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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 8 – Week 4 Performance Show

Updated on October 12, 2009

Chuck & Anna – 2-Step – A little too much theatrical stuff at the beginning for my taste, and likely Len’s too.  Very basic steps.  The style suits Chuck more I think, but he didn’t really do much, other than lift her which his strength was perfect for.  I wish it had more content because I love a good 2-Step!  Len thought the lifts were very good and that it was entertaining, but that the quality of dancing was not there.  Bruno said he didn’t so much dance as (something, I couldn’t understand him no matter how times I replayed it), and yet it still managed to look nice.  Carrie Ann said this dance suited him the best so far, and that he may never have a lot of grace but he never lets the dance beat him.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 5, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 17

Melissa & Mark – Charleston – I love this dance too, so glad they added it!!  I love that it started with a silent movie look.  For the most part she finally seemed comfortable and happy on the dance floor, big improvement.  I didn’t like their lifts, they felt ungainly, but I really loved the rest of it.  Bruno said she brought the 1920s Hollywood flapper back to life, she had the role 110%.  Carrie Ann said that is definitely her dance, fantastic.  Len said the Charleston is about the 3 Es energy, excitement and entertainment, and they ticked off all the boxes.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 28

Natalie & Alec – Bolero – This is not a dance I am very familiar with.  Natalie definitely managed to bring the sexy!  She definitely manages to do all of the steps, she just looks a tad like she is throwing them away or not going the distance with some of them.  Overall it was pretty good though, beautiful.  Carrie Ann appreciates that they went for the difficulty, but said it seemed to struggle at times.  Len thought it had a beautiful lyrical feel to it but wishes there was more romance between them, but he liked it a lot.  Bruno said he is very happy she found her “basic instinct,” but that she needs to watch her arms.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Aaron & Karina – Lambada – Another dance I am not familiar with, unless you count that random movie in the early 90s.  Aaron did a cool flip, not sure how it related to the dance, but it was cool.  It was much better than last week.  It had a few rough spots where the movement felt a bit off or awkward, but I thought they did a good job overall, especially with spins.  Len said it was a bit of a walk on the wild side, he liked their enthusiasm but they should have spent more time on the raunchiness and not the flip (I agree).  Bruno said he appreciates that they put everything they have but that they didn’t get the character, and also commented that they missed their lift.  Carrie Ann said he needs to chill out because he is trying too hard and that it is hard to watch and turns people off.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 6, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 18 (Wow, I was expecting 7s.)

Mark & Lacey – 2-Step – Okay, first off, this man has adorable children!!  Mark’s musicality was a bit off throughout, you can tell he does not do the country music thing.  I give them huge credit for doing a rather difficult routine, and he did get most of the steps, but there was a patch where they were very obviously not in unison.  Bruno said his confidence much improved and that it was great fun and great energy, but pointed out a point where he was off.  Carrie Ann thanked him and said finally, that she felt the connection and that the confidence and chemistry were there.  Len said it was great choreography and said that what he liked is that he was in it and not just hanging there, a little heavy in the footwork at times, but well done.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 7, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 22

Kelly & Louis – Charleston – I LOVED their costuming and make-up!  It was really fabulous choreography by Louis, as always.  It was a really fun routine.  When she let herself get into the routine she was amazing, but her confidence still needs to come up a bit.  She tends to look to Louis for reassurance.  It get better as the routine progressed though and by the end was great!  Carrie Ann said that watching her dance is like watching a bird first get its wings and learn to fly, she also said that they went with a very specific look which is difficult because you have to live up to the look, and they did.  Len said she came out with confidence and performed the dance, though he would have liked a bit more swivel in the Charleston section, but overall really well done.  Bruno said great tribute to Joel Gray and Liza Minnelli, he loved the Fosse touches, a very good performance.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 7, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 23

Joanna & Derek – Lambada – Derek went shirtless.  She started off behind Len, very cute.  The choreography was hot.  I wish she would work on loosening up her hips a bit more and getting more down into it.  They did a very cool sequence of dipping moves, I have no idea what they are called.  They ended in quite the crotch-to-crotch lift pose.  I thought it was really good.  Len said he knows what he wants for tomorrow night’s encore and said Derek never disappoints with choreography, though it was a bit repetitious at times, but great job.  Bruno said it was like “when animals get physical.”  Carrie Ann said that she hopes that the children were in bed (and Tom interjected with “I bet some of the adults are now”), she said the dance is fueled by the crotch area and that was fueled by the crotch area.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 8, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 26

Donny & Kym – Charleston – I am really glad that they got the Charleston and not the Lambada!  Kym did a great jpb with the choreography.  I thought that his footwork could have been a bit sharper, and towards the end I think he forgot the next move for a second and had to catch up, but other than that I thought it was great.  Bruno said it showed a showman in his element, he was in control, but that he needs to be a bit sharper with kicks.  Carrie Ann said she loves the way they move in sync, but that made his little stumble stand out, but it was very good.  Len said you looked good, danced good and watching him does you good.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Michael & Anna – Bolero – He didn’t really do much dancing, he mostly just moved from one pose to the next.  What dancing he did do was way no longer too small and was instead a bit overdone.  Carrie Ann said that the romance was there but that there wasn’t enough dancing.  Len said it was slightly economic with the movement, but that this is the hardest dance they have done so far, and his mark for them will definitely increase.  Bruno said every week he is supposed to be getting better but nothing is happening.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 5, Len - 6, Bruno – 5 | TOTAL: 16

Louie & Chelsie – 2-Step – His steps were too small.  They did some cool work with interlaced arms that I really liked.  I think it is a dance where the guy does more framing the woman than dancing, but he seemed to do almost nothing.  Len said it didn’t have enough going on, and said he had two weeks that didn’t suit him and if he is back next week hopefully it will be better.  Bruno said that for a 2-Step it was slightly dazed & confused, and he went through it by the skin of his teeth and by his charm and smile, just not enough.  Carrie Ann said it’s sad because it is such a great song (Sweet Home Alabama), but that she didn’t feel the music coming through him and that Chelsie did a lot of dancing but that it couldn’t distract from Louie not doing much.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 5, Len - 5, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 16

Mya & Dmitry – Lambada – Okay, her shiny legs were killing me, very distracting.  Hot choreography!  But not so hot it made me embarrassed.  I thought they did an excellent job, everything was sharp and together.  Bruno said that was an erotic, exotic roller coaster, and a bunch of other stuff I won’t repeat.  Carrie Ann said that was on fire, it was amazing, and that it was sexy and had the raunch but it was also sophisticated.  Len said a lot, but the gist of it was that he is hard on them because he knows she is hard on herself and he felt he was going to get a bit more with this dance.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 8, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 28

Final Rankings:

1.  Melissa & Mark (28) –TIED–

1.  Mya & Dmitry (28) –TIED–

3.  Joanna & Derek (26)

4.  Natalie & Alec (24) –TIED–

4.  Donny & Kym (24) –TIED–

6.  Kelly & Louis (23)

7.  Mark & Lacey (22)

8.  Aaron & Karina (18)

9.  Chuck & Anna (17)

10.  Michael & Anna (16) –TIED–

10.  Louie & Chelsie (16) –TIED–

I am thinking that the bottom 2 will be Louie & Chelsie and Chuck & Anna, with Louie & Chelsie going home.

Shakira is performing tomorrow night, I LOVE her!  So excited!!


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