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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 19 – Week 9 Results Show

Updated on October 22, 2011

Week 9 Performance Show

The repeat performance tonight was Mya & Dmitry’s Salsa.  Beautifully performed again, and nice to start with something a little fun with all the tension in the air!

During the flashbacks we discovered that Kelly entirely improvised her solo in the Rumba, not bad!

First Bit of Randomness

They showed the few stars talking about their fellow stars.

Guest Dance Performance

Dancers from the upcoming movie “Nine” performed the “The Italian.”  The lead girl was either picked for her voice only and taught to dance as much as possible, or was injured, or was drugged or something, because she almost just looked like someone marking a routine in rehearsals, nothing was performed very large or fully at all.  The commercial break after started with a trailer for “Nine” with Kate Hudson singing (well, it looked like Kate Hudson singing, not sure if it is her voice or not).

Musical Performance

Alicia Keys performed “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart.”  I love her voice, but was not fond of the song, her voice is too overdone with effects in it for my taste.  She was accompanied by 2 guest couples dancing.  The dancing was really basic…I think they were non-Ballroom types trying to dance Ballroom styled stuff.  It seemed like a really short song.

Second Bit of Randomness

They showed a bit about the stars handling the pressure, with them lip-synching to “Under Pressure” by Queen and destroying mirror balls and costumes and such.  It was…um…different…

First Round of Results – First Two Couples

Joanna & Derek – Put them off until later (I hate how they do this, not just because it makes you wait but because it is dumb.)

Mya & Dmitry – In the finals

Musical Performance

Leona Lewis was up next, I missed the title of the song though.  Her voice is so gorgeous!  She had 8 comtemporary dancers performing with her. 

Second Round of Results – Remaining Two Couples

Donny & Kym – In the finals

Kelly & Louis – Put them off until later, but essentially this means that they are in the bottom 2 with Joanna & Derek.

Musical Performance

The BeeGees performed “You Should Be Dancing.”  I LOVE The BeeGees.  It made me sad to see them minus one of the Gibb brothers though.  They were joined by some of the pros as well as Melissa Rycroft dancing with Tony Dovolani.  There was also a guy I didn’t recognize.  Melissa actually only danced for less than half of the song, so I am not so sure while they made such a big deal out of it.  They obviously concentrated on the tricks and just threw in a little dancing for her, which she did cheerleader style.  I expected a lot more, sorry.

Third Bit of Randomness

They showed the pros discussing the choreographing and production of the pro dances for various shows.

Final Round of Results

Joanna & Derek – Eliminated

Kelly & Louis – In the final

Well, that was the bottom 2 I expected.  But, that was not the result I expected.  Kelly obviously has a HUGE fan base!  I am happy to see Kelly move on, it seems to be such a growth experience for her and that is better than all the dancing in the world!  I am bummed, however, that I will not get to see what Derek would have come up with for Freestyle!


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