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Dark: German Mystery at Its Best

Updated on February 19, 2020
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The German series "Dark" is a thrilling drama I deeply enjoyed! Here is my review of the series. No spoilers included.

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The disappearance of a child causes commotion in the city of Winden as it brings to light relationships between four families and produces fear for the townspeople. The protagonists are called upon to find answers to a mystery, the solution of which relates to space-time, and to solve interpersonal problems that they have ignored for many years.

This is a brief summary of the plot of Netflix's German drama Dark, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Although rightly described as a drama, the series successfully combines the types of science fiction and space-time. It is a masterpiece of the three kinds that causes a variety of emotions, but also brings forth a lot of suspense.

From the first episode of the series, it becomes apparent that the characters are multidimensional and they are presented in a realistic way that makes the viewer feel that they are human. This creates a sense of understanding for everyone's actions, so even if we dislike a character as viewers we can understand what motivates him. This approach is one of the positive elements of the series and sets a tone of realism in the story.

The relationships between the characters are influenced by the facts as mentioned above, in a logical way, so that we remember that at the base of the story lies the characters and their interactions. Actors who are successful in fulfilling their roles and who perform excellently also contribute to this. In short, the drama is believable and powerful enough to affect the viewer and "force" him to sympathise, not only with the characters but also with the situations they face.

Mystery and science fiction are also important parts of the series. A big part of the plot has to do with time travel, the consequences that it can have but, mainly how an ordinary person perceives it. New questions about its nature are constantly being raised, and as answers to already existing mysteries of the plot are given, new and more complex ones emerge. This "recipe" does not tire, as each new problem is unique and affects the lives of the protagonists differently.

The series is not particularly concerned with the scientific background of time travel, which would probably disorient those unrelated to physics and raise doubts among the knowledgeable, but focuses on the mystery of its concept, thus giving the story more suspense.The inventive storytelling and the complex characters are accomodated by several matching music choices that add to the dark tone of the series and predispose the viewer for upcoming changes. The filmmaking helps to complete the tone of each episode, hiding various elements that are revealed later, thereby better capturing the plot of the series.

The series airs over two television seasons and does not consist of many episodes. Each season ends, leaving the viewer with questions about the continuation of the story, which has not yet been completed as a third season is expected. Dark is certainly a pleasant experience and is highly recommended to any mystery viewer.

Dark is a complex series that can offer hours of entertainment to many viewers that love scinece fiction. However there are some who have found some negative points in the series. The most common complaint is that at some points the plot seems like it is trying to amaze the viewer by introducing new twists and turns in the story. This has been interpreted as a bit forced, more specifically like the series is trying a bit "too hard". However, unlike some other series that introduce plot twists that have absolutely no built up and exist simply for the sake of amazement, in Dark the plot prepares you for those twists. While admittedly there are a lot of them, a viewer who pays attention can predict them or understand where they are coming from. In conclusion, yes the series is trying to amaze you, but it is doing it carefully and in a way that does not disturb the plot or the cosistency of the series.

In conclusion, Dark is a recomended series for every drama/ science-fiction fan. As a viewer you should totally give it a try, in the worst case scenario where you don't like it you will have expanded your horizons.


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