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Danzig, the album that started it all for Famous Rock Vocalist Glenn Danzig

Updated on October 22, 2017

Danzig Self-Titled Album Logo

Track Listing for the self-titled album Danzig

  1. Twist of Cain
  2. Not of This World
  3. She Rides
  4. Soul on Fire
  5. Am I Demon?
  6. Mother
  7. Possession
  8. End of Time
  9. The Hunter
  10. Evil Thing

The Album Is Famous For Three Songs

Danzig is the album of the same name of Glenn Danzig’s started band. The riffing and guitar playing isn’t overly complex but it is GOOD! The songs She Rides and Mother are this album’s two most famous songs mainly because of the appeal and coverage that they got on MTV back in the day. This blues and rock style album gets its influence from artists such as Black Sabbath because the album has doom metal influences in it as well. But we’ll get to the importance of that shortly. She Rides is a simple but catchy song about a creature that travels throughout the night. She can get into a human’s skin literally. However, this is different from the Night crawler creature that Judas Priest makes reference to in 1990.

James Hetfield of Metallica Does Backing Vocals

One interesting thing that some people may not notice is that this album has guest vocal contributions by James Hetfield on the songs Twist of Cain and Possession. What hasn’t James done for the music industry? However, because of the contractual obligations that Hetfield had at the time, he could not be given credit in the album booklet. Nonetheless, the contributions add a little bit of aggression and tougher feel to the album. The bass guitar by Eerie Von can be heard along with the guitar work. It is really impressive that Hetfield even had the time to do these backing vocals because he was busy working on Metallica’s 4th album And Justice for All which is one of the greatest albums in the history of melodic thrash metal.

Twist Of Cain

The Importance Of The Album Danzig

Soul on Fire has an atmospheric doom metal feeling that you will notice in early Black Sabbath releases. Then comes the very good song Mother. It has a noticeable riff that sounds like it is being played one note at a time. Possession is a song about a sort of parasite that attaches itself to a host, wanting to get inside that host’s soul and crawl around in their brain. “The Hunter” is a cover song that Danzig did. It is a blues song originally written by Albert King in 1967. Danzig is considered to be the album that did the best for the band in terms of sales. Is it the band’s finest work? I don’ think so but it is really good for an album with such simple riffing and song structure.

Danzig was released in 1988, many years after the release of Black Sabbath’s landmark release Paranoid in 1970. By the 1980’s Danzig had lots of competition, so they had to make themselves stand out. They did very well in spite of the fact that bands like Metallica, Testament, and Exodus along with Slayer were establishing themselves as the elites of US heavy metal and rock. The final score for this album Danzig will probably get a score of 90 out of 100 points just for the fact that is so well-written! The importance of Danzig to the blues-rock genre is still being felt even almost three decades later. These songs are still memorable and even Glenn’s yells which are sometimes excessive really don’t detract from the quality of the songs.

Favorite of the first four Danzig Albums

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The Song Called Mother (Glenn Danzig Plays Guitar)


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