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Doctor Who The David Tennant Years

Updated on December 14, 2017
viking305 profile image

L.M.Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles. She is an expert on all things Doctor Who

David Tennant in Doctor Who

I believe Doctor Who to be one of the great Science Fiction TV Series of all time.

I have watched all the episodes many times!

So here is my review of all 47 episodes that starred David Tennant on The David Tennant Years DVD Box Set.

Doctor Who

David Tennant Doctor Who
David Tennant Doctor Who | Source

David Tennant

In the new series of Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston played The Doctor in Series 1. David Tennant then became The Doctor for four years.

David Tennant starred in the Second series and continued with the Third, Fourth and Fifth Series. The Second, Third and Fourth Series contained 13 episodes including the Christmas Specials.

The Fifth series he only starred as The Doctor for five episodes. Matt Smith then took over. I have created a summary of the five Doctor Who articles I have published here on HubPages.

There are Doctor Who action figures, the TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver toys and lots more Doctor Who, David Tennant photos, gifts and presents for Christmas to choose from.

A Summary of the David Tennant - Doctor Who Articles

David Tennant

1. Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Second Series with David Tennant.

In Doctor Who the second Series we see David Tennant as The Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. David Tennant did appear in the last episode of series 1 when The Doctor regenerated from the human body of Christopher Eccleston into the form of David Tennant.

Children in Need BBC Charity Scene Included in this Box Set

There was a seven minute Children in Need clip of David Tennant still regenerating into The Doctor and Rose Tyler watching all this in the TARDIS.

She is terrified and thinks her Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston has been taken over by hostile aliens. It takes those seven minutes for the new Doctor to explain to Rose what is happening.

She is not convinced so The Doctor brings her back to London and her family. He is still regenerating and can not control the TARDIS. They end up crashing on earth.

2005 Christmas Special

He is still regenerating and Rose does not want to accept him as The Doctor that she has grown to love as a friend. As the episodes in Series 2 unfold we see The Doctor and Rose becoming closer until by the last episode both Rose and The Doctor admit that they love each other.

It is too late though as Rose is trapped in an alternative Universe and The Doctor has to live without her. They are both heartbroken.

Complete Second Series DVD Box Set

This DVD box set contains the complete second series of Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant now playing the role of The Doctor. There are 13 episodes and the Christmas Special and the Children in Need BBC Clip.

Also included are episodes of Doctor Who Confidential, David Tennant and Billie Piper Video Diaries. I have written a complete review of each episode in this Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Second Series with David Tennant.

To read it click below

David Tennant as The Doctor: Complete Second Series DVD Box Set

The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones run
The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones run | Source

Doctor Who TV series 3

The Doctor Who Christmas special of 2006

The Christmas special of 2006 sees The Doctor on his own in the TARDIS just after saying a tearful goodbye to Rose. Donna Noble appears on the TARDIS after being transported up from earth on Christmas Eve her time.

The Doctor brings her back and they fight the aliens together. He asks her to join him but she refuses his offer.

On The Moon with Martha Jones

David Tennant stars as The Doctor in the Doctor Who TV series 3 and Freema Agyeman as his companion Martha Jones. The beginning of series 3 sees The Doctor investigating strange happenings at a hospital where Martha Jones works. She becomes his companion for this series.

The relationship between the two becomes complicated when Martha quickly falls in love with The Doctor. He stills loves Rose and although during the series he does become aware of Martha’s growing feelings towards him he ignores them. They spend series 3 of Doctor Who fighting the aliens, having fun and getting out of danger.

The Master and The Doctor

But the fun stops when The Master, another Time Lord from Gallifrey appears and takes over all humans on Earth. The Doctor and Earth is only saved from The Master by the actions of Martha Jones. This makes her strong enough to leave The Doctor and travelling in the TARDIS.

One reason she says is because her family needs her because of what they went through at the hands of The Master and the other reason she tells the Doctor is because she loves him and knows he still loves Rose. He accepts this and they both go their separate ways. The Doctor is alone again.

In this hub I have given a review of the 2006 Christmas Special and each of the 13 episodes you can see on the Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Third Series.

There are also other specials included on the DVD which I have listed.below

David Tennant as The Doctor in the Third season DVD Box Set

David Tennant as The Doctor
David Tennant as The Doctor | Source

The Complete Fourth Series

3. Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Fourth Series with David Tennant as The Doctor. This was to be the last complete series of 13 episodes that David Tennant played The Doctor with Catherine Tate playing his companion, Donna Noble.

There are 14 episodes on six discs. .

