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Darkglass Electroincs

Updated on December 8, 2017

Darkglass electronics is a pedal company based in Finland, they have been rising in the pedal market and are now one of the biggest names in the industry for bass effect pedals. Darkglass has a reputation for incredible build quality and even better sound. Their reputation is strongest in the metal community and can be found on many pedal boards across all genres and communities.

Their staple Microtubes line has become a main stay on many bassists pedal board and has come to rival the industry standard Sans-Amp by Tech 21. Along with the Microtubes line, Darkglass is also well known for the Vintage Microtubes, which, as the name suggests, has a more warmer and vintage sound. Both pedal lines have very similar features and variants; a smaller overdrive pedal that has basic controls such as tone, mix, and volume, along with some other tone-coloring options. The next step up from the smaller overdrive pedals would be the Microtubes B7k and the Vintage Deluxe, these pedals have the same basic controls as the overdrives, but also work as bass preamps, allowing the user more tone shaping controls such as Bass, Low and High Mid and Treble. Another advantage of these is the XLR port on the side, allowing for DI (Direct Input) access, this allows the player to utilize the pedal as an amp itself and play through a PA system or in a recording situation. The top of the line pedals for Darkglass would be the Microtubes B7k Ultra and Vintage Ultra, these pedals give the player the most tone shaping options, DI access, as well as an extra foot-switch which allows the pedal to have a clean and dirty setting. The pedals also have toggle switches for wave shape and mid-frequencies, allowing the user to fine-tune their core sound.

Darkglass has recently collaborated with Jon Stockman, bassist of the metal band Karnivool. Stockman has created legendary bass tones over the course of his career in Karnivool and has brought some of them to life in with this collaboration pedal: the Alpha-Omega. The pedal originally released in a variant very similar to the B7k and Vintage Deluxe, with many of the same controls and input/output options. The main difference being the two unique "alpha" and "omega" circuits and a blend control between the two. The alpha side of the pedal is has a more controlled and precise sound to it, while the omega is more open and grittier. Darkglass has most recently released a smaller version of the Alpha-Omega which they dubbed the Alpha-Omicron, a smaller foot print (similar to the B3K) with stripped down controls, allowing the user to utilize both the alpha and omega circuits.

As Darkglass continues to take over the bass world, they stepped their game up even further by bringing the Microtubes 900 bass amp head to the market. The 900 watt amp features in-depth tone controls with a unique layout. The bass, treble and mid controls are on the right side and provide the user with a base tone, on the left there are microtubes controls that are very similar to the layout on their overdrive pedals. The user can switch between either the Vintage or original Microtubes circuits to utilize a separate dirty channel on the amp. To greater enhance the users experience with the Mictrotubes 900, Darkglass developed the "Super Intelligent Foot-Switch", a small stomp box containing 4 switches that allow the user to switch between the Microtubes 900's channels; clean, B3K and vintage microtubes, as well as a mute switch. With the creation of the Microtubes 900 and the Intelligent switch to supplement it, a player has access to many of Darkgalss' tonal options, with a minimal pedal footprint.


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