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Dancing With The Stars Story Night

Updated on April 4, 2011
Wendy Williams posts a picture of her bruised and bloated feet. Is this a bid to garner sympathy votes for herself?
Wendy Williams posts a picture of her bruised and bloated feet. Is this a bid to garner sympathy votes for herself?

I Must Be Illiterate

When Dancing With The Stars did Story Night last season, I hoped it wouldn't become a regular thing. Unfortunately, I see that it has. I literally groaned when they announced it last week. If I want a story, I'll read a book.

To be honest, I don't think the dances for Story Night look any different than the regular dances done. Maybe I'm just too illiterate, but I don't see in the dance the stories they claim to be telling. In fact, if they didn't tell me what the story is they're supposed to be dancing, I couldn't figure it out from the dance they did.

I liked DWTS best when they were what they were and weren't trying to be So You Think You Can Dance. Story Night is something that belongs on that show, not this one. Ever since SYTYCD became popular, DWTS has been trying to morph itself into it by adopting some of the dance styles from that show and hiring as pros dancers who competed on that show.

I didn't think the show's ridiculous new DWTS dance troupe did any better at dancing to a story. Since I didn't have the benefit of crib notes on whatever story they were dancing to, I didn't know what they were trying to say. Frankly, I think they're just a waste of money. I also don't think any of these six dancers are all that good, anyway. What is DWTS trying to be now? The Dean Martin Show with these ding-a-lings dancing. These six dancers are not even needed, when they have pros that could do the dancing a whole lot better. Pros, who have been doing the dancing for years, until they hired this DWTS dance troupe.

In other related DWTS news, I happened to pop over to TMZ and found they had a story on Wendy Williams. Seems she tweeted a pic of her swollen and bruised feet to show how much she's suffering to learn to dance. They are some funky looking feet. In short, keep those doggies in your shoes so I don't have to look at them. She's got a nasty pair of feet. The only reason I can think for Williams taking a picture of her funky looking feet and posting it online is to get a sympathy vote, especially since she was thankfully not featured on OLTL this week to garner her votes that way.

On the bright side, Brooke Burke's twin peaks were once again waving their freak flag, but not to the point they looked like they were going to fall out of her dress and the dress was actually nice compared to the previous dresses she's worn this season. It thankfully didn't look like it was something she dragged out of a rag bin.


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