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Deadpool Vs Deathstroke

Updated on April 9, 2017
Deadpool and Deathstroke
Deadpool and Deathstroke

The Wilsons

Unless you check out the movie Cast Away and binge-watch the sitcom Home Improvement, you're not gonna find any cooler Wilsons than today's contestants. Marvel's character Deadpool, Wade Wilson, has risen in popularity lately. He's incredibly lethal, yet ridiculous and goofy. Almost like someone crossed the humor of the Ninja Turtles with the savageness of Wolverine.

But do you know who Deadpool was really based on? None other than DC's own assassin Deathstroke. Wade Wilson even takes his human identity from Deathstroke, whose real name is Slade Wilson. Confused yet? Anyway, Deadpool may be a spoof of Deathstroke, but could the copy defeat the original? Today we'll determine the ultimate mercenary by examining each Wilson's abilities and equipment!


Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Before becoming a superhuman, Wade made a living working as a skilled mercenary. However, his life seemed grim when he learned he had developed cancer, and was running short on time. Wade began to prepare for his demise, but heard of an experimental program that could bestow incredible abilities. Wade applied for the program, and was infused with amazing powers; a new healing factor halted his cancer's progression. T

hough happy with his new chance at life, Wade was captured by a government facility and further experimented on. He eventually escaped, but only after suffering numerous facial scars and psychological damage. Now calling himself Deadpool, Wade fights for money, answers, or just the heck of it. His wounded psyche makes him one of the most unpredictable characters of Marvel, though he is generally regarded as heroic rather than villainous. Still.. Wade looks pretty freaky without his mask on.


  • Healing Factor. This restorative power is far more potent than famous X-Man Wolverine's. It makes Deadpool almost impossible to kill. What happens if you chop off Wade's head? It can be reattached. How about if you disintegrate him? His molecules will reform. Plus, in addition to regenerating his body, Deadpool's healing protects against poison, and has made him virtually immortal by preventing him from aging.
  • Superhuman Strength & Agility. Deadpool can lift up to 2 tons, and has demonstrated incredible acrobatic abilities.
  • Training. Wade has become a master martial artist, and a skilled assassin. He excels at espionage, covert operations, and has honed his swordsman techniques.
  • Chaotic. Deadpool's fractured mind and awareness of himself as a fictional character have rendered him incredibly unpredictable; this makes it difficult for foes to deduce his strategies. I'm not sure he even has strategies.


  • Weaponry. Deadpool typically carries a katana blade, twin pistols, and several grenades.
  • Teleportation device. A portable machine allows Wade to instantly warp to nearby spaces, greatly increasing his mobility.


  • Emotions & Attitude. Deadpool frequently exhibits violent temper tantrums and tends to goof around, often leaving himself vulnerable.

Deadpool may be unorthodox, but he's certainly powerful. Will it be enough to defeat his DC counterpart, Deathstroke?


Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)

Young Slade Wilson enjoyed a successful career in the army, and advanced rapidly. Ultimately, he volunteered for an experimental procedure that bestowed him with superhuman strength, agility, and mental processing. However, the military now rejected him, wary of his new powers. Slade, married to loving wife Adeline, began work as a big game hunter. Unknown to Adeline, he also secretly began a career as Deathstroke the assassin.

Unfortunately, one day a group of thugs kidnapped and, after Slade refused to divulge information, mutilated Slade and Adeline's young son. Adeline blamed him for failing to protect their child, and shot out his right eye. Slade subsequently left his family and continued his bloody work as Deathstroke. He became an enemy to the Teen Titans, a DC superhero group, but eventually Slade reformed and began to work for more noble causes. He's committed some terrible acts, but currently seems to be on the right path to redemption.


  • Superhuman Strength & Speed. Deathstroke can lift at least a ton of weight, and can outperform any Olympic athlete in terms of speed or dexterity.
  • Healing Factor. Deathstroke can't heal quite as fast as Deadpool, but he can still recover from wounds extremely quickly.
  • Training. Slade has mastered hand to hand combat, and is very proficient with a sword.
  • Intellect. Slade's amazing mind works at 9 times the speed of a normal human's. Additionally, he's a tactical genius; some say he could outwit even Batman in a battle.


  • Promethium armor. In the DC universe, promethium is an incredibly durable material; very few attacks can penetrate Slade's sturdy armor.
  • Promethium sword. Deathstroke's sharp blade can cut through almost any substance.


  • Vision. Slade's vision is actually enhanced; it's just that he can only see out of one eye, leaving a blind spot.

Your Input

Which Wilson should defeat the other?

See results


Each combatant fighst in a one-on-one match until one is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. Since both combatants have been experimented on by the army, we'll have them duel in an abandoned military base.

And after a vicious battle, the victor is..

An empty base for today's clash.
An empty base for today's clash.

And The Winner Is..


You probably saw this coming, but the match is closer than you might think. True, Deadpool is stronger than Deathstroke, has a teleporation device, and wields a superior healing factor.

However, Slade is a better tactician, and more skilled with weapons. He heals rapidly as well, and his armor helps protect him. Considering their healing factors, both would struggle to land a finishing blow that would vanquish their foe before they regenerate. However, Deathstroke's slower healing ultimately gets the better of him, especially when (or if) Deadpool starts taking the clash seriously.

Someone's happy about this result
Someone's happy about this result


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