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The Dazed and Confused Soundtrack

Updated on August 22, 2014
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The decade-defining soundtrack of the 1990s movie about 1970s kids is half (perhaps more) of what made Dazed and Confused the beloved cult-classic it is today. With artists such as Foghat, Alice Cooper, War, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Kiss, and ZZ Top, how could anything -- and I mean ANYTHING -- go wrong? As cliché as it may sound, as far as Dazed and Confused is concerned, the music really is another character (and a vital one at that) in the movie.

Below I've listed every song featured in the film in chronological order and, as an added bonus, I've also added descriptions of the precise moments in the film where each song appears (including the time it's played).

Dazed and Confused Clips - Scenes from Dazed and Confused featuring its best music

List of all songs featured in Dazed and Confused - Including the times the song takes place in the movie and a description to the songs corresponding scene

Dazed and Confused

Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith (00:30 - 02:36)

Plays through during the opening credits.

Schools Out For Summer by Alice Cooper (5:15 - 17:45)

When school lets out and the freshmen begin running for their lives.

Jim Dandy by Black Oak Arkansas (18:13 - 19:15)

Played while the seniors chase down the freshmen in their truck, ends when O'Bannion (Ben Affleck) gets out of the truck.

Why Can't We Be Friends by War (21:10 - 24:25)

Plays while the girl seniors star hazing the new freshmen girls.

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent (26:48)

Played while the seniors are getting high in Pickford's room at the same time his dad busts him for ordering a keg.

Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group (29:25 - 31:07)

Played after Pickford is busted over ordering a keg, while everyone is getting in their cars, and goes off when the seniors start taunting the freshmen at the baseball field.

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper (33:53 - 35:10)

Plays throughout Mitch Kramer's slow-mo beating in the baseball fields parking lot.

Do You Feel Like We Do by Peter Frampton (36:45 - 38:28)

Can be heard playing from the car stereo during Randall "Pink" Floyds conversation with Mitch after Mitch's beating.

Low Rider by War (38:28 - 41:33)

Played directly after Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do" while several characters have conversations from various vehicles. Fades out when Wooderson pulls into the bars Emporiums lot.

Hurricane by Bob Dylan (41:33 - 44:10)

Begins playing directly after "Low Rider" and plays through during the slow-mo scene at the Emporium and during a few of the characters conversations. Goes off after Mitch's reluctantly admits that he's never gotten high.

I Just Want To Make Love To You by Foghat (44:31 - 45:53)

Comes on when an 8-track tape is put in a car stereo and plays while Slater is arguing about women -- "Hey, man, it quality not quantity, alright, man."

Love Hurts by Nazareth (45:54 - 47:23)

Plays during the school dance of the new freshmen.

Paranoid by Black Sabbath (47:23 - 50:03)

Directly follows "Love Hurts", playing while O'Bannion and his friends beat a few freshmen at a chainlink fence.

Never Been Any Reason by Head East (50:04 - 52:11)

Begins playing when Wooderson is showing off his cars motor and plays through while everyone is loitering in front of the Emporium.

Tush by ZZ Top (54:41 - 56:50)

Plays while the gang are destroying mailboxes and Mitch throws a bowling ball through a cars back windshield.

Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo by Rick Derringer (58:57 - 59:36)

Plays briefly while everyone is playing pool, when Mitch is asked to pick up a six pack of beer.

Slow Ride by Foghat (01:02:50 - 01:04:01)

Begins playing when Mitch gets back to the Emporium with the six pack and plays through before the freshmen get even with O'Bannion.

Lord Have Mercy On My Soul by Black Oak Arkansas (01:04:50 - 01:06:13)

Plays through while O'Bannion is getting drenched in paint by the hands of the freshmen.

Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton (01:06:13 - 01:07:48)

Plays while Wooderson hits on Cynthia -- "I lovvvve those redheads."

Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss (01:07:48 - 01:08:47)

Plays while everyone begins pulling in to the party.

Balinese by ZZ Top (01:08:47 - 01:10:46)

Plays through the "I'm only here to kick some ass and drink some beer -- and we're almost out of beer," scene.

Livin' In The USA by The Steve Miller Band (01:10:46 - 01:12:15)

Plays during Mikes (Adam Goldberg) conversations with his friends about fighting at the party.

Right Place, Wrong Time by Dr. John (01:13:48 - 01:16:00)

Plays as Mitch staggers through the party and while Benny and Pink have a heart to heart about Pink quitting football.

Cherry Bomb by The Runaways (01:16:01 - 01:16:25)

Played while drunk girls fall down at the party and in the background as Michelle (Milla Jovovich) plays guitar.

Hey Baby by Ted Nugent (01:19:36)

Played during the "Lick me!" scene with Darla (Parker Posey).

Tuesdays Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd (01:23:00 - 01:26:30)

Played after Mike gets beaten up.

Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts (01:32:03 - 01:32:36)

Played while Mitch makes out with a girl in the grass.

Slow Ride by Foghat (01:36:00 - 01:42:07)

Played at the end of the film when Mitch puts on his headphones and lays down. Plays throughout the end credits.

Dazed and Confused: The Soundtrack

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great list; thanks so much for compiling. Another track is missing: at 52:39 in the film (right after freshman Carl throws an empty beer in the air, breaking it), "Fox on the Run" by Sweet plays as Dawson is dropped off at the Emporium by some other seniors, who yell an insult at Slater.

    • profile image

      Scott A McCray 

      5 years ago

      Those were the daze, for sure...thanks for the lens, the visit and the like!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You missed the second song of the movie: Highway Star by Deep Purple.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for this, just what I was looking for. Keep on livin' man, L-I-V-I-N!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You rock man!! I was searching forever for the Dr.john song! Thanks!

    • Timewarp profile image


      6 years ago from Montreal

      Awesome movie and soundtrack!


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