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DeAndre Johnson's Fall From Grace

Updated on July 7, 2015

The Situation

Florida State dismissed De’Andre Johnson from the FSU team. De’Andre Johnson was charged with battery after being charged for punching a woman in a Tallahassee bar. The video shows De'Andre Johnson’s altercation with a young lady at the bar. Words were exchanged as the lady threw up her fist. When observing the scene it appears no different than a crowded bar with too many patrons therefore squeezing in to get a drink can present a challenge. After De’Andre attempted to grab her wrist to prevent the woman from swinging at him, the woman threw a punch. De’Andre Johnson responded with a hard right punch. The incident occurred on June 24th and De’Andre Johnson turned himself in June 28 and was released on the same day, $500 bond. The victim pressed battery charges against De’Andre Johnson.

Huffington Post Reported: Johnson's lawyer told NBC News on Monday that he was not the initial aggressor and that the woman shouted "racial epithets" at Johnson when the player accidentally made contact with her while walking to the bar. According to TMZ, those epithets included, "Get off me you f****** n*****."

The video

Your Thoughts?

Reviewing the tape 3 times it is clear the woman is the aggressor in the situation. From yelling at him to raising her fist to threaten him-she’s the aggressor. It appears De’Andre grabbed her wrist in an effort to prevent her from hitting him as the argument clearly was heated.

When the Rice situation presented itself, Whoopi Goldberg said the following: “If you hit somebody, you cannot be sure you are not going to get hit back!” To clarify Goldberg made here position clear, no one should hit anyone-period. She further went on to say: “If you make the choice as a woman who’s four foot three and you decide to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!”

Last year the world was shocked when witnessing the Jay Z and Solange situation in the elevator. The difference, Jay Z is mature enough to know that if he would have struck Solange he would lose legally, risk business endorsement and business ventures, and tarnish his image. Jay Z understands, like most adults, that you have to rise about temporary anger and look at the bigger picture. Even if the other person, the woman, is the aggressor and wrong you have to take the higher road and remove yourself from the situation. You have to think what’s at stake? What can you loose? What will be the interpretation and view of society if he were to strike back?

To punch a woman like a man is a horrific thing to witness. When you have a million dollar future at stake you have to learn to think before you react.

What are your thoughts after reviewing the tape? Does a man, in your opinion have the right to hit a woman back if she initiates the fight or throws the first punch?


Should De'Andre Johnson be charged?

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Whoopi's Thoughts on Violence


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    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 2 years ago

      I agree with walking away. I am not an advocate of abuse. I will also say that women need to keep their hands to themselves as well. In our society we have allowed women to punch, hit, throw things are men and because men are physically stronger people look the other way. No one should put their hands on anyone.

      When this story first broke a reported stated he "hunched" and "followed her" around the bar before the incident occurred. From the video this does not appear to be true. I've been in crowded bars before and if I feel uncomfortable I simply relocate to another part of the bar/lounge that is less crowded so I can have breathing room. This entire incident should not have taken place.

      I agree better decisions need to be made.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Unless he is under threat of physical harm (and he was not), the guy has to walk away. End of story. Yes, a man has the right to fight back , but only in a few situations. Did she have a weapon? Was she striking him/kicking him? That is the way our society is. He should know that. That girl could not have hurt him with a slap punch. Self control is free, you just have to learn how to do it.

      Don't care how young he is. Being QB of FSU places him with greater responsibility than the average student. I hope he gets another chance, he deserves it. He will learn from the incident and make better decisions.