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David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s - Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 16, 2012

David Garibaldi And His CMYK's is a unique mix of speed painting, dance, and music. David and his team members, who mostly dance while David paints, auditioned for the 7th season of America's Got Talent in San Francisco. This "performance art" group is from Sacramento.

I have seen this type of act before on AGT, but David Garibaldi And His CMYK's are the best group I have seen doing this kind of act. And their incorporation of dance and music keeps the show more interesting than others who have tried in the past but came off as pretty boring due to the slow pace.

Howard, Sharon, and Howie sent David and his buddies to Las Vegas. If they get through that round, they will compete live for America's votes.


Well, this could well be the first performance-art group to advance in a live voting round. The painting was good, and the pace was interesting. The use of the dancers was a bit random looking and busy, but that is kind of the point. Speed painting is just too slow of a pace to keep the audience's interest unless you add other elements. I won't predict that David Garibaldi And His CMYK's will win. That is highly unlikely. But they could be the most successful group of this kind to ever appear on America's Got Talent.

I do suggest utilizing the dance members of the group more in the actual painting. Perhaps the group can paint two things at a time or segments of one painting and bring them together at the end of the performance. As it is now, they may get past a live round. But painting just one face of a human being when it seems they could do more with all those members will get stale pretty fast. They need to step it up to have any chance of making the finals.

With all that said, there is certainly no guarantee at this point that David Garibaldi And His CMYK's will get past the Las Vegas auditions. But it would be nice to see them perform live for America's votes.

Note: How bad is this group's name. It is not catchy at all, and they should seriously rethink it.


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