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Dark Origins of Fairy Tales PART 2

Updated on March 15, 2017
Dark Origins of Fairy Tales Part 2
Dark Origins of Fairy Tales Part 2

The origins of Fairy Tales are more messed up, violent and horrifying than most of us realized.

From Chicken Little being eaten by the Fox to the origin of Beauty and the Beast where Belle almost died.

We bring you 10 Dark Origins of Fairy Tales part 2.

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Video of The Dark Origin of Fairy Tales

10. Beauty and the Beast

Origin of Beauty and the Beast
Origin of Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, a merchant stumbled upon a huge castle.

He saw a beautiful red rose on the table and wanted to give it to his youngest daughter, Beauty.

The beast caught the man and threated to kill him. The man pleaded for the beast to spare his life.

The beast agreed letting the man live. However, he would have to send his youngest daughter to the castle and live with the beast.

Surprisingly, the man agreed, but on the bright side, he was lying.

However, Beauty soon found out the promise his dad made and went to the castle willingly to be… enslaved.

The beast gave beauty everything she wanted, but Beauty was still homesick. She begged the beast to let her go home. The beast agreed but she must return within a week, or else…

The beast gave Beauty a magical mirror that would allow her see what’s going on back in the castle and a ring that allows her to return to the castle immediately.

Beauty’s sisters were jealous knowing the beast gave Beauty everything she wanted, so… they wanted her dead.

The sisters convinced Beauty to stay for more than a week, hoping the beast would eat her alive for breaking her promise.

Beauty agreed staying for more than a week but started feeling guilty soon after. She used the magical mirror and was shocked to find that the beast was lying on the floor, half dead.

She used the ring to return to the beast immediately, hugged the beast, and when one of her tear landed on the beast. The beast turned back into a handsome prince.

Beauty fell in love with the prince and the prince asked beauty’s hand in marriage.

And they lived happily ever after. I guess?...

Beauty and the beast is number 10 because compared to the rest of the countdown, it is pretty mild.

The origin of the Ugly Duckling
The origin of the Ugly Duckling

09. The Ugly Duckling

One upon a time, a little bird in a farm was verbally and physically abused by the farm animals. The abuse was so bad, he had to leave the farm. He soon found a group wild ducks and geese to live with..

However, all of them were soon slaughtered by hunters and he was the only one that survived. An old lady soon found the ugly duckling and gave it a home, but he was bullied by her cat and hen mercilessly and thus, he left the old lady’s house.

Winter soon came and the ugly duckling spend the season cold, scared and alone. When spring arrived, a flock of swans descended on the lake near the ugly duckling.

The ugly duckling was so miserable that he told himself, that he would rather be killed by such beautiful birds than to live a life of ugliness and misery. The ugly duckling approached them and was to learned that the swans welcomed him instead of attacking him. He looked into the reflection in the water and realize that he is now a beautiful swan.

He spread his wings, and flew into the sky with his new family.

The ugly duckling reaches number 9 because of the physical and mental abuse in the story.

08. Rapunzel

Origin of Rapunzel
Origin of Rapunzel

Which version of Rapunzel is the origin is debatable, so I’m just going to talk about the darkest and the most famous version.

Long ago, a pregnant lady was craving for a delicious plant called Rapunzel, until the extend she would die for it.

So, the husband set out to find the plant which he knew was abundant in a witch’s garden.

The witch caught the man in her garden and became furious. He begged the witch to spare his life. The witch agreed, but he has to give the witch his firstborn. Surprisingly, he agreed.

Not long after, the woman gave birth to a girl; and for some reason, they named her after the delicious plant, Rapunzel. Yeah… After that, they handed Rapunzel to the witch, where she was enslaved in a tall concrete tower.

Soon after, a prince found Rapunzel. She let down her golden locks and the prince climbed the tower with it, so he can… sleep with her. And Rapunzel got impregnated. Yeah…

The witch found out what happened, cut Rapunzel’s golden locks and threw her into the woods to die.

The prince returned to the tower and shouted the famous quote, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair.” Again, he climbed the tower with Rapunzel’s hair, but was surprised that it was not Rapunzel in the tower, but the witch. The witch pushed him off the tower and he landed on a bush of thorns. Some of the thorns went through his eyes, blindingly the prince for good.

The prince wandered around the woods for months, blind and confuse. Until one day, he heard Rapunzel singing. He followed the song and found Rapunzel and… his two children.

Rapunzel hugged the prince and when her tears struck his hands, his eyes recovered immediately.

He asked her hand for marriage and they lived happily ever after?...

Rapunzel reaches number 8 because of the horrible parenting, the enslavement and the thorns through the eyes. Ouch.

Origin of The Ant and the Grasshopper
Origin of The Ant and the Grasshopper

07. The Ant and the Grasshopper

In the origin, the grasshopper is actually a cicada.

Once upon a time, a cicada was dancing and singing while the ants worked very hard to prepare for winter.

The cicada laughed at the ants and even convinced them to join him. However, none of the ants did.

When winter came, the cicada found itself dying from starvation and hypothermia. He approached the ants and begged them to give him a place to stay and some food.

The ants refused and asked the cicada to dance the winter away.

At the end of the story, the ants survived the winter and the cicada died of hypothermia.

This story reaches number 7 because a character actually died of hypothermia and the ants unwillingness to help him.

Origin of The little match girl
Origin of The little match girl

06. The little match girl

In the dark origin, the little girl tried returning home when she was starving and cold, but her father scold and even beat her because she did not sell enough matches.

