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Dawson Leery Ain't Got Nothing on Dylan Mckay

Updated on March 21, 2022
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I was that loner kid who read comics when everyone else was playing, listened to the B-sides, watched old movies ... And wrote in spirals


I'm currently binge watching Dawson's Creek ... No ... I mean, right this minute as I'm writing this letter to you.

This is someone, mind you, that didn't actually watch the show when it was originally a first run series on The WB Network. Not sure why. Other than the fact that I was sharing a television with another in that era. And I was probably compromising my tv watching time with Dancing With the Stars or some kind of fashion runway type situation. Which is actually how I missed Rory's whole college adventure on Gilmore Girls.

So I bought all 6 seasons of Dawson on DVD and they've been gathering dust on a high shelf in the basement for literally 3 years. I mean, I just never got around to watching past the second season. But I had them as part of my massive DVD-on-tv collection out of respect for the Pop cultural significance of it all; knowing that on some magical, majestic day -- like Frasier and Seinfeld in the previous decade --- I would get the fever for the flavor and get hooked like the former teen female fans who were now moms no doubt.

So right now, I'm in the middle of season 4. And basically I kind of like it. Though like some other shows I've binge watched, I find myself questioning the motivations of some of the characters. Why do they do those wack-a-doodle things they do?

And then there are the filler episodes that divert from the main story arc ... They truly annoy me. Such as the trip to Witch Island, the high school prank with the boat and any episode that flashes back to something that didn't exist prior to the episode. Such baggage leads me to strongly consider skipping to the next episode or taking out the DVD altogether.

I'm a sucker for shows set in small towns. The fictional town called, Capeside, Connecticut is simply darling. In reality it is actually Wilmington, North Carolina -- the same locale for one of my favorite shows of all time -- One Tree Hill (well, at least the Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton years). And remarkably enough, some of the OTH actors appeared on this show before their show was created, although as completely different characters (Colin Fickes, Lee Norris, Jensen Ackles and the aformentioned CMM). Just like years later, Dawson star, James Vanderbeek returned the favor and showed up on OTH, but not as Dawson to the disappointment of many.

Dawson and Joey.

Joey and Pacey (what kind of name is that anyway?)

Dawson and Jen

Jen and everybody ...

What grabs my attention?

Like many "teen" driven series, the kids get to yell at the parents. Which bothers me somewhat as someone who never could have gotten away with such behavior in real life. Ever so disrespectful.

Jen is mean to Grams, making light of her faith in God.

Jack is mean to his father (played with great vulnerability by the late, David Dukes), taking offense when dear old dad tried to show interest in his burgeoning dating life.

And why was Jack's sister so darn perky? She was annoying as all get out. It made me kind of glad that they ran her out of town. Plus, she was a little bit crazy ... And a little bit Rock & Roll ...

How come Jack and Jen didn't go all the way on the ski trip? I mean, he was gay and everything, but I saw that once in a movie ... Was that Madonna? Where the girl gets drunk and ends up sexing her gay best friend and getting pregnant ... It ended up in a fierce child custody battle, but hey ... You can't make a cake without cracking a few eggs. Right? That was a good movie.

Its always fascinating to me that these so called groundbreaking shows that allegedly push the envelope, still manage to not go too far out of the box. Never mind that it would truly make for extremely provocative/ must see tv.

But when its all said and done, its all just old hat ... warmed over grits even --Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, The OC, Gossip Girl -- pale comparisons of what came before. A little show known as Beverly Hills 90210.

Oh what a time we had ...

Brandon and Brenda

Steve and David

Kelly and Donna ...

And Luke Perry as The Dylan.


With his James Dean like swagger ...

We hadn't seen the likes of such a persona in at least 6 years. That was when Henry Winkler hung up his leather jacket after making us believe for eleven seasons that a softspoken Jewish kid (in real life) could transform into an Italian lothario with minimalist super powers. Young Mr. Perry gave us that same vibe ... Without the minimalist super powers mind you. But he "jumped the shark" not on water skies like Fonzie, but with the sheer force emotion shown on a weekly basis, he made us feel that same type of exhilaration.

Luke Perry first came to my attention as Ned Bates on the 1980s soap opera, Loving. But it was as the cooler than cool Dylan McKay that he truly popped off the screen and set the world on fire. Regular readers of Teen Beat and Bop Magzine, who collected every pin-up they could get their hands on can attest to that.

The way Dylan always had Brandon's back -- willing to take a punch or throw a punch in order to save the best buddy he ever had.

The way he seduced Brandon's twin, Brenda ... On her daddy's couch no less ... Becoming her first and only true love.

The way he made Kelly feel the exact same way. Whereas no matter if she was with Brandon or Matt (the lawyer) or lost in a brainwashing cult or high on drugs, all roads led back to Dylan McKay

And who could forget the saga of Toni Marchette, Dylan's wife. A woman that Dylan loved so hard. And the tragedy and revenge that was the result of that love ... Only one man could make all of these story lines resonate and seem highly plausible ... And his name was Luke Perry.


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 LaZeric Freeman


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