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Days of our Lives: The Tunnel Explosion DAYSaster!

Updated on February 4, 2013
Days of our Lives DAYSaster recap
Days of our Lives DAYSaster recap | Source

DAYSaster Strikes!

On Friday 27 July, 2012 Days of our Lives left our favorite Salem citizens in some pretty precarious situations as the show went on a two week break while NBC covered the 2012 London Olympics.

Below is a quick reminder of who was left where when the “Daysaster” tunnel explosions rocked Salem.

And to get you excited about the return of Days of our Lives to our TV screens next week, find a link to a new promo from NBC and some spoilers at the end of this recap!


A gas leak in the tunnels beneath Salem resulted in two explosions. The first rocked the tunnels and their occupants: Chad and Brady who were searching for Melanie, who had been kidnapped by Gabi’s paid to stalk, stalker, Andrew.

Andrew had Gabi and Melanie handcuffed in the tunnels as gas continued to leak into the confined space. Gabi and Melanie finally convinced Andrew they needed to get out of there. No sooner had Andrew released the pair when the first explosion rocked the tunnels.

Gabi and Melanie were thrown to the ground, as was Andrew. The explosive blast sent a support beam down on top of Andrew who lay unconscious beneath the heavy beam.

Melanie told Gabi they needed to get out of there, but Gabi, feigning a broken ankle sent Melanie for help on her own as Gabi remained behind and tried to life the beam from Andrews unconscious body.

Meanwhile, Chad and Brady, though also knocked from their feet by the blast recovered to continue their search. Chad reminded Brady that he should be at his wedding, but Brady was resolute. Melanie was one of his best friends and Brady wanted her at his wedding.

The pair headed in opposite directions in search of Melanie.

Brady Finds Melanie....

Melanie left Gabi with Andrew and Chad and Brady headed in opposite directions in search of Melanie and Gabi. To continue the drama as long as possible, Melanie ran into Brady first. Brady tried to get Melanie out of the tunnels to safety, but Melanie told him they needed to go back – Gabi was hurt and needed their help.

Chad finds Gabi…And Andrew

Chad, of course, found Gabi who was desperately trying to move the beam pinning Andrew to the ground. Chad demanded to know where Melanie was. In a fit of rage, Chad lifted the beam from Andrew who was now coming to and again demanded Andrew tell him where Melanie was.

Andrew’s answer? Why don’t you ask your friend, Andrew smirked looking over at a terrified Gabi.

At the Autism Fundraiser in Lexie Carver’s Honor

Above ground, the first explosion registered, but only left guests at the Autism Fundraiser Abe had organized in his dead wife’s name, wondering whether there had been an earthquake (Dan and Nicole) or whether the shaking was the result of some construction work going on (Abe).

Madison left at the altar?

Blushing bride Madison arrived at the fundraiser with future in-laws, John and Marlena. Madison became immediately distressed that Brady wasn’t there, and was in fact over an hour late (as was she…).

Ian who had been drinking heavily goaded Madison telling her that Brady wasn’t coming. In tears Madison fled from the party, only to be followed by Ian, who apologized for what he’d said just before the second explosion. But Madison believed that Ian was responsible for Brady's absence.

Nicole goes into labor?

For a moment it looked like Nicole, Bo and Hope had convinced Daniel to put in an appearance at the fundraiser. But barely out of the elevator and Daniel wanted to resume the search for his missing daughter. Nicole tried to provide support but Daniel didn’t want, hugs, food, drink or rest – he only wanted to find his daughter.

Daniel went into the party anyway to give his apologies to Brady and Madison. Inside he learned that Brady was a no-show and told Maggie and Victor that after he got Nicole home safely he was continuing the search.

On her own in a side-room Nicole started experiencing cramping….

Abby and Cam head to the elevator

Abby and Cam head out from the fundraiser to the Brady Pub to bring Theo the book he left behind. (Kayla earlier had left with Theo taking him to the Brady Pub where presumably Grandma Caroline was looking after all the other kids).

Abby headed to the elevator while she sent obedient blood hound Cam looking for her she l which she left “somewhere”.

At a DiMera Enterprises Warehouse...

Having given Roman and the uniformed officers of the Salem PD the slip and the mansion, Sami and EJ waited at a DiMera Enterprises warehouse for Will to bring the kids, Sydney and Johnny, to say goodbye to their father.

Sami disagreed with EJ waiting to see the kids before leaving and it turned out, for once, Sami was right! Sydney and Johnny said goodbye to their Daddy who was off on a big adventure and left the warehouse with Will to get ice cream.

Gun drawn will Roman shoot Sami?

Before Sami and EJ could leave, Roman, Lucas and the same uniformed police team moved into the warehouse guns drawn. Roman, in some uncharacteristically inspired police work (for Salem anyway) tailed his grandson, Will, confident that he would lead them to EJ.

While the police searched the warehouse, Sami organized for Will to get them a car so EJ could make his escape. But eagle eyed, Roman had his eye in, and spotted EJ as he rose from his hiding place. Seeing her father with his gun drawn Sami jumped up and stood in front of EJ on a catwalk high in the warehouse, blocking Roman’s line of fire…

After the DAYSaster....

What happens next?

And who lives and who dies?


The second explosion, much bigger than that first, rocked the tunnels collapsing them in part. Brady threw himself on top of Melanie. Gabi’s hands flew over her head, while a cave-in fell on Andrew.

At the fund raiser guests were knocked off their feet, as shards of glass flew around the room. Madison was slammed against a wall and crumpled to the floor, as did her companion, Ian. Nicole yelled to Daniel to watch out as the roof caved in sending a chandelier falling to the floor bringing with it debris and the columns supporting the roof. Abigail stumbled in the elevator as is shook.

And, over at the warehouse, Sami dangled from the catwalk hanging on for dear life….


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