results and that show could be wrapped up in thirty minutes, instead of the sixty minutes of sleep-inducing fun we get treated to every week.

Now on to our eliminated couple. The viewers did the right thing and gave Nancy the boot. Len's nasty comments didn't get her any sympathy votes from the viewers, probably because Nancy was just so nasty to her partner, Tristan. Had she been nicer, Rob and Cheryl might have been the ones going home.

I will say this about Rob Kardashian, at least he's making an honest attempt to learn to dance. When Sister Kim was on, I thought she wasn't even trying. For some reason Rob doesn't annoy me as much as his sisters do.

So who do I think will be the finals with JR and Ricki? I'm leaning towards Rob. I think he's a better dancer than Hope and he also has a better rapport with Cheryl than Hope has with Maks. The real contest will be between Derek/Ricki vs Karina/JR. For once it's going to be a real contest and the golden boy of ballroom isn't a shoo-in to win the mirror ball trophy, again. Viewers who don't like Karina are going to be in a quandry: Do they not vote for her and penalize war hero, JR. That would be kind of un-American. The alternative is voting for JR even though they don't like Karina.

There may actually be some real nail-biting drama in this year's finale show.


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