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Days of our Lives: Explosive Summer Olympics Hiatus Cliffhanger

Updated on June 26, 2013

New episodes of Days of our Lives return on August 13, 2012.

Days of our LIves off the air for 2 weeks

This week is the final week of Days of our Lives before a two week hiatus. The hiatus, of course, is due to NBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games. This week also marks the first episodes penned by the new writers, Tomlin and Whitesell, hired to replace the team that this year won a best writing Emmy.

The new writers have promised an explosive cliffhanger to keep Days of our Lives viewers on the edge of their seats and keen for Days of our Lives return on August 13, 2012 (This is the first date that new episodes will be telecast after the Olympics).

The explosive events are scheduled to start this week, after Sonny smelling gas in the Town Square on Friday last week. The gas, of course, is coming from the warren of tunnels beneath Salem that have been the setting for many a dramatic storyline over the years.

Underground Salem in the Tunnels

The most recent storyline has Melanie Jonas held captive in the tunnels by the stalker, Andrew, that Gabi hired. Melanie, while in the tunnels, is also breathing in the toxic gas that caused Lexie Carver’s terminal brain tumor.

When the explosions start, Gabi, Andrew, Chad, Brady and Melanie are all in the tunnels. Bo and Hope who now know Andrew is a former mental facility patient also work out that Melanie is being held in the tunnels.

Chad and Brady are on the hunt for Melanie, who managed to get hold of a cell phone and call Chad. But Gabi gets to Melanie first. Gabi’s plot to use Andrew as a stalker to win Chad away from Melanie literally comes down around her ears.

Gabi has claimed not to know Andrew, yet her fingerprints are found on Andrew’s note. In the tunnels Melanie realizes that Andrew and Gabi know each other. Abby too is suspicious about Melanie’s kidnapping.

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Above Ground...

At street level, two big events are due to take place this week. Abe’s Autism fundraiser in Lexie’s name and Madison and Brady’s wedding.

When the explosion occurs, Madison is in her wedding dress, Ian by her side taunting her that Brady will not marry her. In his search for Melanie, Brady misses his wedding…

The explosion sends everyone at the benefit gala flying through the air or falling to the ground as glass shatters around them…

Meanwhile, Abby is stuck in an elevator, Sami is almost shot trying to protect EJ only to find the explosions leaves her hanging precariously as EJ works furiously to save Sami’s life, Daniel is hauled over the coals by god father, Victor, for dating Nicole, and pregnant Nicole suffers cramping as the explosion rocks Salem…

Which Olympics cliffhanger storyline has you on the edge of your seat?

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