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Daniel Craig second longest serving Bond

Updated on February 21, 2017
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig | Source
Roger Moore
Roger Moore | Source

Who will play Bond in any upcoming romp of the spy films as at this time it is unknown if Daniel Craig will reprise his role as he famously said "I would rather slash my wrists than play Bond again". However rumours still persist that we may not have seen the last of Craig in the role of the Vodka - Martini swilling spy.

Callum McDougal Executive Producer of the franchise has said he would love to see Craig in the role of 007. The rumour mill on who might replace Craig should he not resume the role of Bond has been going into over drive too in the last few years. Candidates in the frame could be Tom Hiddleston famous for playing Loki in Thor or current Superman actor Henry Cavill but we will see.

Craig is the second longest serving Bond actor after Roger Moore and he has played 007 4,147 days (Sky News) or almost 11 and a half years in total (Sky News). Where as Roger Moore has played Bond in 7 films and 5,118 days. Craig has to play Bond for another two and a half years to equal Moore's record. (Sky News).

Pierce Brosnan is the actor in third place for roles playing Bond and fourth is Sean Connery with his 1983 outing as Bond in 'Never Say Never Again' not being included in this list.

Whether Daniel Craig comes back to play Bond and equal Moore's record or some one else takes over the role the character of Ian Fleming's spoof spy will be around for a while yet.

Brief Bio of Daniel Craig

One time waiter Daniel Craig
One time waiter Daniel Craig | Source

1) Born on 2 March 1968 in Chester, Cheshire, England, UK

2) Full name: Daniel Wroughton Craig

3) Height approximately: 5' 1 10" (1.78 m)

4) Waited tables at The National Youth Theatre

5) Has been James Bond in:

'Casino Royale' 2006

'Quantum of Solace' 2008

'Sky Fall' 2012

'Spectre' 2015

6) Was married to Fiona Loudon between 92 - 94 with one child and they are now divorced

7) Married Rachel Weisz on 23 June 2011 - present

8) Ladies went weak at the knees when Craig appeared topless emerging from the sea in 'Casino Royale'

9) Known for his clear blue eyes, blonde hair, rugged physique

10) Rumours and speculation remain about his future as Bond

List of Bond actors and their length of time playing the role

These are the list of Bond actors as follows:

Roger Moore 5,118 days

Daniel Craig 4,147 days

Pierce Brosnan 4,146 days

Sean Connery 3,049 days

Timothy Dalton 2,863 days

George Lazenby 875 days

Gemma Arterton played a Bond girl with Daniel Craig
Gemma Arterton played a Bond girl with Daniel Craig | Source

Brief Bio of Ian Fleming creator of James Bond

Bond creator Ian Fleming
Bond creator Ian Fleming | Source

1) Ian Lancaster Fleming was an author, journalist and naval intelligence officer

2) Born on 28 May 1908, Mayfair, London, England

3) Came from an establishment family

4) Died 12 August 1964, Canterbury, England

5) Married to Ann Fleming with one child Caspar Fleming

6) Attended Eton College, Durnford School and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

7) Was a serial womanizer

8) Loved the good life, drank, smoked and loved fast carts

9) Bond very much based on creator Fleming

10) Bond books spawned a whole genre of movies still going strong today


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