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Dawn of the Apes, A Whole New World

Updated on July 14, 2014

What We Got

We got an amazing blend of live actors and motion capture characters which is only rivaled by the likes of its predecessor and films such as Avatar. The film, however, was able to use motion capture technology in such a way that you find yourself feeling as if the characters are real. And i mean real. The characters and their personalities are able to extend beyond the parameters of the screen and captivate the audience in a way that other animations only attempt.

The writing was excellent. If you follow the story as you watch there are sure to be moments that are very predictable. Conflicts that you can see emerging from the very opening scene of the film. However, the action, conflicts, dialogue, and everything in between are so perfectly timed and choreographed that you, as an audience member, merely get lost in the film as the story progresses.

Having not seen Rise since it first came out in theaters, I was fuzzy on some of the minute details. While the film does excellent at recapping without retelling, I was given the opportunity to shift my view of the movie and see that it could realistically stand on its own and still be a highly entertaining, and well-made film. That being said, Rise itself is a great movie and definitely worth seeing.

The Plot

Dawn starts out showing the audience just how far the human race has fallen since the apes rose up. Cities are demolished, and societies felled, all due to humans turning on each other. The apes, in contrast, have thrived in the forests, with an established society of their own. The apes are at odds with the humans and vice versa. When the two come in contact with each other after years of separation, the plot and conflicts are thrown into the next gear. The humans have been stockpiling weapons, preparing for what they know is only inevitable. Caesar is the voice of reason, but reason only goes so far when tensions are so high.

Sequel Success

There are so few films whose sequels are better than the first in the series. This is definitely one of them. Just this summer 22 Jump Street was able to accomplish the same thing. Of the very few movies I recommend seeing in theaters, this definitely makes the short list. The visuals and the audio effects can only be truly appreciated within the confines of the theater.

The Future of the Planet

Dawn picked up years after Rise left off, allowing for the world to fall into chaos and disarray. The next sequel will have to follow nearly where Dawn leaves off. Not to give anything away, but if you've seen the originals, or merely distrust scared humans with guns, then you know there will be war. That is no spoiler, that is logic. Nothing sells like war, and in movies, that truth is no different. I for one look forward to such a sequel. Combat scenes in both Rise and Dawn were visually amazing, as well as useful in driving the plot forward. If the sequel takes this to the next level as I predict, then we are in for quite a cinematic experience to come. As long as the plot is as excellently written and executed as its predecessors, I believe the franchise will only continue to surpass its predecessors.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

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    • Cory Tarwater profile image

      Cory Tarwater 3 years ago from Orem, UT

      I literally was rooting for Caesar to overcome the trials.

    • The Silver Stream profile image

      The Silver Stream 3 years ago from Fort Worth, TX

      The work that he does never ceases to amaze me.

    • Cory Tarwater profile image

      Cory Tarwater 3 years ago from Orem, UT

      What I would like to know is where is Andy Serkis's Oscar? He is the King of motion capture characters.