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Days of our Lives History: Bo Brady meets Hope Willams

Updated on September 18, 2014

2014: Are Bo and Hope Really Over?

Fast forward just a few years from Bo and Hope's initial meeting and you land in 2014 where Hope has written Bo a letter telling him that he has been gone from her and Sierra's life for too long. Hope has to go on with her life (she has accepted a date with Aiden!). Hope has removed her wedding rings and filled in a Petition for Divorce...

is this really the end for one of Days of our Lives most popular supercouples?

Bo arrived in Salem

Rebellious merchant marine, Bo Brady, rode his motorcycle into Salem in time to attend big bro, Roman's wedding to lady shrink, Dr Marlena Evans.

Bo's contentious relationship with his police sergeant older brother was quickly established.

First he laid a smooch on his brother's fiancé, then proceeded to give them a hot microwave as a wedding gift!

Hope WIlliams comes to Salem

Somewhat spoiled by her father, Doug Williams, Hope arrived in town after running away from boarding school, only to discover that Salem was full of her father's friends hell bent on keeping the pretty seveteen year old safe.

Hope was soon bored, since no one would allow her to have any fun. A chance meeting with long haired rebel Bo Brady seemed to be just what the doctor ordered to relieve feisty Hope Williams’ boredom.

When did Hope arrive in Salem? (Adult Hope)

April 14, 1983 – Hope Williams returned to Salem after running away from boarding school. She was rescued by Roman, and developed a crush on him before Roman’s younger brother Bo turned Hope’shead.

When did Bo ride into Salem?

May 2, 1983 – Bo Brady rode into Salem on His Motorcycle. The role was originated by Peter Reckell, but Robert Kelker-Kelley also portrayed Bo Brady for about almost 3 years (1992 – 1995). Reckell returned to the role just months after kelker Kelly’s departure. Unfortunately at the time of writing, Peter Reckell has once again departed the role of Bo Brady (he filmed his final scenes on July 24, 2012) and wil be seen onscreen until October 30, 2012

Bo and Hope meet as adults but don't recognise each other!
Bo and Hope meet as adults but don't recognise each other!

Bo has had a few nicknames for Hope.

When they first met, he referred to her as Lady X as she wouldn’t tell him her name. For a while he called her Little One and then he finally settled on Fancy Face – a name he uses to this day. Bo named their sailboat for Hope – Fancy Face.

Lady X (Hope)gets a ride home with a long haired biker (Bo)
Lady X (Hope)gets a ride home with a long haired biker (Bo)

Bo meets Lady X

At Shenanigans, (Bo lived downstairs) while having a beer, Bo told Bartender Danny Grant to sent his beer over to the table with the little girl - a bored looking Hope, just finishing a soda.

Hope sees an opportunity and agrees to Bo's company - if he buys her a beer. Bo initally agrees but bartender Danny brings over Bo's beer and tells them Hope will not be having a beer (at 17 she's under age).

Danny tells Bo to remember the pretty teenager is his friend, at no time, letting on to her identity. Danny tells Hope he will take her home, but instead, Hope sneaks out to the lane way behind Shenanigans with Bo, and gets on the back of Bo’s bike for a ride home.

Bo learns that his mystery lady lives at the lake, thereby deducing that her folks have money. But when Hope won't tell him her name, Bo begins referring to her as Lady X.

Bo and Hope Meet as Adults at Shenanigans

Bo learns Lady X is Hope Williams

While accompanying, sister in law, Marlena Evans to a meeting with Count Antony DiMera at the Body Connection (Marlena is going to start a teen program there) Bo's attention wanders as Madame X enters.

Recognizing Hope, Marlena asks if Bo knows her, to which Roman answers that the two of them Go way back. Bo is stunned to realize that his Lady X is none other than, Hope Williams, his childhood playmate. Hope too is surprised, and storms off embarrassed when Bo makes reference to playing doctor with her and asking about a mole....

Hope obviously got over her embarrassment, as Bo and Hope Continued to spend time together, much to the consternation of Hope's father, Doug Williams who believed rebel Bo Brady was a bad influence, and presumably not good enough, for his princess.

Despite her father's objections Hope continued to see Bo. Bo and Hope's relationship blossomed, culminating with the duo planning to make love on her 18th birthday.

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Doug Williams walked in on his daughter in Bo's arms and suffered a heart attack. Hope's guilt separated the young couple...but only temporarily.....


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