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Deadpool - The Riles Review

Updated on March 10, 2016
"You have to call me Dragon."
"You have to call me Dragon." | Source

So in general there was a whole lot of ruckus going on to get this movie made. Allegedly there have been fights with studios over censorship, and I can only imagine how rough that would’ve been wrestling with Marvel to allow one of their franchise front runners to make dick jokes for two hours. But it happened and Deadpool is the result, one that probably has all of those anti-dick joke blokes burying their faces in their hands. Deadpool has broken lots of box office records, and claimed a whole lot of ground in the argument for more R-rated superhero movies.

The storyboard artists were doing what they could with the budget.
The storyboard artists were doing what they could with the budget. | Source

Deadpool is a superhero story, sort of, about one Wade Wilson, an enforcer who after being diagnosed with multiple cancers is recruited by a shady organisation who promise him a cure and an accompaniment of superpowers. After a torturous transformation process, Wade is left disfigured, and thirsty for revenge. A thirst he goes about quenching with murder.

Seemingly out of nowhere this massive demand for Deadpool emerged, even years after X Men Origins: Wolverine had already destroyed everything about the character for fans on screen(also played by Ryan Reynolds). That movie was a crockpot full of poo for a whole batch of reasons, but I’m not sure the version of the Deadpool character it featured was really a major flavour in that ragout. But regardless, now we have the dedicated Deadpool film to lust over, and it really is a fun ride.

The plot travels along as you'd expect, not really bringing anything new to the table. The main thing the movie has going for it is it’s R-rating. Ryan Reynolds and company pretty much had free reign over the script and it’s full of crude quips. Like, to the brim. And they’re all pretty fantastic. It’s hilarious from start to finish, and the moments where the film does become morose it’s never jarring or done for too long. The rapid fire pace of the film is maintained all the way through. The humour never gets tiring.

"Listen, you're going to knock that frown off your face, and then you're going to get out there and show them what you can do!"
"Listen, you're going to knock that frown off your face, and then you're going to get out there and show them what you can do!" | Source

The other thing that the film makers had to defend the use of was the extreme violence and gore. The fight scenes in the film are awesome and well-staged. It’s full of blood and doesn’t even slow down the jokes. The violence just compliments all of the jokes, and serves up more material for Ryan Reynolds to chew through. The only shame is that there’s so little action to be seen. There’s only two real fight scenes in the movie, and they’re quite far apart. There’s a whole lot of filler, and while it’s hilarious and quite a lot of fun the whole way, for a movie about a guy called Deadpool who gets his kicks from killing people, I sincerely wish he spent more time killing people.

I have no idea how true to the character Ryan Reynolds actually is, but his interpretation is fantastic. It was clearly a lot of fun for everyone involved, and Reynolds nails it. The wit, speed and delivery of all of his material is spot on, and he handles the dramatic moments just as well. Even underneath the suit and mask his personality really radiates out. TJ Miller is equally good, playing a slower, more relaxed sort of character to Reynolds’. However his lines and jokes are never nearly as good. Ed Skrein is a great villain, scary and imposing all the time, as you’d hope. But his confrontations with Deadpool, both violent and humorous, are brilliant. He makes a great nemesis to Deadpool. He riffs off of the protagonist with such ease but still keeps up the menace.
The X Men that are sent in to curb Deadpool, Colussus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, are both pretty forgettable but offer Deadpool a couple of souls to bounce his jokes off and not much more. They sadly contribute to the lack of violence issue by only actively participating in one scene, and not much other than that.

Even with the issues in the movie, Deadpool manages to be a thrill all the way through. Ryan Reynolds plays the character with so much heart and is genuinely funny all the way throughout. The writing is brilliantly crude and keeps the movie alive all the way to the end, making a hugely enjoyable flick.

DEADPOOL - 7.5/10

The storyboard artists were doing their best with the budget they were given.
The storyboard artists were doing their best with the budget they were given. | Source


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