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The Power of Dance, Indian Tribal Dance

Updated on January 29, 2017

African Dancing

African dance played a very important role in the lives of the tribal people. Dances were used to ward off danger, and to ask for prosperity, to express feelings and emotions; and to celebrate ceremonies such as birth or marriages. During the twentieth century, African American dances continued to be accepted, and enjoyed by different races of people. African influenced Two Step-dance trends were:

  • The Charleston
  • The Lindy Hop
  • The Jitterbug
  • The Twist
  • Jazz dance

Zimbabwe Dance

The men used large body movements, including jumping and leaping. Many and most African dances like the Zimbabwe dance include drums, vocals and feet stomping. Most of the previous actions are to represent something like the drum, heartbeat of the tribe, vocals, the tribe itself, and the stomping feet shows emotion and sometimes anger.

African Togo Dance
African Togo Dance

Dances of Love

Dances of love are performed on special occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries. One example is the Nmane dance performed in Ghana. Solely women do the Nmane dance during weddings in honor of the bride. Villagers perform the Malinke rhythm Kassa during farming and harvesting work. The singing, dancing and clapping entertains and motivates the hard-working farmers.

Indian Dance Hall
Indian Dance Hall

Cherokee Indian Dances

Stomp Dance performers include a leader, assistants, and one or more female shell shakers who wear leg rattles made out of turtle shells filled with pebbles. The order of the dancers is male-female-male-female in a continuous circle with young children, and others trailing at the end. A lead man, who has produced his own song on the many different stomp dance songs, leads the song.

War Dance

The War Dance was used when men went to war, but also when meeting with other nations for diplomacy and peace, and within the Cherokee nation was also used to raise money for people in need. Dancing ceremonies helped in holding the strength of the Cherokee nation.

Break Dancing

Hip Hop

There were many break dancers in the 80's; my brother would break dance in the 80's, and he was good at it. I remember he would get a huge cardboard box and make it flat, so that he and his crew could use it for break dancing. My brother would wear a glove on one hand to spin around, his whole body on one hand. Also break dancer would spin on their head, sounds crazy huh. Break dance crews would practice all day long. There was three guys in my brother's break dance crew, they were; black Reuben, white Reuben, and my brother. They were the best in our local area. They had break dancing battles almost every weekend. It was very entertaining to watch.

Break dancing was a style of dancing that grew up around hip-hop music. The 'Backspin' and the 'Windmill' moves were break moves that used the shoulder. The 'Head spin' move requires the dancer to spin using his head as a point. The "kick worm" a move in which a dancer lies on the ground and forms a waving motion through his body. Break dance, the oldest known hip-hop style of dance, is believed to have originated in the Bronx, New York in the 1970's.

Krump Dancing

Krumping (also clown dancing or clowning) is a style of dance that originated in the African-American community of South Central Los Angeles, California. The first clown dancer was Thomas Johnson aka Tommy the Clown. It has entered the 'hip-hop culture' by the performance of krumping in many music videos. Krump dancing was featured in the movie "Rize," I sat and watched this movie with my daughters, and we really liked this movie. This movie has interesting; dancing, dance battling, drama, and fun.

Square Dancing

Square dance movements are based on the steps used in traditional folk dances and social dances. Some of these traditional dances include: Morris dance, English Country Dance, Caledonians and the quadrille.  

Break Dancing Video

Dance Benefits

All dancing is beneficial in many ways, one is; it's great exercise. And it helps with lowering stress. Also dancing will put you in a good mood. Some people like to dance in front of their mirrors; I know I do that often. Dancing at parties can definitely help some people with weight loss. However we dance or wherever we dance, just dance. There is a time to have sorrow, and there is a time to dance.

Lift up your spirit, grab a partner and get your dance on. You don't have to have dancing experience to move your body in a dancing motion. Dancing can be done alone, with a partner, in a group, and in your mind. But most likely move something; it can help with cardiovascular health. It can get your blood flowing better. Just doing simple stretches with instrumental music is dancing and vibing to rhythms. Musician and rappers branded so many dances along with their songs, such as the Soulja Boy.

Long list of dances from the past and present:

The Dougy, The Running Man, The Butterfly, The Fox Trot, Tootsie Roll, Cabbage Patch, The Harlem Shake, Da Dip, The Cry Baby, The Bankhead Bounce, Crip Walking, The Carlton, Vogue Dancing, The Train, The E.T., Ed Lover Dance, The Fishing Pole, The Gigolo, The Guess, The MC Hammer Dance, Freak Dancing Or Freaking, Leg Kick Line, The Kid & Play/Funky Charleston, Moonwalk, Pop Lockin, Robo Cop, Roger Rabbit, The Smurf, Sprinkler, The Michael Jackson Spin, The Superbowl Shuffle, The Wop, Humpty Dance, The Rump Shaker, Macarena, Electric Slide, Pee-wee Herman, The George Jefferson, Line Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Slow Dancing, The John Travolta, The Hustle Dance - Do the Hustle, Hawaiian Dancing, The Gidget - based on the TV show, Gidget, The Bump, The K-Swiss, The Sassoon, The Sergio Valente, The Jordache, The Bounce, Funky Chicken, The YMCA, and The Souljah Boy.

Dancing Brings Joy

I told you it was a long list. Dancing brings joy especially when someone is depressed. By dancing you can bring yourself out of a sad mood. Any dances that you know or remember, kindly add them to the comment section. Thanks for engaging in this site, and keep on dancing.

The benefits of dancing;

  • Socializing
  • Daily exercises (slim waistline)
  • Healthy heart (cardiovascular)
  • Partner activity
  • Helps with happiness
  • Uplift your mood and Spirit
  • Prevents idle time

Apache Wardance

© 2011 Brinafr3sh


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