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Coronation Street Gossip

Updated on October 4, 2015

Coronation Street Gossip

David is on the Attack

We all know David Platt is Trouble with a capital T, but he has been relatively good in recent weeks, however that is all set to change when he attacks his ex girlfriend Tina Mcintyre, It starts off when Tina goe's to visit her Dads grave, Gail see's her there and invites Tina round for her tea, Tina has previously been at loggers head with David, but they seem to be getting on quite well, which only convinces David's muddled mind, that Tina is in fact still in love with him. Later on David walks Tina home, and she invites him in to see his new flat, they both sit talking and David misreads the signs and goes in for a kiss, Tina pushes him away because she is now dating his best friend Graham who she really loves. David doesn't take No for a answer and pins an already terrified Tina now, things get totally out of control with rumours that David rapes Tina, whatever happens, Tina is left shaken and dispises David even more than she ever did, even Davis is shocked at what he does because he never believed he would go that far, so what will happen to poor Tina? and what will protective boyfriend Graeme do about it when he finds out?

Elsewhere on the Cobbles Leanne Battersby and Peter Barlow are preparing for their upcoming Wedding, but will the wedding go ahead when Ken Barlow catches Leanne and old flame Nick Tilsley in bed together? But will Ken tell his son? Ken knows it is Leanne that is holding son Peter together after he fell apart and became an alcoholic, and he worries what this revelation will do to Peter and grandson Simon. But with Leanne now working with Nick, how long will it be before the truth comes out?

Bill Tarmey who plays long standing star Jack Duckworth has filmed his last scenes on the show, and with pictures being leaked of a funeral, will Jack be facing the same fate as his wife Vera? Talking of Vera she is set to make a come back for his final scenes, "But she's Dead" i hear you say, well Actress Liz Dawson who played Vera Duckworth was spotted on the street on Jacks final day of filming, and it is rumoured that Jack will talk to the ghost of his late wife, but will he be joining her in soap heaven?

Kevin Webster struggles to cope with his feelings for baby Jack. Kevin still does not know if he is the Father to the baby or not and can not seem to shut of his feelings for the little boy as he initially thought he could. Molly however is determined to keep Kevin away from her Baby which is not going to be easy concidering he works with her hubby Tyronne. Kevin and Sally are also going to be godparents at the insistance of Tyronne. When Molly and Tyronne go out and Tyronne asks Sally to babysit, Molly is horrified to find her baby in Kevin's arms upon her return. when will we fing out the babys paternity? and will it be Tyronne or Kevin?


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