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Danville Community Band - Memorial Park, Danville, PA

Updated on June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

It was a cold and windy evening at the Memorial Park in Danville, PA, but all was well because we were warmed by the music of the Danville Community Band. They were led by Frank tonight. Frank and John switch off as the band's leaders, but we usually see John directing, so it was slightly different for us tonight. I could see John's left eye from where I was sitting...

They do a wide selection of songs. Tonight's show included (among others) The Sound Of Music (ah-ah-ah-ah), Java, and New York New York.

Luckily only one piece of music went flying tonight, but Frank caught it pretty quickly...and kept directing at the same time (very impressive). You can tell by the pic that it was a little nippy out, seeing as how a bunch of them are wearing jackets over their short-sleeved white shirts. But, they played like it was 75 degrees outside.

My friend, Juicebox, made a friend as always. This time it was a 16-month-old boy. He thought she was nuts (and she is)! His laughter warmed our hearts.


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