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Dante's Cove- The Third Season

Updated on November 7, 2014
We'll never know what happens as the curtain closes on Season 3
We'll never know what happens as the curtain closes on Season 3

The Bois and Gurls are back for More Tresum Mayhem

As the curtain rose on the third season of Dante's Cove I was kind of hoping it would have closed right away. I'm not sure what happened, but this season has to account for five hours of the worst television ever to air.

The first season had potential (the writing and acting were a little weak) and when it came to changing locations for season two it lost the "old island charm." Another problem season two had was the addition of too many characters and in typical "soap opera" fashion, the original Adam (Stephen Amell) was replaced by Jon Fleming.

So what's on tap for season three?

Six months have gone by when Grace (Tracy Scoggins) returns from the netherworld and learns her beloved Hotel Dante had been destroyed by mysterious earthquakes and tsunamis which have plagued the island. Upon returning, to her windward inland house she finds the five former residents of the Dante living there.

Residing at Grace's inland residence are Toby (Charlie David); new character Trevor (Reichen Lehmkuhl); former H2Eau bartender-turned-marine biologist Brit (Michelle Wolff) and another new character/ love interest to Brit, Elena (Jenny Shimizu).

Kevin (Gregory Michael) is now living with Ambrosius "Bro" Vallin (William Gregory Lee) and is seeking a way to get away from him (as he has been trying to do for the last two seasons). Bro has bought H2Eau from Marco (Gabriel Romero) just in time since Marco is murdered in the second episode.

Also new to the cove is Griffen (Jensen Atwood) a bisexual playboy/warlock who's a representative of the Tresum Witches Council sent to reprimand self-obsessed Diana Childs (Thea Gill) and strip her of her powers.

Coming back to the island is Michelle (now played by Jill Bennett) who brings with her a mysterious and evil presence. Of course her arrival is unsettling for Elena since she used to be bartender Brit's old flame after Van placed a spell on her in season two and forgot everything. Maybe the original actress forgot she even acted in this series.

You might want to turn this seasons viewing experience into a drinking game. The object here would be to take a drink every time an actor is shown wearing a shirt.

On the flip side however, you might end up drinking anyway in order to find the campy value otherwise you'll find it too painful to watch.


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