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"Dangerous Relationship" My idea of a US remake of a Taiwan Thriller

Updated on October 2, 2015

Plot (My Idea of US Remake)

James and Isabel, is a pair of young couple in their twenties. They have been married for five years. They met in college and now has a three years old daughter, Tina.

James' mother Victoria, is an ageless woman, who is in her fifties. Victoria was originally a high paying executive, in the corporate world, but the company almost collapsed in the Global Financial Crisis, forcing them to sell 51% share to somebody else. Victoria got pushed out of her executive position, now, semi retired and with her husband dead for years, Victoria moved in with her son James.

Tracy is James' ex girl friend. The two of them also met in college. After a few months of dating, James decided Tracy is a jerk and wanted to break it off with her. So, knowing Tracy is looking for a commitment, James told Tracy, he is not ready to settle down until he turned thirty five, which successfully got Tracy to dump James, herself.

A few years later, after college, James and Tracy by coincident gotten the job in the same bank. Tracy still have feeling for James and hope to regain a romantic relationship with him. But James who is now married, said no. Tracy agree that she and James would be just friends and workmate, in that case and she kept to her words.. But even so, Tracy soon met Isabella and the two of them become best friends.

The true reason Tracy got close to James, is because she still hope to have an opportunity to steal James away. After gotten drunk in an office party,Tracy saw this as her opportunity and throw herself at James. The two of them, ended up having sex that night. Tracy thought this is an opportunity to re candle the romance with James, but the next day James made it clear to Tracy that last night was a mistake and it can never happen again.

This send Tracy into a jealous rage, but she pretend to be cool about it and told James it is OK.

Tracy know that every Wednesday afternoon, Victoria goes to the shopping center with Tina. That afternoon Victoria and Tina also went into the shopping center when Victoria was not looking Tracy, sneaked up from behind grabbed Tina and left before Victoria even know what was happening. Panicking Victoria searched the shopping center for Tina, but, it was too late. Tracy and Tina was already gone. The cops got involved. Tracy dressed up as a Muslim woman that cover every inch of her body. The security camera didn't got a look at either her face or body.

Tracy drove Tina to the country side and paid an elderly woman to be her nanny, lying to the old lady saying Tina is her daughter.

Then she returned to the city, to the side of a family in distress, due to the lost of Tina an pretending to be a good friend to James.

The police could find no information of Tina's where about. Stress started to emerge in the marriage between James and Isabel. Because Isabel blame Victoria for Tina to be missing and James started defending his mother.

The relationship between James and Isabel continue to deteriorate, due to continue fighting and during this time, Tracy secretly send an anonymous email to Philip, who have a crush on Isabel for a long time, it was in fact the video of James having sex with Tracy.

The angry Philip went to demand an answer from James, the two of them got into a fight, in front of James and Isabel's home. When Isabel came to confront the fight, Philip told Isabel what happened. When Isabel asked James about it, Philip told James, if he don't tell Isabel the truth, he would send Isabel the email himself. So, James admitted to what happened and angrily Isabel packed her stuff and left to stay with her sister.

Knowing about James' cheating, Philip started to pursuit Isabel. At first Isabel was resistance. One year down the track, the police still cannot find Tina. Isabel told James, she no longer have what it take to keep staying in this marriage with James, knowing his mother is responsible for the disappearing of her little girl. And filed for divorce. After that Isabel started to become reciprocating to Philip's romantic gestures. Victoria who blame herself for everything that is happening, become a drunk. One night after been drunk, Victoria thought she saw Tina on the street. Victoria chased after the little girl she mistaken to be Tina and ran right into the traffic and got hit by a car. She died on the spot.

For the first time in over a year, Isabel and James saw each other at the funeral of Victoria. By this stage, Philip have finally convinced Isabel to move in with him. But Isabel's sister Laura know Isabel and James just needed to talk thing through. While in town, for a few more nights Laura intentionally invited Isabel to a girls night out, to get Isabel away from Philip and in the same time invited James, to come to the same bar. Once the two of them both showed up at the bar, Laura told the two of them to talk things through and left earlier.

Isabel and James got to talking and resolved their difference and would work together to find their daughter. Isabel decided she would go tell Philip that things between them won't work out and the relationship needed to end. Philip choose to be understanding and also agree to help find Tina.

The case have now gone cold and the cops have decided to quit trying to find Tina. While trying to find Tina, Philip found some unusual activity with Tracy. So, he hire a private detective to follow Tracy and found out what Tracy was doing. Philip was shock at what was happening and decided to alert the police on the matter, but Tracy found out before hand, and shot and killed Philip. Three days after Philip's murder, Isabel receive an email from the private detective that Philip hire, showing what Tracy was doing. Isabel and James drove to Tracy's place, but the apartment is now empty. James asked the private detective to alert the police, while the couple drove as fast as possible, to the address in the country, where Tina was been kept.

James and Isabel found Tina and grabbed her away from the nanny. The nanny scream, thinking it was a little girl been kidnap. After they got out of the house, James and Isabel saw Tracy standing there with a gun in her hand. Tracy opened fire. James used himself as a shield to protect Isabel and Tina and got shot.

Tracy was shocked that she shot James. Isabel ran forward to tackle Tracy, fighting for the gun. The two women kept fighting. The nanny went into call the cops, Tracy got onto and tried to chock Isabel to death. Isabel managed to find a brick next to her and smashed it across Tracy's head and knocked Tracy unconscious, just then the cops arrived.

Tracy got arrested. James, was been lifted onto an ambulance. James and Isabel reconnected as a couple.

Original Taiwan version

The original Taiwan version is a 21 episode mini series air in 1995.

It is about a family including a husband, wife, a three years old daughter and the husband's mother. The husband is a manager and at the place he work, is his formal girl friend, who still wish to have an affair with him. After been rejected the formal girl friend got angry and kidnap the daughter of the couple, while the grandmother took the little girl out to the market place.

The formal girl friend, is the wife's high school best friend. Because by that stage, the husband wanted to get married, but the formal girl friend wasn't ready, so they broke up and the formal girl friend introduce the wife, to the husband.

The wife blame the husband's mother for the lost of their child and the couple's relationship deteriorate and finally split up. The husband eventually ended up with his ex girl friend and got her pregnant. But the baby wasn't really his and she was just faking pregnant. After finding out about she faking pregnant, the husband kick his ex girl friend out. The husband and his wife, met by coincident in a bar. Talk thing through and finally stop the fighting. They work together to find their daughter and found out the ex girl friend was the one behind everything. They track her to a country farm, where their daughter was been hold, by an elderly couple. The ex girl friend lied to the couple saying it is her daughter and paid the couple to take care of her.

Open theme of Taiwan 1995 version

Channing Tatum as James
Channing Tatum as James
Katie Mcgrath as Isabel
Katie Mcgrath as Isabel
Emma Stone as Tracy
Emma Stone as Tracy
Demi Moore as Victoria
Demi Moore as Victoria
Taylor Lautner as Philip
Taylor Lautner as Philip
Natalie Portman as Luran
Natalie Portman as Luran

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