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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 2 – Week 1, Female Stars Perform

Updated on September 22, 2009

Last Night's Male Celebrity Performance Show

Another great opening number, this time by the female pros, but I liked the guys number yesterday better, it was more exciting.

Debi & Maksim – Salsa – I like the chemistry the two have already developed, and she so gets the showmanship aspect.  There were a couple of spots where she looked a bit lost.  She was not bad, but there is a ways to go.  She needs to calm down a bit.  I see a lot of potential though.  Len commented on her being flat footed which affected leg and hip action (yes), but sees potential.  Bruno commented on her chest, then potential, then footwork being a bit off.  Carrie Ann said she showed guts but needs connection between herself and the dance.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 5, Bruno – 5  TOTAL: 16

Melissa & Mark – Viennese Waltz – Wow, I think she did really well.  She needs to work on not showing her nerves and concentration in her face as much.  Overall though, pretty good rise and fall, and really graceful.  Bruno asked if she was nervous and said her shoulders rose up and showed tension.  Carrie Ann said she created a few memorable moments but that she needs connect more to the beat.  Len found the start too sweet and sickly, said that her hold was good and the movement was good, but that her feet were bad.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 6, Bruno - 6.  TOTAL: 18

Mya & Dmitry – Viennese Waltz – Well, first off, I loved Dmitry’s choreography, but that is no surprise.  You can definitely tell she has a bit of a dance background.  She has a real fluidity to her movement and a comfort to being out there dancing.  It was really beautiful.  Carrie Ann complimented her quality of movement, lines, etc.  Len was bothered by the lack of hold, which is not surprising…Bruno and Carrie Ann fought him, when allowed to finish he said she is a fantastic dancer and that Dmitry let her down by not giving her a true waltz.  Bruno didn’t get his own chance to speak, I guess he said enough while yelling at Len!

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 5, Bruno - 8.  TOTAL: 21

Kathy & Tony – Salsa – She needs to work on not watching Tony for cues as to what she should be doing.  It was not as bad as I feared it would be after seeing their rehearsals, but she really needs to loosen up a lot and get rid of the nerves, and she needs to learn to connect to the beat.  Len said it lacked any energy and was far too careful.  Bruno said she didn’t sell it and it lacked hip action and was not sexy.  Carrie Ann said she has good posture which will serve her well but that she needs to work on loosening up.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 5, Bruno - 5.  TOTAL: 16 (Sadly, I think they needed to go a bit lower because that ties them with Debi & Maksim and they should be lower than them, in my book.)

Natalie & Alec – Salsa – She has good flexibility, which is a big plus.  Her hip action was quite good, I was surprised!  She needs to work on not singing along the whole time, and on maintaining her confidence when she is not connected to Alec.  Overall, I thought it was pretty good, she could definitely go far if she keeps it up.  Bruno saw some potential in her positions but says she needs to sustain that all the way through.  Carrie Ann said she thinks she is a diamond in the rough but that she needs to work on her musicality.  Len said he was bewildered because the salsa should be sexy and steamy and he didn’t see that.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 6, Bruno - 6.  TOTAL: 19

Macy & Jonathan – Viennese Waltz – Well, she got the steps for the most part.  She just looked awkward, and her arms need some serious help.  She had moments where she reminded me of Chloris, which is not good.  Carrie Ann said it was fascinating, that she would not even go there with technique, but that she was charming.  Len said there is a feeling vulnerability about her but that if he was at home he would be voting for her.  Bruno said it was like watching a child (and I kinda agree).  She then went on to say that she was glad her dance was over because she had popped her cherry (once again reminding me of Chloris), the judges lost it and almost could not give their votes.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len – 4 Bruno - 5.  TOTAL: 15

Joanna & Derek – Salsa – I was worried we would see Superstars Joanna Krupa, but she seems funny so far so hopefully that was a fluke.  She can definitely move her hips, and she was really into it.  She needs to work on her connection to the music a bit and on what happens in between the big moves.  Overall though, I think she did really well.  Len said at last they’ve seen a hot smokin’ salsa.  Bruno said it was what salsa should be and that Derek made the most of his partner’s abilities.  Carrie Ann said she agrees with what the other two said and that it was great choreography.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno - 8.  TOTAL: 24 (Not sure I would have given her all eights, I was expecting mostly or all sevens.)

Kelly & Louis – Viennese Waltz – First, I must say that Kelly looked gorgeous!  Not sure why, but their performance made me cry.  She just looked really joyous.  I thought she was really graceful and for the most part she seemed to have the steps and movement down.  Not bad at all for a tomboy!  Bruno said he cannot believe his eyes, and that she was a vision of grace and style.  Carrie Ann said it was beautiful, but called them on a lifted foot when Louis spun her.  Len said it was the best Viennese Waltz of the night.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 8, Bruno - 8.  TOTAL: 23

Relay Dances – The couples also participated in relay dances.  The couples that had Salsa as their main dance competed in a Fox Trot relay and the couples that did a Viennese Waltz as their main dance competed in a Cha Cha Cha relay.  The judges ranked the couples in each relay from 1 to 4 and then distributed points accordingly—1st place, 10 points; 2nd place, 8 points; 3rd place, 6 points; 4th place, 4 points. 

Fox Trot

Natalie – Her posture was great in hold, her arms needed help a bit out of hold.

Kathy – She still needs some work, but this was better than the salsa by far.

Joanna – I think she forgot the steps a bit, but overall pretty good.

Debi – Pretty good, really basic, but the showman came out again.  And they got away with a lift.

I would have ranked them – Natalie, Debi, Joanna, Kathy.

They got ranked – Joanna, Natalie, Debi, Kathy.

Cha Cha Cha

Macy – Awkward, awkward, awkward.  She reminded me of Chloris again.

Kelly – Her hips need some work, but he gave her hard steps and she kept up pretty wall.

Mya – Too much acting, not enough dancing, which is a bummer because she was good when she danced.

Melissa – Her steps were a little too small and I think she got lost at one point.

I would have ranked them – Kelly, Mya, Melissa, Macy.

They got ranked – Mya, Kelly, Melissa, Macy.

Final Rankings:

1.  Joanna (34)

2.  (TIED) Kelly (31)

2.  (TIED) Mya (31)

3.  Natalie (27)

4.  Melissa (24)

5.  Debi (22)

6.  Kathy (20)

7.  Macy (19)

Wednesday’s results show has a Stars of Dance performance by the cast of the Lion King.  YAY!  That should be awesome!  Tomorrow night will also be a tribute to Patrick Swayze.  We will, however, be subjected to Miley Cyrus.

Also, tomorrow night is a double elimination night.  I am thinking Kathy Ireland and Ashley Hamilton will be the first 2 to go.  Ashley was tied with Michael for the bottom, but I think Michael will have a lot more fan votes than Ashley.  Kathy had the next to lowest score for the women, and I think that Macy might have enough fan base to pass her…though I think Macy should go.

Apparently Baz Luhrman is a guest judge next week, I love him, but interesting choice…


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