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Days of our Lives: Has Will Horton Turned the Tables on EJ DiMera?

Updated on August 8, 2013

Will and his two secrets

EJ DiMera has had a hold on Will Horton ever since Will decided to try his hand at blackmail.

Last year, Will Horton was harboring two secrets. One was the secret about his sexual orientation – a secret he wasn’t yet ready to accept himself. And the other was that he’d witnessed Sami and EJ having grief sex in the living room of the DiMera mansion the night Sami and EJ thought their son, Johnny, had died.

In a bid to understand himself, and his sexual identity, Will decided he needed to get out of town. But as a college student with no money, didn’t have the means to make that happen. Enter secret number two....

EJ and Sami - Grief Sex...

Will Blackmails EJ

Will knew that neither Sami nor EJ wanted their sexual transgression exposed because it would compromise their relationships – with other people. Sami was still married to an unsuspecting Rafe and EJ had realized he was in love with Nicole and wanted to give their marriage another shot.

Will decided that the best way to get cash to leave Salem was to blackmail EJ with his knowledge of EJ and his mother’s faux pas.

EJ seemed both shocked and a little proud of the young Horton who, until now, had shown nothing but contempt of his own mother’s propensity to lie, manipulate and blackmail.

EJ Reciprocates by Blackmailing Will!

Will, of course, didn’t get what he wanted out of his meeting with EJ because it turned out that EJ was holding a trump card. One he had been holding for a very long time waiting for the right moment to use EJ told Will giving him a lesson in the art of blackmail and manipulation, while turning the tables on Will.

EJ told Will that he would reveal the damning truth that would send him to jail if Will didn’t do EJ’s bidding. Will and Days of our Lives viewers that EJ knew it was Will not Lucas who shot EJ years ago! (Lucas went to jail to protect his son).

Stefano Blackmails Will

Will was forced to do EJ’s bidding and even began to enjoy his new role when EJ showered him with perks – a fancy sports car and an apartment.But EJ wasn’t the only DiMera blackmailing Will.

Stefano used the same information over Will to have Will ensure that Rafe found out about Sami’s infidelity with EJ. When EJ learned that Will was responsible for the end of EJ’s relationship with Nicole, EJ fired Will and stripped him of his perks.

Will finds Alice's letter to Stefano

Will finds the letter Alice Horton wrote to Stefano explaining EJ is not his son.
Will finds the letter Alice Horton wrote to Stefano explaining EJ is not his son.

Will suspects EJ has a Secret

Only to resume his blackmail later and rehire Will. Will became determined to find something on EJ certain that as EJ’s lackey he was just the man to do it.

Will mocked to Sonny that at least he didn’t have to struggle to find the words to tell his parents because it was done for him - on page one.

Will knows that EJ is hiding something and is on the case to find out what that is. Having watched and learned from EJ, Will feels he is the person to find out what his secret is and then use it to negotiate…

Will finds what he is looking for…

Later while working for EJ at the DiMera mansion he searches the desk and finds Alice’s letter to Stefano, explaining that EJ is not Stefano DiMera’s son. Will realizes he has the power to turn the tables on EJ, and leaves on an errand for EJ to pick up a package that contains a substantial amount of money.

Will leaves the DiMera mansion with a smirk, and the letter which he placed in the safe at the Brady Pub until he’s ready to use it.

When Will returns to the mansion to an irate EJ. Will explains he stopped for a meal rather than run the errand EJ send him on. EJ threatens Will with prison, but a smug Will tells EJ that he’s not going to prison he’s going to the top.

Will explains to EJ that things are going to change around here. From now on, he is calling the shots, Will tells EJ….Will knows what EJ has been hiding – that Stefano DiMera is not his father…

Will tells EJ he knows his secret.  EJ is not Stefano DiMera's son...
Will tells EJ he knows his secret. EJ is not Stefano DiMera's son...


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