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The EnterPAINment Industry: Keanu Reeves

Updated on May 11, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


From the start, his life was rough.
Talented, but very rough.

As a toddler, he was abandoned.
He was forced to love from a distance.

Reeves moved all over the world.
He saw many different boys and girls.

He stayed with his mother.
& with numerous stepfathers.

His mom's love life wasn't stable.
As a response, he was troubled.

He was doing bad in the schools.
In class, he broke many rules.

Despite troubles, he still graduated.
After recieving a shocking diagnoses.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia.
So his attitude was pretty agressive.

But he never fought to rid it.
Instead, he became athletic.

He loved to be an athlete.
But an Injury did deplete.

Depleted his career in athletics.
But that led him to his real purpose.

He started studying acting.
From then on, he was legendary.


Reeves dropped out of High school with an extensive resume for himself. The acting bug was in his life since he was born. He started appearing in stage productions in elementary school. When he was a teenager, 15, he had a starting role in the stage play ROMEO AND JULIET. His debut acting started professionally in the 1980's. He was appearing in commercials, short films and stage productions. He later had his own agent and manager. It was then off to the races. His first major role was in the film RIVERS EDGE. The film depicted how teenagers were murdered in the 1980's. The film had critical sucess. He went on making appearances in different movies. He won a lead role in the film BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and in the sequel BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY. That same year was his breakout role, PARENTHOOD. Despite the success in acting in teenager films, he decided to break away from it. He started appearing in action films in the 1990's. The first was POINT BREAK. Shortly after the film MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO and RIVER PHOENIX followed. He wanted to be in more mature films. He took his acting career to another level. He starred in the movie SPEED. After his early success, he was scheduled to have his first child. Unfortunately, his child did not survive inside the mothers womb. That alone put a strain on the relationship. It put a strain on him also. Reeves grew severely depressed. To add to his depression, he lost the woman that was carrying his child. She was killed on impact in a car accident. She too was depressed. Reeves needed time away from the entertainment world. Instead the nation be sympathetic towards it, they were making memes about his depression.


Reeves was expelled from schools before his career began. He helps many understand that he indeed has a temper. A temper that could often be uncontrolled. So what Reeves tries not to do is ever get it started. He was doing well handling it over his career but some tried to have it activated. In 2008, Allison Silva was one of those that tried. Silva was a part of the paparazzo in L.A. Silva said that Reeves injured him with his porsche. After a year and a half, the case went to trial. During the long wait, Silva was demanding payment from Reeves. Reeves maintained his innocence. In 2008, it was confirmed. After 12 jurors deliberated for an hour and a half, he was found not guilty. He did not have to pay anything. Reeves continued controlling his temper. Even with two trespassers of his Hollywood Hills home in 2014. Reeves found one of them in the library of his home. Instead of him getting upset, he spoke in a calm voice. He saw the need for help and gave it before she was arrested. Days after the second came along. His home was left unattended. The trespasser came in Reeves home and took a shower. Shortly after, they decided to take a swim in the pool. The ending after was pretty much the same. Reeves seemed to have mastered how to control himself even when he was angry.

Kim Reeves

Reeves spent a year in Australia. He lived with his sister Kim and mother Patricia. There the family became involved into show business but knew they needed a bigger market. So they packed up and moved to New York City. Later, he moved to Toronto. While young, he witnessed his showgirl mom wed numerous people in the entertainment industry. His mother's marriages were often short. Keanu and his sister Kim has the same biological father. Kim was younger. The two had a rough childhood but they managed to both be in the field of entertainment. Kim's time in it was not as long as her brother's. Hers was shortened due to her being diagnosed with leukemia. She stood face to face to the disease. Once her diagnoses became known to her brother, he took time away from his work to care for her. He said that she was his everything. So he considered it his duty. He donated millions towards organizations to try to save his sisters life. After a lengthy battle the results were evident. Her life was saved. She now leads a peaceful life.


Throughout his career reeves struggled but the always brought out the good in him. He was a nice and kind guy. He controlled his temper. He traveled with a group of startled fliers that were involved with some mid air incident, The plane they were on was forced to make an emergency landing. Reeves carried himself in a near perfect light and earned the right to be called perfect. He is a a list man in Hollywood. Everyone loves this guy. He has earned a star on walk of fame in L.A. He is now directing and producing as well as acting. Outside of entertainment, he set up a charity for cancer refusing to attach his name to it. He has show support to PETA, SICKKIDS and STAND UP TO CANCER. He has said that money is the last thing he thought about and lived it.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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