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Dancing With The Stars -- Who Made It To The Finals?

Updated on November 17, 2011

No Big Surprise

Let me say, I think the right person was eliminated. It was just some of the antics of the show and the judges that left the bad taste. Personally, I really think it's time this show was put out to pasture. Tom Bergeron still has AFV. As for the rest of the wrecking crew: Brooke Burke, and the Trinity of Terror, if I never seen any of them again, I wouldn't miss them, at all.

Maks tweeted on Twitter yesterday that ABC told him not to give any press interviews; when usually the ousted dancers get to go on Jimmy Kimmel or Good Morning America. What was ABC afraid of? That Maks might try to defend himself over the smear job ABC did to try and make the judges look good and the victim of bad boy Maks?

Crappy Ann the arfing seal tried to start something with Maks simply because he smiled. Apparently, aside from not doing lifts in front of her, you're not also allowed to smile when she's critiquing you. She started the whole thing, when nothing should have been started. She should have given her score and kept her big mouth shut. Instead, because she tried to start something, ABC had to dig up enough negative footage to make Maks and Hope look like the bad guys and the judges look like the innocent victims.

I think it's a good thing I only tuned into a few weeks, because that's all I think I can take of these biased judges. I'm so turned off by the show, I won't be watching the finale. Whomever wins will deserve it. I'm actually hoping it's JR.

As for the judges, their the reason the show can only get z-listers to appear on this show. Look at the way Bruno ripped apart Michael Bolton. Several seasons ago Len was ripping about Ian Ziering apart every week and nothing he could do could satisfy him. What A-lister wants to be treated that way. The celebrities hate the judges for a reason. Everything Maks said about them is true.

Wayne Newton was horrible on this show, and all three judges babied him and didn't give him an honest critique like they were afraid if they did he'd put a hit out on them or something. Look at how they went soft on Ricki Lake because she was dancing with a bad rib, but JR is dancing on a bad ankle and they cut him no slack. I'm sorry, but dancing on a bad ankle is a lot harder than with a bad rib.

The sad thing is their is no real solution to the problem. The viewers are just as bad the biased judges. They don't vote for the best dancer, but who has the best package and who they like best. If JR doesn't win this year it'll be because a lot of fans despise his professional partner Karina.

You ultimately have to hope between the biased judges and their uneven scoring and the biased viewers that the right person will be voted to stay and the right person will be voted to go. As I said, I think the right person was sent home, because Hope wasn't as good as the other three.

I really hope this is the last season for this show, because with each season the celebrities get more and more obscure. It's no longer the show it once was.

I also don't expect Maks to be asked back for another season. Between the smear job and being told by the brass not to give any interviews, the writing seems to be on the wall. I'm sure many viewers will be happy about that, but I always likes Maks because he told it like it was.

The irony is Maks got raked over the coals saying this was his show, but in a way he's right. Because ever since he said it, it has been his show. The talking bobble head Brooke has been trying to bait, when that didn't work the other talking bobble head that sits at the judges table tried to bait him because he smiled. Then when she looked out of line, they dug up footage to make the one who was attacked look bad, then ordered him not to give interviews to defend himself.

To all the celebrities that appeared on this show that got raked over the coals by the judges, their day may still come. It's a shame that somewhere along the way these judges forgot they were supposed to be encouraging the celebs and instilling in them a love for dance, instead of making some never want to dance, again.


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