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Deadpool Cool

Updated on December 9, 2017

Deadpool Movie Review:

Director :Tim Miller

Cast : Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Schuler

Quirky. Outrageous. Hilarious. Brilliant.

"From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time, comes... me!"

That pretty much sums up the film's tone. It's audacious as well as reckless. And that's the very reason the film needs to be watched, especially if you're searching for pure fun and some ballsy entertainment. Nothing is mediocre about it. It has top notch action, soundtracks and daring treatment. But it's not one of your regular Marvel/DC shite and is also as clich├ęd a film can get as far as the story thingy goes. (SPOILERS: Guy loves girl, bad guys kidnap her asking for annihilation, end up at the receiving end of some serious shitstorm and evidently the hero saves the day)

Deadpool is shallow but it doesn't care, just like the character itself. With tons of heavy movie and pop culture references, Deadpool is bound to entertain you with his heavy F-bombs, jaw-dropping action moves and best yet, his spontaneity in coming up with weirdest of comebacks. With head splitting bullets, fourth wall breaking and what not, Deadpool had everything you'd expect from a Deadpool movie. Also, this is everything you wouldn't expect from a Fox solo superhero film. Everything about it is dead right. They managed to hit the bullseye this time around and in my case, managed to psych me up for the upcoming sequel featuring Cable! :'D

The real Christmas Santa came few months late, but damn it was all worth the wait because with him came so many, pitch perfect chimi-fuckin'-changas!

P.S. Watch it and immerse yourself into pure bizarreness featuring adventures of a red clown pretending to be a super(not-a-hero).

P.P.S. This is not a superhero movie. :D

P.P.P.S. Watch out for the super hilarious end credit scene. xD

Rating- 3.8/5


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    • Usama Shahzad profile image

      Usama Shahzad 10 days ago from Peshawar,Pakistan

      I watched it and it was way much fun.

    • Ankit kalp profile image

      Ankit kalp 3 months ago from India

      Ryan is cheeky and feisty and sometimes do go overboard with his comic timing...

    • thedevilinme profile image

      Phillip 3 months ago from Northampton, United Kingdom

      This film didn't quite work for me as Ryan got rather annoying