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"Dawn" Breaks at the Top

Updated on December 29, 2016
"Before The Dawn" by Kate Bush (2016) as uploaded to Internet Archive
"Before The Dawn" by Kate Bush (2016) as uploaded to Internet Archive

Get "Before The Dawn"!

My Top Music Ending 12-29-16

1. Before The Dawn - Kate Bush (2016) **1 week #1**

In its third consecutive week on my list, Kate finally reaches the top with her new live set. My overview is featured in last week's hub.

2. The Groop (2007)

Last week, my self-expanded edition of this album was #1. This week I played the original disc on Spotify who most recently added it to their site. I also talked about this one the week before.

3. ABBA: The Album (2001)

This was ABBA's fifth studio album released in 1977 and their highest charting effort in the US (#14, Billboard). Its singles were The Name Of The Game, Take A Chance On Me, and Eagle. Thank You For The Music would be released as the fourth in 1983. The 2001 reissue contains one bonus track, Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version). The subtitle refers to the style it was recorded in. I tend to favorite it over the commercial version.

4. A Sunshine Christmas - KC & The Sunshine Band (NEW - 2015)

I saw this on Spotify, was curious, and played it. This is the newest material I've heard by the group since their 1992 version of Please Don't Go. The album is quite good! Their style hasn't changed though Harry Wayne Casey's voice is a bit deeper. Included are four original selections and eight familiar. Highlights for me are Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas which takes a cue from Earth, Wind, & Fire and Carol Of The Bells has a KC funk that works!

5. The Very Best Of Eve Graham & The New Seekers (Home compilation)

I put this disc together using songs by The New Seekers that feature Eve Graham on lead as well as three duet singles with fellow member and husband, Kevin Finn. One memorable hit included is Look What They've Done To My Song Ma.

6. Greatest Hits - Blondie (2012)

This is one of my most recent purchases. It's a 2-CD set manufactured in Russia and probably the most comprehensive collection by the group yet. Their albums are all represented up to Panic Of Girls in 2011. One unreleased song from that year, Horizontal Twist is included.

7. An Irish Christmas - Moya Brennan (2013)

I heard this a few years ago on Spotify and worked it into my holiday listening this year. It was first released in 2005 and three songs were added for the reissue. As with KC & The Sunshine Band, Carol Of The Bells seems to be the song to beat here.

8. Dark Sky Island (Deluxe) - Enya (2015)

Enya's music tends to sound the same. But if one listens closely, they pick up a few new tricks she hasn't tried. My favorites on here are Even In The Shadows, Sancta Maria, and Pale Grass Blue, a bonus track on the deluxe edition.

9. Bella Donna: Deluxe Edition - Stevie Nicks (2016)

I listened to the live disc of this 3-CD reissue of Stevie's debut solo album (1981). It's taken directly from her 1982 HBO concert. One of her staples, a cover of Tom Petty's I Need To Know, is included and I'm happy to finally have ownership of it. Edge Of Seventeen is clearly the highlight, though the full version of this recording has yet to see a CD release.

10. A Rita Coolidge Christmas (2012)

This is Rita's only Christmas album to date. Like with Moya Brennan, I hadn't heard it in a while and listened to it this week on Spotify. Highlights include Baby, It's Cold Outside, a duet with Lynn Coulter, and a version of Amazing Grace sung in Cherokee.

And the rest...

11. This Is: Kate Bush (NEW - Spotify Original Playlist)

12. A Very Special Christmas 2 - Various Artists (1992)

13. Christmas Classics - Various Artists (1995)

14. A Soap Opera Christmas - Various Artists (1994)


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