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Dating Shows

Updated on July 26, 2012

When it comes to dating, is it worth going on a TV show to find that one date or is it just because the men and women want to come out on TV? How many dating shows have come on TV? Do you ever wonder if they are ever truly successful?

First we have the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, maybe not much of a dating show but if you think about it, it can be. How many seasons have they had, yet they can't always seem to keep most of the couples together. There has only been a few couples that have made up to marriage, but for the most part the majority of the couples have separated. I don't know if these two shows are worth viewing, if people really want to find true love, why not try looking outside of the cameras.

Then we have The Choice, a dating show where single women have a chance to go out with a celebrity bachelor. But the catch to this show is that they had to choose who to date just by their voice at first and the women were able to choose who to go with. The four bachelors choose three women and on the second round they have fifteen seconds to speed date and they have to get rid of one lady leaving it to two. Then to finally be able choose their date they have to ask a question to determine who to take out on the date. Now this seems appealing in its way, but when you think about it, would those relationships last with it dealing with celebrity bachelors? Maybe it will or maybe it won't, I guess it would just depend.

Now we have the newest on which is close to ending with its season finale, Take Me Out, with George Lopez. This one is an okay show, no celebrities involved. It is based on one guy having to choose between thirty women, however, the women choose whether they would like to go out with that one guy. The women turn out the lights that they have if they see something they do not like. After three rounds and that one guy is left having to choose who to date. This one is okay, what I like about it is that they show the progress of the couples that were going out on a date and some of them actually make it past the first date.

Watching these dating shows make me see that finding a date normally isn't on some minds of the people. What happened to those times when you met someone and just went out on a date with that one person? What do you think of all these dating shows? Would you go on a show like this to find someone to go out with?


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