She was send back into the streets to sell the matches. The cold became unbearable for her, so she decided to warm herself with the matches. Not long after, she started hallucinating. She saw food, a warm room and a loving family.

The hallucination didn’t last long, because the little match girl died of hypothermia soon after.

The little match girl reaches number 6 because it contains abusive parents and the suffering and death of an innocent little girl.

05. Mulan

Origin of Mulan
Origin of Mulan

The oldest version of Mulan is still unknown today, so I’m going to tell the Sui Tang Romance version.

A woman named Mulan took her father’s place in the army because she loved her father and her father was also too old for the army.

After she served her time in the army, Mulan returned home but she soon learned that her father passed away when she was in the army. She also learned that her mother remarried and changed her surname from Yuan to Wei. And to make things worse, she was summoned by the Khan to be a concubine.

Mulan's world was… falling apart and her final words before she committed suicide were, "I am a girl, I have been through war and have done enough. I now want to be with my father."

Mulan reaches number 6 because the hero became so miserable that she chose take her own life. Talking about a sad ending.

04. Aladdin

The Origin of Aladdin
The Origin of Aladdin

Once upon a time, Aladdin was asked by a sorcerer to fetch a special lamp in a cave. The sorcerer gave Aladdin a ring and when Aladdin rubbed his hand against the ring, a lesser genie appeared from it.

With the help of the lesser genie, Aladdin managed to escape the cave with the special lamp. Before Aladdin handed the lamp to the sorcerer, his mother rubbed the lamp and released the all-powerful genie inside it.

With his new found genie, Aladdin became… ambitious and wanted to marry the sultan’s daughter, but the princess already had a fiancée. So Aladdin decided to mess with them a little.

On their wedding night, Aladdin kidnapped the princess, forced her to spend a night with him, and tortured her fiancée.

This was repeated numerous times until the princess’s fiancée ran away. For some strange reasons, the princess agreed marrying him at the end. So, through luck and extreme abuse of power, Aladdin finally got what he wanted.

The sorcerer soon found out about Aladdin. He realised the princess didn’t know about the all-powerful genie and tricked her into trading the genie lamp with a new, but ordinary, lamp. With the genie lamp, the sorcerer transported the palace and everyone inside it into the dessert.

Luckily, Aladdin still has the ring. With the lesser genie, he teleported himself to the sorcerer’s location and killed the sorcerer by out smarting him.

And Aladdin and the princess lived happily ever after… I guess?

Aladdin reaches number 4 because this story consists of murder, betrayal, torture and abuse of power. I wonder what type of sultan would he be?

Origin of the 3 little pigs
Origin of the 3 little pigs

03. The three little pigs

Another story that is hard to tell which is the origin, but this is the darkest version

Once upon a time, there were 3 pigs. The first built it’s house using straws, the second built it’s house using sticks and the third with bricks.

One day, a wolf visited the pig who made its house with straw. With a huff and a puff, the wolf blew down the house… and ate the pig.

Next, he visited the pig who made its house with sticks. With a huff and a puff, the wolf blew down the house… and ate the 2nd pig.

Lastly, the wolf visited the pig who made its house with bricks. The wolf wasn’t able to blow down this house, so it decided to enter the house by sliding through the chimney.

The pig predicted this would happen and boiled a cauldron of water.

The wolf fell into the cauldron and the pig slammed the lid on to the cauldron.

The wolf was cooked alive and the pig… ate the wolf.

The end.

The 3 little pigs reaches number 3 because 2 pigs where eaten, it involves a character being cooked alive.

02. Chicken Little

Origin of chicken little
Origin of chicken little

Once upon a time, a nut fell on a little chicken’s back. She was convinced the sky was falling and that the world would end soon.

She told all the animals nearby about it, including Høne Pønethe the hen, Hane Pane the cock, And Svand the duck, Gaase Paase the goose and Ræv Skræv the fox.

They all started panicking, except for the fox. He saw this as an opportunity and counted how many animals there were.

All the animals soon ran into the forest and the fox followed them. One by one, the fox hunted them down and ate every single one of them.

The End

Chicken reaches number 3 because this is a story where the bad guys win and where everyone was killed and eaten by the fox.

01. Bluebeard

Origin of Blue Beard
Origin of Blue Beard

There lived a rich and powerful man named blue beard. He was married several times but all of his former wives disappeared soon after the marriage.

Soon after, he was looking for a new wife and he forced the neighbour’s youngest daughter to marry him.

One day, blue beard had to leave his Chateau. He gave his keys to his wife and said she can enter any rooms in the chateau expect for the underground chamber.

She soon became very curious and entered the underground chamber, even though blue beard instructed her not to.

Upon entering, she dropped the key as she screamed in horror. All of blue beard’s former wives were hung on hooks from the chamber walls.

She picked up the key that is now stained with blood and tried washing it off, but she just couldn’t remove the blood stains. Fearing for her life, he told her sister, Anne, about the underground chamber and to get help.

Blue beard came home soon after, and when he found the now blood stained key, he became furious and threatened the wife that he would kill her on the spot.

Before killing her, her sister Anne and her brothers arrived.

They outnumbered blue beard and killed him in his chateau.

At the end of the day, the wife inherited blue beard’s fortune, found another man and remarried.

So, it’s a happy ending I guess?...

Blue beard reaches number 2 because of the of the psychopathic man who killed his former wives and kept their bodies as some sort of collection. You have to admit, that is pretty disturbing.


Author's Last Thought

And the end of the dark origin of fairy tales part 2.

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to give this page a thumbs up and subscribe to VendaSoul for more Disturbing Facts.

This is VendaSoul, saying stay safe, and thanks for reading.


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