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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 13 – Week 6 Results Show

Updated on October 27, 2009

Week 6 Performance Show

I apparently missed the repeat performance.  I think they intentionally start things early these days to try and mess with people who use DVRs…they need to learn that we are an ever growing group and just deal with it.  The bottom line is that if I hadn’t DVRed it I would not have turned the TV on until that time anyway and would have still missed it, rude & unfair!  Okay, rant over…

Musical Performance

I think Taylor Swift is one of the cutest things in the world!  Not sure what song she sang since my DVR didn’t catch the first few minutes of the show, and it is not a song I recognized…though I loved it.  Dancing with her were a guest couple.  I know the guy was DJ Guthrie because he is Lacey’s boyfriend and she tweeted about it.  They did a really beautiful job.

First Round of Results – First 2 Safe Couples

Joanna & Derek

Mark & Lacey

First Bit of Randomness

They showed a few stars talking about their dance off dances.

Second Bit of Randomness

They showed the couples talking about this week’s double elimination.

Second Round of Results – Next 2 Safe Couples

Donny & Kym

Aaron & Karina

Guest Musical & Dance Performance

Tiempo Libre performed the music and danced to it.  It was an awesome Cuban rhythm accompanied by some spicy, SPICY, hot dancing!

Third Bit of Randomness

Apparently next week’s costumes will be designed by the stars for themselves and their partner.  Could be some serious ugly, it definitely was in some cases last season.  They showed the stars consulting with the costume designer.

Final Round of Results

Mya & Dmitry – Safe

Kelly & Louis – Safe

Melissa & Mark – Bottom 3

Louie & Chelsie – Bottom 3

Michael & Anna – Bottom 3

Musical Performance

Taylor Swift again, yay!  This time she performed Love Story, love this song, so sweet!  Dancing were Jonathan, Anna, Tony, Cheryl, Edyta and Maksim.  They had fun Romeo and Juliet type costumes.  Really beautiful!

Fourth Bit of Randomness

They showed interviews with people— Nadia Comaneci (Gymnast), Greg Louganis (Diver), and Bill Walton (UCLA Basketball Coach)—who have earned perfect scores talking about how to have a perfect performance.

Results for Bottom 3

Melissa & Mark – Eliminated

Louie & Chelsie – Dance Off

Michael & Anna – Dance Off

Well, this is the 3 couples I expected to see here, but I did not expect it to play out how it has so far.  Wow!  I am so bummed.

Dance Off

Michael & Anna – Samba – I am not sure if this was the best choice of dance for them.  Michael definitely had fun with it.  However, there were moments where I think he forgot the routine.  Len said that what he loves about him is that in the past couple of weeks he has really come alive.  He thought it had a lot of the basic steps, overall very enjoyable.  Bruno said Brazil, party fun, crowd pleaser.  Carrie Ann said it is a tough dance, the crown pleasing and personilty part he got, the technique not so much.

Louie & Chelsie – Jive – Well, they had fun.  He did better with the retractions than I thought he would.  His upper body really struggled in spots.  It just felt awkward through a lot of it, unfortunately.  Bruno said the jive is fast, energetic, sharp…he said they managed all that and he was impressed with the amount of content they managed to put in.  Carrie Ann said they had a problem with the musicality, and that both dances disappointed her considering they are meant as a last shot to stay in the competition.  Len said he agrees with Carrie Ann, that the couples didn’t realizes how important the dance is…but he thought it was sharp, fast and clean, though he doesn’t know what happened in the corner (I didn’t catch it, I think he may mean a part where Louie seemed to get out of sync with things for a bit).

Votes (voting for who stays): 

Carrie Ann – Michael & Anna, Len – Michael & Anna, Bruno – Louie & Chelsie | ELIMINATED: Louie & Chelsie


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