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DeOzene ~ Oz The Hood Alien

Updated on August 14, 2020

Hip-Hop artist DeOzene, (pronounced De AZA Nay) is rap music’s newest sensation whose sex appeal and swagger sets the tone for what we have come to expect a rapper to have, but DeOzene has much more than the look and the swag in her, if you look more closely, she is George Clinton and Parliament Funkadeliclicious with an alter ego known to her, and soon to all of us as, Oz - The Hood Alien.

DeOzene Stone was born and raised in the Bay Area of Oakland, California during the time when New Jack, Funk, and Gangster Rap music was becoming the most listened to music in Pop culture.

With the indusrty seemingly ready to return to some of it’s glory years of Hip-Hop music, DeOzene is planning to take us all on the mothership journey with her new singles, “No Love” and ”Lemonade” released on her label, D.Stone Records, Inc., and Tokin Beats, she is ready to fly.

I was able to catch-up with DeOzene recently for a flavor-licious Q&A to see what makes this alien rap queen tick.

Q&A with DeOzene

Thank you DeOzene for taking the time out of your busy schedule to allow our readers to learn about you and your music.

RW) I got a chance to watch a few of your music videos while preparing for this interview, and all I can say is, girrl ~ you are on fire! You got the swagger and that “boss” mentality that it seems female rappers have to have. How much of that swagger is really you, or are you like what Beyoncé says she does, channeling an alter-ego, Sasha Fierce?

DS) Thank You! It's the Alpha female in me and it shows through videos pictures and really through my music. I have the gift to walk in a room and own the Room. And yes I have a alter ego if u think Deozene is Hot let’s have this interview with Oz the Hood Alien she is a whole Trip

RW) Who were some of the artists you listened to as a kid coming up, and who are some of your music inspirations?

DS) Firstly, my Dad, He was in a group called p.o.m.e so that heavily inspired me he swears I stole his style (rolls eyes) I love Lil Kim I played the hardcore album back to back I don’t know why my mom let me as a kid but I thank her for that. I love parliament I’m a real west coast chick George Clinton, Boosie Collins my first project planet Oz was heavily inspired by them and Left eye, I also love Da Brat, Queen Pin Lady of rage and Nicki Minaj I’m all of these people kinda smashed together.

RW) Is anyone else in your family musically inclined?

DS) My ENTIRE FAMILY likes entire on both sides of my family mom and dad. I was destined to be a musician, I grew up with 8 siblings and we all create music play instruments make beats write and engineer we are very multitalented when it comes to music. It is our first love

RW) At what age did you know that music was going to be what you would pursue, and how did you discover you had the ability to rap?

DS) Very very early 5 years old. That’s all I ever wanted to be I can’t see myself being anything else.

RW) If you had to pick just one artist, who is your favorite male rap artist and female rap artist out there today, and why?

DS) My Brother Keylow G and Me, we taking over baby!

RW) Do you write your own lyrics, or collaborate with other writers, and who are some of the producers who have worked on your beats and music?

DS) What you hear that’s all me! I wouldn’t mind collaborating though as long as we create something beautiful. Some of my producers are my brothers Keylow G and Tokin Beats, Digiwan, unseen asylum, DJ Chrissy Chris and Bryce Vegus.

RW) When we spoke earlier, you said that you like other genres of music and like the direction some of the rap artists have been doing with Pop music. Is that what you see happening for your music as well?

DS) Of course threw faith hard work and me trusting in God and my team, we will get there no doubt about it.

RW) Your current single out is “No Love” and I understand you are about to release your next single soon, “Lemonade”. Tell us about the two songs, what’s the story and the inspiration behind them, and what do you hope to accomplish with your career with the release of ‘Lemonade”?

DS) “No Love” I literally wrote in 15 min I just closed my eyes and the first words that came out were you ain’t had no love! So I stuck with it and laid it down. And as for lemonade I use to play a hand game as a child lemonade crunchy ice so I flipped it and made it a fun thing for adults.

RW) If you had a crystal ball and could see into the future, where do you see DeOzene the rap artist, in 5 years? Any plans to pursue acting, or start your own fashion line or beauty products?

DS) I see what I always been seeing since I was 5 years old me rocking out to crowds and people singing my lyrics. I don’t do this for the money I do it because I love it without music I would lose my mind. It’s crazy to me that some of my visions I had as a kid are coming true. I just wanna enjoy day by day and step by step and live to learn and to just enjoy the moment and the moments to come.

RW) Where can our readers find you on social media, and where can they buy your music?

DS) You can find me on IG, Twitter even Facebook all @deozene

You can download my music on all digital outlets Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play everything. Thank you to my fans who support me that’s been down since day one.

I appreciate you doing this interview DeOzene. I suspect big things are in store for you!

It's the Alpha female in me and it shows through videos pictures and really through my music. I have the gift to walk in a room and own the Room. And yes I have a alter ego if u think Deozene is Hot let’s have this interview with Oz the Hood Alien she is a whole Trip!”

— DeOzene

DeOzene’s Music Videos

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