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Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0 Return

Updated on January 24, 2014

Tosh.0 made a much needed return to Comedy Central lineup Wednesday night. For those that don’t know what Tosh.0 is, I have to say that you are missing out. The show is hosted by 35-year old stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh. Tosh presents video clips found on the internet, which usually range from the utterly hilarious, to gross out galore, to totally what the f%#k? Add in Tosh’s snarky humor and delivery, and you have great entertainment.

The show usually starts with a warning from Comedy Central not to try the activities shown in the videos during the show. This is then followed by the 1st video of the evening. Wednesday’s 1st video was a prime example the warning is needed, as it portrayed two idiots shooting roman candles at each other. The video ends predictably when one of the participants gets injured with a shot to the face. The show opening starts and then Daniel makes humorous observations and comments about the video and its participants.

He then shows 5 or 6 videos of funny or odd nature, setting each one up with commentary, and follows them with his brand of humor. Often he will re-create a video with himself and the staff writers at Tosh.0. One of the funnier moments is when he puts 20 seconds on the clock, and makes as many jokes as he can about the video or its participants in 20 seconds. Tosh’s humor often includes comments that can be considered racist and/or sexist, but somehow pulls off the jokes without being terribly offending. The last of these videos he usually has what is called a “Video Breakdown.” He shows the video in segments, and makes comments about what has happened up to that point, and what should or could happen. Again jokes fly at the expense of the video participants.

After the break, the next segment focuses on a viral web video where the participants either failed in some way, or Tosh would like to improve on the video. He calls it a “Web Redemption.” The video participants are interviewed, asked about the video and the scenario around it. Tosh then offers them the opportunity to “re-do” the moment, and a similar event to the original video is staged, but is often more gratuitous and obviously more funny. As the seasons have progressed, it has been apparent that Comedy Central has put more money into the show as the Redemptions have become more elaborate. This episode had Boyz II Men backing up the focus of the Web Redemption, Tay Zonday and his internet song “Chocolate Rain” in a music video.

He often wraps up the show by showing a viewer provided video, and then promotes the next week’s show and any other pertinent Tosh news.

One of the other funnier segments that may be included in the show is called “Is it Racist?” They show a video and ask if the video itself is racist. It normally focuses on a racial stereotype of some kind, and pokes fun at society for that stereotype.

It could be argued that Tosh.0, and Daniel Tosh’s humor is not for everyone. However he does provide a fresh insight about society today, and it could also be argued it’s the things a lot of us are thinking but don’t have the courage to say out loud.

Tosh.0 is on at 9PM (CST) on Wednesdays on Comedy Central. Check it out. I think you might be glad you did.


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