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Dating Justin Bieber

Updated on November 11, 2012

Many young women dream about what it would be like to date Justin Bieber. However, for those few women whose dream actually becomes a reality, dating Justin Bieber may actually be more like a nightmare than a dream. Now why on Earth would I say that about a gorgeous, talented, and rich young singer?

First of all, Justin Bieber is extremely self centered and a narcissist. He seems to be very confident of himself, however, in reality I think this is all just a cover up for some major insecurity. I mean the guy looks like a little girl, and yet he is flirting with every woman imaginable while dating someone else. Guys who feel the need to constantly flirt with different women have a strong need for other people's approval. It seems that this man is not very secure of himself, and therefore overcompensates by being a player and spending a lot of money on his dates.

Being a girlfriend of someone with this kind of personality can prove to be very difficult. It is almost as though this guy is somehow doing you a huge favor by being loyal to you and being in your life. On the surface he may be a great catch, however, this type of men are not meant for long term committed relationships. They will always somehow feel that their partner is not giving them enough attention and ego stroking and they will try to find a better deal elsewhere.

It is so funny, because he actually learned from one of the best players in town who taught him the ropes. Mr. Usher definitely knows a thing or two about how to attract the opposite sex and get attention. However, in his personal relationships he struggles. This kind of people are great at seeking out attention for themselves, but are not very good at giving attention and making someone feel loved and special.

The sad thing is that narcissists rarely change and if change is possible it usually has to happen over a long period of time with a lot of professional help from a therapist. Most narcissists find themselves alone at their old age because the people close to them could not stand for their self centered careless ways.


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    • profile image

      agun 5 years ago

      You based your whole theory on a hunch that he may be a narcissist because he is a cheater and he's a cheater because he flirts with other girls? Sorry, but I believe you assuming way too much here.

      Firstly, everyone has narcissistic traits. In mentally healthy individuals these traits aren't pathological and serve the healthy purpose to defend against the painful emotions like rejection and shame. Bad parenting causes the underlying painful toxic shame that the person then protects themself from through narcissism. Fame does not cause the disorder. It may enable it though narcissistic supply, but never cause it.

      Narcissism should never be diagnosed before age 18, much less by someone who is clearly not a psychotherapist themselves, much less one that hasn't had a few psychotherapy sessions with the subject in question.

      Assuming Justin is a narcissist (something we have very little evidence for, if any), then Selena is likely to be a codependant and codependants, like narcissists, fear abandonment very much. While Selena does smoke and drug use is very common in codependants, CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION. For this kind of hipothetical codependant relationship to break, something really serious must happen; which is another reason why I think this theory that they broke up because Justin Beiber is a narcissist is rather speculative.

      Here we have a couple who met when they where teenagers, when their personalities had not yet fully formed, who see themselves seeking independence like any person of this age and who want to show the world they aren't kids anymore. My theory is that they simply grew out of eachother and both seek independence.

      However, If your theory is true, I would not be suprised if Selena started to do hard drugs and if Justin tried to subtly put all the blame for the breakup on Selena.

      Again, I very much doubt this is the case. We all know how unstable teenager relationships are. This is caused by the changes in our personality that we go though in these teenage years. They probably just slowly lost interest in eachother.

    • profile image

      justins girl 5 years ago

      wow ur so rude leave him alone ur a haterrrr #true shit get a life

    • k2jade31 profile image

      Kimberly Shelden 5 years ago from Idaho

      Interesting Hub, I wrote one about cheaters being narcissists. You might enjoy. Thanks for your insight, and I agree that Justin Bieber is probably narcissist. It is my belief that most actors/singers that make a living have to have some very narcissist tendencies.