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Dancing with the stars:How to win the contest

Updated on December 12, 2010

2010 Dancing with the stars winner; Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough

The winner of the 2010 episode of the abc. Dancing with stars is Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek. with the trophy.
The winner of the 2010 episode of the abc. Dancing with stars is Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek. with the trophy. | Source

Dancing with the stars

The abc.Dancing with stars contest has become a national feature watched by millions of Americans and others in the world. Like the American Idol contest, the dancing with the stars contest airs and invites the viewers to cast their votes for their favourite competitors. The viewers' votes and those of the contest judges count towards the final score of the contestants. Each week the poorly performing contestants with the lowest score are eliminated from the competition.

The contestants in the dancing with the stars competition are drawn from the " stars" fraternity. The stars are individuals who have a public iconic-like, famous publicly as movie stars,sports stars,public figures, and TV or media personalities,

The dance trainers who train the stars and prepare them for the various dances are professional dancers who are excellent choreographers and dancers. The dance trainers train,choreograph and dance with the stars hence the name of the competition; dancing with the stars.

What it takes to win the contest: Dancing with the stars

To win the competiton, dancing with the stars like the American Idol or any art performing tv competition, one needs to apply the winning techniques that were clearly potrayed by the 2010 winners of the abc.Dancing with the stars competition.

The techniques can be divided into four distinct categories. These categories are referred to as the winning techniques. In order, for any of the contestants to succeed they must apply these techniques.

The four categories are:

  1. Preparation:- This category of the winning techniques involves preparing oneself mentally, physically and spiritually. The challenges one faces during the dancing the stars competition are enormous and challenging. Preparation is the first key to unlock the coded success secret in this calibres of competitions. Mental preparation allows one to have control over the mind, a very powerful tool to success. If the contestant manages to establish control over the mind, then success is inevitable under all the circumstances of the competition. Physical preparation,in the dancing with stars competion or any other tv series competition, involves preparing the body physically by getting in the best shape and building the physical strength that is necessary to endure the challenges of the competition. Finally, spiritual preparation involves establishing a relationship with the inner self where we draw strength from our core supernatural being and take control of the voices that we hear telling us that we cannot when we can actually do it. Our spirits have to be in harmony with our mind, body and soul. Preparation is the determining factor between winning the competiition and loosing. Preparation separates the winners from the losers.
  2. Planning:-This basic process is the hallmark of success. If you do not plan in any endeavour in life then you are planning to fail. The contestant who sits down and chats out his or her winning game plan will win the competition.Those who do not plan will just go with the flow of the competiition and will have no control of their destiny. Those dancers who do not plan just let fate take control.In turn, they lose the competition.Winning in a highly competitive contest like the dancing with stars competition or any other tv contest requires planning ,strategizing and sticking to the winning plan at each level to the end.
  3. Execution:- This can also be referred to as the process of implementing the plan; the winning plan. A good plan is of no good to the contestant if he or she does not execute or implement it perfectly. During dancing with the stars competition, the stars have to go to work and follow their winning plan.The practise must be intense, the coaching from their professional dancing partners must be optimal, the perfection of their dance moves while on the dancing floor must be impecable.The contestants must connect with the judges,the audience and the viewers of the program to win their hearts and hence their much desired votes.The votes are important to the contestants because they are the single determinant of their survival in the contest. The dancers have to be persistent in their pursuit of a win and they must be consistent in their performances weeks in,weeks out.
  4. Adoption of a winners attitude and mindset:-This is critical and probably the surest way for a contestant in the dancing with stars competition to reach the finals and win the trophy. Viewers, judges and the audience can see through the contestants. The one who adopts best the winning attitude and develops a winner's mindset during the competition is going to be crowd's favourite and the ultimate winner of the grand finale. The attitude has to be right. Winning is 99% attitude and 1% hard work. The winner's mindset is being competitive and focused all the time towards the prize. The contestant must do all that it takes to win the dancing with the stars competition.

All these four techniques combined, followed and applied to the letter will enable the contestant to win the dancing with stars competition with a guranteed success rate.

Lessons learnt from abc.Dancing with the stars competition

Dancing with stars competition; teaches us how to become winners in life
Dancing with stars competition; teaches us how to become winners in life | Source

What lessons do we gain from watching the competition abc.Dancing with the stars?

By keenly watching the way the winners of this competition transform themselves from non- dancers to great winning dancers by the end of the season finale ,many lessons ought to be learnt. The lessons can be applied to our lives to transform ourselves from one failing state in our lives to winners achieving our dreams.

Dancing with the stars teaches us that;

  1. Winners have a winning mindset and they do have the right attitude to succeed in the tasks they are involved in.
  2. challenges are good for they make us better and they prepare us for success.The success is even sweeter when we overcome greater challenges. The tougher the challenges, the sweeter is the victory.
  3. Winners never quit. Losers quit and give up their dreams. Losers let little things, challenges and chaos steal their dreams.
  4. Determination is one of the necessary ingredients in the recipe for success in any life challenges. Determination to succeed is seen in the final winner of the dancing with stars competition. Determination enables the winner to endure the sweat, the pains and aches, and the disappointments during the competition.
  5. We have to be consistent, persistent and patient when pursusing our goals and dreams in life.These virtues shape up the character we find in people who win contests and those who succeed in life. Our consistency,persistency and patiency separates us ,winners,from the losers and failures in life.


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