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How To Be A Christian DJ Series : Daniel_The Unsung Winans

Updated on July 11, 2015
The Winans family
The Winans family | Source

My Point of View ... Brotherly Love .... Daniel Winans & The Second Half ... Not In My House ... On The Inside ...

He counts ANDRAE CROUCH as his mentor; the Christian music innovator who continues to blend Pop, Island, Soul and Jazz into the traditional message of Gospel. If so, Daniel can definitely be considered a student who listened well to his teacher.

DANIEL WINANS ... The one member of the celebrated WINANS family music dynasty who -- after over 20 years in the business (and at least one Grammy to show for it) -- still seems to slip under the radar of the world at large.

Whereas THE WINANS are considered living legends by some for their pioneering in Urban Gospel musical styles, BEBE & CECE for going further in pushing the envelope -- including appearing on sitcoms and guest appearing on releases by Mainstream artists -- Daniel's legend continues to slip through the cracks of so called commercial viability ... But then, maybe that's okay.

"Coach" Winans is destined to be one of those artists whose music will be discovered in years to come, when, perhaps, making music won't be as important to him. A gem of an artist that another generation will discover while digging through crates of clearance discs or browsing on Amazon. Someone that they will decide has been slept on, choosing to cover or sample his obscure songs to enhance their potentially "hit" tune of debauchery. And then some curious music geek will seek out the original source and learn to appreaciate Daniel -- 50 years from now -- the way I do now.

Daniel's songs touhc the very core of your soul. The ballads are heart piercing. The upbeat songs make you dance ... Here are but a few songs I feel are noteworthy:

Holiness (from Ron Winans Family & Friends Choir II) - A simple ballad supported by his late brother's powerful aggregation. It's subtle, yet in your face hook says, "tell the world, holiness is all I know. And it keeps me holding on".

Keeps Me Holding On ( from the album, My Point of View) - Rings almost like a sequel to the aforementioned tune. Anchored by brother, Calvin's falsetto on the chorus, this is a beautiful Smooth Jazz ditty. A song that gives hope when there seems to be none.

I Cry (from On The Inside) - This acoustic flavored message defeats the myth that a man can't express emotion when he's hurting. Because life can make you cry, but God is standing by to wipe away all of your tears.

The Winans family
The Winans family

TruSoulDJ is a self proclaimed expert on all things trivial to the Mainstream. He is an avid classic comic book reader, non popular music lover and tv-show-on-dvd binge watcher who shops the clearance racks near and far to find the best deals. He would like to think he knows everything important within the realm of Pop culture. But in actuality, he only knows about 99.9 percent of what he thinks he knows.


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