Christmas Special 2007. Voyage of the Damned

It starred David Tennant as The Doctor and Kylie Minogue as Astrid Peth. The Doctor crashes into a spaceship that has been taken over by aliens. He meets Astrid Peth a waitress on the ship and they become friends. She agrees to join him on his travels in the TARDIS. But the aliens get in the way.

Doctor Who Fourth Series

In the Fourth Series of Doctor Who Donna Noble and The Doctor meet up again and she joins him on his travels in the TARDIS this time.

During the course of the 13 episodes The Doctor and Donna become great friends and he tells her about his relationships with both Rose and Martha.

Donna gets to meet Martha and Rose during her time with The Doctor. The Daleks try to end all time and so The Doctor, Donna, Rose, Martha and Captain Jack among other friends, help The Doctor to defeat them. Everyone is safe and where they should be when it is all over with Rose and The Doctor again having to be parted in alternative Universes.

That leaves Donna and The Doctor but she is dying and he has to wipe her memory of him and their travels on the TARDIS and leave her back on earth. Again the Doctor is left alone and heartbroken.

Also included in the DVD Box set are extras such as:

  • Doctor Who Confidential episodes
  • David Tennant video diaries
  • Deleted scenes that were not broadcast on TV.
  • Teasers and trailers
  • Children in Need Doctor Who Time Crash

I have written a review of all 14 episodes on the Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Fourth Series with David Tennant. To read it click below

David Tennant as The Doctor in Doctor Who DVD Box Set Fourth Season

The Master Doctor Who
The Master Doctor Who | Source

4. Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Specials

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD covers these last five episodes with David Tennant as the Doctor.

The Next Doctor

This was the Christmas Special in 2009. The Doctor is alone again and has lost Donna Noble. He travels to England in the 18th Century and meets a man who has had all of The Doctor’s Life transported in to his brain. The Cybermen are there and a battle erupted between the two Doctors and the aliens.

The four Special Doctor Who episodes on the DVD are:

  • Planet of the Dead This was shown as an Easter Special in 2009.
  • The Waters of Mars This was shown in September of 2009
  • The End of Time Part 1 This was shown on Christmas Day 2009
  • The End of Time Part 2 This was shown on New Years Day 2010.

The Doctor Dies

In the last episode David Tennant as The Doctor is killed after a major battle involving the Time Lords of Gallifrey and The Master. I will not spoil the story of how and why he died just in case you have not seen these final episodes yet.

The Doctor had to regenerate from the human body of David Tennant and into the human body of Matt Smith.Also included on this Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD Box set are many other great features. To find out what they are click below

David Tennant as The Doctor in the Fifth Season DVD Box Set

I had already bought the individual Doctor Who DVDs but wanted to have to whole series with David Tennant as The Doctor.

I love it and watch the episodes over and over again.

5. David Tennant

David Tennant took over the role of The Doctor in the Science Fiction Television Series Doctor Who in 2005.

David Tennant starred as the tenth Doctor for the next four years.

He made forty seven episodes of the TV series.

In this article I explain who The Doctor is and what happened to his planet Gallifrey and the rest of his race, the Time Lords, and how it affected him.

I give the backstory of Rose Tyler and the ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. How and why the ninth Doctor died and had to regenerate into the tenth Doctor played by the actor David Tennant.

There is a chapter on the history of Doctor Who the BBC Television Series from its creation up to the present day. To read click below.

David Tennant played The Doctor in the TV Series Doctor Who.


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    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 5 years ago from Ireland

      Yes David Tennant was a hard act to follow as The Doctor in Doctor Who. But Matt Smith has pulled it off and This fantastic Science Fiction TV Series is still Great to watch.

      Oh but I do also miss David Tennant playing the Doctor.

      Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave a comment

    • Goldentvmemories profile image

      Goldentvmemories 6 years ago from London.

      Miss DT so much. Maybe he'll make some kind of reappearance for the 50th anniversary in 2013! :-) Great, detailed hub - thanks.

    • profile image

      LovesTennant 6 years ago

      Huge fan of David Tennant as the Doctor, thoroughly miss him :'( These videos were brilliant, watching tributes of David Tennant makes my miss him even more, prefer him to Matt Smith ANYDAY.

    • DrJez profile image

      DrJez 6 years ago from Narara NSW Australia

      As a fan of a good Doc I loved this hub!

    • Paula M. profile image

      Paula M. 6 years ago

      You've got some great pictures in this hub.

    • manicmusicfan profile image

      manicmusicfan 7 years ago

      I was really sad when David left doctor who. Wasn't sure if the new guy could pull it off. To my surprise, the show pulled through, which is not an easy thing to do with the shuffle they had.

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      I think that David Tennant played a very good Doctor Who, looking forward to the chance to watch some of these episodes again.