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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 15 – Week 7 Results Show

Updated on November 3, 2009

Week 7 Performance Show

The repeat performance was the Team Tango. YAY! I really loved this number last night!! It was great again!! I was hoping to catch the supposed lift they did from last night that got them spankings from Carrie Ann, but either they took it out, it was barely a lift, or I looked away when it happened…because I saw nothing.

First Round of Results

Kelly & Louis – Safe

Mark & Lacey – Bottom 3

Musical Performance

First up tonight was Colbie Caillat. I am not very familiar with her songs, though I love her voice, so I am not sure what the song was. They were accompanied by Edyta & Alec. I love watching the married pros dance together, they always look so comfortable and joyous. Edyta was barely wearing anything!

Second Round of Results

Donny & Kym – Safe

Michael & Anna – Bottom 3

Musical Performance

Next-up was The Ballas Hough Band singing Move. AKA—Mark Ballas & Derek Hough. They had dancers with them, and also danced a tad themselves. It is a dance music/pop type song. It is a catchy beat for sure, I was bopping to it. They use voice modulators, which annoy me. But, overall, it was pretty good.

First Bit of Randomness

They showed the stars talking about making it this far. It had a bit of a underground fighting theme, with a Fight Club like rule rundown.

Final Round of Results

Mya & Dmitry – Safe

Joanna & Derek – Safe

Aaron & Karina – Bottom 3 (He needs to get on his fans. Landing in the bottom 3 when you have 10 more points than last place is crazy!)

Musical Performance

The last musical performance was Rod Stewart. I must confess, I love him! He sang the Motown classic, made famous by The Four Tops, “It’s the Same Old Song.” Nice choice! He was accompanied by 2 guest ballroom couples.

Second Bit of Randomness

The stars talked about the prospects of being in the Dance-Off.

Results for Bottom 3

Michael & Anna – Eliminated

Mark & Lacey – Dance Off

Aaron & Karina – Dance Off

Dance Off

Mark & Lacey – Cha-Cha – I like that she gave Mark a bit where he danced by himself. I wish they had left out the acrobatics though with such a short dance. Len said you are back to you best. Bruno said you can turn more tricks than Heidi Fleiss. Carrie Ann said she is so glad, tonight he is back!

Aaron & Karina – Jive – It was really fast like last night’s Jive. His retractions were nice and quick. Though I love Mark & Lacey I think they are the ones that should be eliminated. Bruno said he is surprised they are here and this was as good as last night. Carrie Ann said she thought it was better than last night. Len said he is the comeback kid, last night his Jive was brilliant; again, right on the money.

Votes (voting for who stays):

Carrie Ann – Aaron & Karina, Len – Aaron & Karina, Bruno – Aaron & Karina | ELIMINATED: Aaron & Karina

I am really bummed to see Mark & Lacey go!!

Only a few weeks left!! This season seems to have gone by SO fast!


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